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IPC closes
The IPC had its final meeting on 7 December 2011. Any future queries concerning the professional standards and ethics of IPs should be addressed to the appropriate licensing body. more

IPC to be folded
The Government in its response to the consultation on reforms to the regulation of IPs in February 2011, has on 20 December indicated that it does not see a future role for the Insolvency Practices Council (IPC) and it will be for the RPBs (the insolvency regulatory bodies) to determine its future. more

Response to Debt Management Consultation
The IPC responded to the OFT consultation on 2 September 2011 and drew attention to the huge disparity between the current regulation of licensed insolvency practitioners and that of firms and individuals providing advice to debtors who are not IPs. It suggested that the trade bodies with non-statutory debt management companies as members be tasked with providing the level of training for them that R3 does for IPs. Regular monitoring should also take place. more

2010 Annual Report
The 2010 IPC Annual Report is now on the IPC website. Type in the year in the address window to get the relevant year's report. Previous annual reports are also still on the website. more

IPC Chairman dies
With great regret it is reported that Geoffrey Fitchew CMG, who had been Chairman of the IPC since January 2005, died at home on 20 April, aged 71. more

Consultation on reforming the regulation of IPs
The IPC responded on 25 March to the IS consultation on the proposals made in the OFT Study Report. The full text of this response is attached. more

Managing Borrowing and Dealing with Debt
The IPC responded in December 2010 to the HM Treasury/BIS call for evidence in support of the consumer credit and personal insolvency review (only the latter, which is within the IPC's remit). The IPC, inter alia, supported proposals to minimize the role of the court as a forum for dealing with personal debt problems. more

Ten Years of the Insolvency Practices Council
2010 marked the tenth anniversary of the IPC's formation. Its Tenth Annual Report (for 2009) is on this website. It contains a review of recommendations made by the IPC between 2000 and 2008. Note: Adjust the year in the website address to get the 2009 Annual Report (or other annual reports). more

Consultation on reforms to the regulation of IPs
The Insolvency Service published today (10 February 2011) its consultation on the reforms recommended in the OFT Study Report of June last year. A consultation period will now take place until 6 May. The IPC will put up a robust defence of its position as an independent public interest body "influencing the standards of the insolvency profession". more

OFT market study into corporate insolvency
The IPC was invited to two meetings by the OFT to discuss the study. more

Encouraging Company Rescue
In June 2009, the Insolvency Service asked for the IPC's views on its consultation paper entitled Encouraging Company Rescue. The changes in legislation proposed were aimed at improving further the rescue culture to give struggling but viable companies a greater chance to succeed, thus saving jobs where possible and providing better returns to all creditors. The IPC completed and submitted the questionnaire as requested more

IPC 2008 Annual Report
The IPC's recommendations to the Government, the Insolvency Service and the regulators of IPs cover: personal insolvencies (IVAs and DMPs), pre-packs and complaints handling. more

Further Complaints Research
The IPC commissioned Nottingham Trent University's Law School to follow up its 2007 research by comparing the complaints systems identified in the insolvency profession with those in several other professions. more

Complaints Research
The IPC commissioned Nottingham Trent University to undertake a study into the complaints procedures of the insolvency profession as a basis for comparing them with other professions. The research report has now been published. more

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