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[ Read Online 30 Guys in 30 Days (Simon Romantic Comedies) ô african-american-romance PDF ] by Micol Ostow ↠´ Can you say clingy Well yes, I can, because she is She broke up with her long term boyfriend of 4 years right before she went to college But yet she still manages to find herself a boyfriend that has the same personality as her ex so she is still in the comfort zone The ending was very predictable, not the best, but it wasnt the worst book ever.
Hahahha wow this book got me laughing XD Definitely enjoyed it and it deserves a big fat 5 rating

It s a light read that is somewhat pleasurable, although after finishing it I got the impression that it was kind of a waste of my time The main character had sex with someone, which was unnecessary to the storyline, but thankfully no details were given That lowered the rating of this book by one star The storyline sounds interesting, but in reality the whole plot seemed like it was about the main character going around in a circle with her relationships You will see what I mean if you decide to pick up this book It s not bad, but there are better books out there that areworth your time.
My first book read of these series like books.
The beginning was a bit slow and made me bored, but the rest of the book was quite nice I loved the ending What a cute little read Well not very little, but still I liked seeing someone struggeling with their guys issues and the idea of 30 guys in 30 days was quite cute I didn t see the end coming quite like it had maybe I m as blind as a bat because I should have but I loved it If you want to read about someone else having love issues to get you re mind off you re own read this one couldn t relate.
cute chick lit, predictable 3.
5 starsIt took me a little bit to get into it, but once I did it was a cute book Practice Makes Not Quite PerfectClaudia Clarkson Just Cut The Cord From Her High School Love You Forever Boyfriend Sure, She Misses Drew But With So Many Eligibles On Her New College Campus, Why Study Ancient History Problem Is, CLaudia S Lived In La La Loveland For So Long That She S Completely Forgotten How To Meet Boys And How To FlirtThen Her Roommate Proposes A Solution Meet One New Guy Every Day For Thirty Days Consider It Target Practice For When Mr Perfect Comes Along Claudia S Game, But She Definitely Hasn T Got Game In Fact, FlirtingCould Be Her Toughest Course To Pass Not my favorite of the romantic comedies There were a few consistency errors Brett vs Jesse in comp sci and the prevalency of alcohol to underage college students made me ill Yes, I am in college and have several underage friends who drink, but I was really uncomfortable with all the businesses who supplied alcohol to minors That s not how it works Also, I felt like the number of guys was a little off Maybe I counted wrong, but it seemed like Claudia s numbers weren t completely accurate My favorite character is Charlie because she actually has real conflict and resolution Claudia seems a little immature It s frustrating to watch the main character remain flat She breaks up with her 4 year high school boyfriend but makes sure to have break up sex , becomes obsessed with startinging a relationship with one of her targets because it s apparently really weird to talk to a different member of the male gender on a daily basis, but if you re going to do it, obviously you ll start dating one of them immediately , actually starts dating one of said targets who happens to be exactly like her high school boyfriend down to the nickname and tendency to kiss on the forehead , then breaks up with the new guy after one month, then is sad her crush is hurt by her having a boyfriend, then ends up with said crush Claudia clearly DOES need to be single because she has no idea how to not define herself without a boyfriend Her feminist sister should be appalled, rather than blandly supportive.
That being said, the premise is interesting and the execution isn t terrible I think if Claudia were a stronger character, the book would have been much better, but it s a short, sweet read regardless Bravo to Ostow for creating a fairly realistic college atmosphere with classes, homework, activities, weird Greek happenings both pro and con , and a busy coffee shop all essential to the way college is actually experienced.
Read it if you like short high school college contemp rom coms, especially the Simon PulseSkip it if you re looking for something with round characters or real conflict Similar books Getting to Third Date Simon Pulse RomCom set in college Characters are members of the newspaper staff Main character is forced to revisit old dates to see if she is too picky with her two date rule Of course, things don t go as planned Romantic hijinks ensue.
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