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ç Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile, Egypt, 57 B.C. ô Download by à Kristiana Gregory Cleopatra, Daughter of Nile 0 590 81975 5Good grief, I generally enjoy the Royal Diaries, but this one is just awful I ve read it twice now, thinking that perhaps the first time I was just being unfair, but I couldn t finish slogging through it the second time I usually like Kristiana Gregory s work, but this one felt like either a very early work, or a very rushed effort, or both The history is terrible the author has a cast of Roman and Greek Who s Who show up to introduce themselves to Cleopatra in her childhood, regardless of how unlikely each meeting is It feels like the author would have preferred to be writing a story about Cleopatra the woman and chafed at writing one instead about Cleopatra the girl, hence the constant influx of characters who would later be integral in the reign of Cleopatra This also bears out in Cleopatra s tone and writing she is constantly pointing out how calm, queenly, educated, intelligent, etc ad nauseum she is, as opposed to the other rulers and persons of influence who surround her I d like to think this is a clever piece of meta literature a self centered diary by a self centered girl, but alas, it seems we are to take the glowing accolades at face value The result is a boring piece of narrative Cleopatra spends the majority of the later half of the book lounging in Italy and homeschooling herself.
What is really offensive, though, Cleopatra has been remade into a monotheistic Judeo Christian wannabe Cleopatra spends pages and pages speaking of the Jewish prophecy of a messiah, a messiah who will come out of Egypt and rise from the dead , and I can t imagine that the real Cleopatra would even be aware of these Jewish legends She wants to meet this messiah, and wonders if he could be Alexander the Great some local Jewish men explain to her that it is not She spends a great deal of time writing about Queen Esther and Queen of Sheba and King Solomon , and there is no reason whatsoever to include those subjects here Cleopatra is incorrectly portrayed here as a monotheist and about a stone s throw away from becoming a Christian, if only Jesus would hurry up and be born It s insulting, and particularly frustrating if you are interested in the mythology of ancient Egypt Outside of a few references to Isis, there is no mention of the Egyptian gods and goddesses at all and when any god is mentioned other than the Jewish one, it is the Greek Roman gods, never the Egyptian ones Add to the fact that Cleopatra has knowledge about subjects that she simply could not have at the time, and you have a piece that is pure fantasy, dressed up as a fun educational tool.
Avoid this book for the disrespect that it shows to Cleopatra in treating her beliefs and history as disposable I m frustrated that the author is apparently able to deal respectfully with the religious beliefs of Jews, Lutheran Christians, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Catholic Christians, and Protestant Christians, and yet she cannot allow an ancient pagan her beliefs, preferring to shred them and remake them in a palatable version Ana Mardoll Earliest I remember loving historical fiction.
One of my favorite books on Cleopatra.
This was a very nostalgic read, because I first read this whole series in elementary school, and plan to read all of the books again because I remember them as a cornerstone of my childhood.
Now, I may be biased because I obsess over anything and everything Cleopatra, but I think that this was a fresh, and wonderful take on Cleopatra before she was the last of the pharaohs We see of a family dynamic in this novel than ever, her sisters Arisone and Tryphaena are characters, and I have never read any Cleopatra fiction about them at all, so that was really special for me, and a standout part of the book.
I m very pleased with the reread and plan to read them with my daughter should there ever be one and I definitely recommend the series to young girls, or nostalgic young adults, or even parents to read with their kids.
Omg I ve spent years trying to remember the title of this so I could track down a copy Remember reading this when I was in Middle school and loved it I kept wondering what I did with my copy years later because the hardcover was beautiful and I loved it And now that I think about it I m pretty sure I lent it out to my cousin who never returned it.
Trying to remember the very first books I was introduced to, I remember reading The Royal Diaries sometime in my childhood I remember reading a few of them such as Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette, and Cleopatra VII But unlike certain books that I read such as Animorphs, Harry Potter, and Warriors where I remembered the characters, the story, and other things that I liked about them The Royal Diarires on the other hand, I barely remember a thing about the books But I really confused on to why that is because my sister and I used to read these books all the time and we loved them so much Looking back on it, I was so confused as to why I didn t remember what happens in these books So I started to collect them and reread them And after reading it, taking notes, and going through it over and over again I realized something I was incredibly underwhelmed by this book Not to say that all books in this series are like that it s just that this book, one of the most popular book in The Royal Diaries, was not as great as I expected it to be Since the book is a diary, we see Cleopatra s thoughts and her journey as a young 12 year old Egyptian princess But there are some problems that I noticed in this book One is that the history aspect is practically nonexistent Many individuals like the Roman figures such as Julius Caesar and Marc Antony are either mentioned or make a certain appearance Cleopatra mentions the living conditions of the people in both Egypt and Rome as she expresses her love of her home and her disgust of the Roman city She always referring to the Romans as barbarians and she is constantly mentioning that they are filthy and savage compared to her perfect home This is a problem because, this book is in the perspective of an Egyptian princess and you would think that writing about one of the most largest historical figures of Egypt that is famous in western culture would give children a little bit of knowledge on the culture of Ancient Egypt and why its history is so interesting And speaking of Egyptian culture, we don t see anything about Egypt that would teach children anything about how people lived, what religious practices they had, or how the government functioned I know that the story is about Cleopatra hiding from people who want to kill her but aside from a few places where she is pretending to be a peasant imagine that, a princess pretending to be a commoner, we don t get enough of the people she will soon be ruler of She has a desire to become queen over these people of Alexandria but how can readers have the desire to want her to achieve her goal when we don t even know or care about the people she wants to govern I should also mention that the diary makes note of Cleopatra s knowledge in Greek mythology due to the Ptolemies using Greek as their language So it makes sense that Cleopatra is familiar with the Greek gods and culture and not so much Egyptian but then again she did learn Egyptian so I m surprised that there s not of that Two is that Cleopatra herself isn t interesting This is a problem considering her history and what she s done throughout her life What s interesting is her legacy and what she has done in order to not only take the throne but keep it to herself as long as possible I m not a historian and history is one of my worst subjects, probably the worst, but I know enough of Cleopatra VII to get an idea of what kind of a person she was She was charming, sweet and witty towards people she wanted as allies and she was brutal towards her enemies But it also makes sense considering her elder sisters took the throne as soon as they possibly could She had lovers in which she used as allies in order to take the throne and keep it for herself and not share it with anyone Not her sisters, her father, or her husband She even had her siblings killed to prevent them from possibly killing her and taking the throne from her Historically, she s an interesting person But in this book, she s all over the place Cleopatra is sweet but has this constant fear of being killed by either her sister or her people She lives the life of a royal but she is feels bad about how their slaves and servants are treated as if she s never grown up with it her whole life She is frightened of being killed but then she stupidly wants to be away from guards and be alone when she knows that her people want her and her father dead The only scenes that I found her interesting were the scenes she wrote down about her thoughts of her father She loves her father but yet she knows he is a terrible ruler and drinks alot Cleopatra is aware that her father is not too intelligent but at the same time she is always kind to him and shows him love because she fears him One wrong move or one wrong word spoken could lead to her death I like how she begins to see her father s flaws and realizes why the people hate him as their ruler But looking at this you would think that all these complications would make Cleopatra interesting It doesn t It makes her a walking contradiction but then again she is 12 years old and I don t expect 12 year olds to behave like adults But at the same time, she was raised as a princess A future queen of the great city of Alexandria, which she constantly praises The only interesting character in the book was her sister Cleopatra VI Tryphaena She had an interesting personality She was cruel, she had a temper, she wanted to be queen and she didn t like her father as ruler Looking at his behavior, I don t see how she s in the wrong Since she was 10 years older than Cleopatra VII so that would make her about 22 years old and it fits since she acted like a queen She wasn t pleasant and she only sought the pleasures that she was privileged with instead of her intending to take the throne and having pride in working the land and ruling it better than her father She was flawed but I liked her and I was disappointed that we didn t get to see much of her Three is that the story is not very interesting either Cleopatra spends most of her time in hiding with her father with the Romans and then they return to Egypt two years later And that s about it It s mostly just Cleopatra trying to train herself to become a good queen We get a little bit of romance between Cleopatra and Marc Antony and a side romance between Cleopatra s servant Neva and her guard Puzo but neither of these things go anywhere or do anything At the end, Cleopatra returns to Egypt with her father and her friend says that she left a child and returned a woman but we don t see that development And I know that this is a little bit difficult since this is a diary that we re reading but we don t see Cleopatra educate herself on the politics of the Roman Empire All she does is frown upon what a barbaric society it is and not looking at why or how they became such a powerful and terrifying empire She keeps saying that she wants to be a better ruler than her father yet we don t see her thoughts about how to fix the mistakes of her father or from her sisters being pharaoh She doesn t think of the people who are out to kill her or the consequences that affect her people from such poor kings and queens before her Or at least, not from the diary We also don t see Cleopatra s development We don t see her grow from a child of 12 to a young woman of 14 The diary doesn t show us her thoughts or attitude in politics or any changes in thoughts she might have considering Rome since she spent a lot of time there You would think that since she keeps mentioning that she wants to be queen that she would take interest in the Roman Empire, after all the real Cleopatra became lovers of the dictator of the Roman Empire and the wife of one of his generals This book isn t bad by all means It s just not that very interesting I would have preferred if we got to see a little bit of Cleopatra s growth from a young na ve girl to a wise and bitter woman who has had a taste of the cruelty of the world I would like to see of Cleopatra s character of a ruler who had to be brutal and resourceful in order to survive and keep her throne With this diary, here is a chance to explore Cleopatra s ambition and goals of why she would want to be pharaoh We see a little bit of Cleopatra playing nice to get on her father s good side while she is secretly in fear of being killed like her sisters She could have started out as nice but then as she realizes her father s failure at being pharaoh she grows angry at him because she s going to have to fix his mistakes and the fact that she has to kiss up to him just to survive I can totally imagine this character develop a growing hatred for her father and for the rulers of growing empires or for her to become brutal and unforgiving because if she isn t harsh then it could cost her her life Wouldn t it be so much interesting to see Cleopatra slowly give up her nice Disney princess traits to become a strong and intelligent leader who will do whatever it takes to assure her survival Even if it means developing intimate ties with barbarians as she calls it I m sorry if I keep rambling about anger and developing hatred I just recently watched Star Wars The Force Awakens and the whole dark side thing really has my blood pumping with excitement Good movie, by the way Well those were my thoughts I can see why some people like it but I thought that there were so many better directions that can go with this.
This review is also posted on my blog view spoiler Well this was a nice little read I d picked it up because I m already such a big fan of the Dear America books, and when I realized exactly what this series was diaries of young versions of female royalty throughout the world and throughout history it highly intrigued me and I decided to give it a shot.
And I can t say I m disappointed This particular book wasn t what I could call spectacular , but it was highly fascinating, very educational, very historically accurate it seemed , and very easy to understand It also had the same familiar feel as the Dear America books do, so all in all I am glad that such a book such a series exists, to help kids read about and learn about much cultural diversity and different historical figures than they may known of otherwise.
Concerning this specific diary, I did find the characterization very bland But the details and the events of the story seemed to make up for it well enough to keep it at four stars, because after all, I did pick this up for the historical aspects, and not the characters And not to mention this is aimed towards children and pre teens, not me I can t let myself be too harsh.
I fully intend to explore into the rest of the series when I get the chance hide spoiler Established Dear America Author Kristiana Gregory Kicks Off The Royal Diaries With The Captivating Story Of A Young Cleopatra S Life While Her Father Is In Hiding After Attempts On His Life, Twelve Year Old Cleopatra Records In Her Diary How She Fears For Her Own Safety And Hopes To Survive To Become Queen Of Egypt Some Day I am reading a book called Cleopatra VII a group from The Royal Diaries This book is by Kristina Gregory one of my most favorite authors Thins book is mostly about the life of a princess called Cleopatra VII.
She is nicknamed the daughter of the Nile That s because she was born in Egypt very near to the Nile river Cleopatra faces many danger, and some of her family betrays her, and her farther Cleopatra is accompanied by her two faithful servants through out all the journey even through harm The three friends go to Rome to find help So, they can defeat Cleopatra s evil sister However, some of Cleopatra s fathers friend already killed her sister So, Rome might be trying to defeat Cleopatra next One of the important facts I have learned is that egyptians have a different saying of their month For example, January is Januarius, Febuary is Febuarius, and March is Martius I think these are explainig how people say their monthes in Egypt because if it was really written in egyptian they would have did it with picture of birds, and snakes These words written in Egyptian is called a hieroglyphics Also, I noticed that all of the monthes had the letters ius in the end They matter a lot because there could be a possibility that we are learning a little bit of egyptian or roman Another one of the important fact is that Cleopatra had a real leopard named Arrow This is a important, and intresting fact because I bet most people don t know that she had a leopard, and taming a leopard is a lot harder than you think This fact matters a lot because this tells us that Cleopatra had a courage to keep one of the most feared species of cats today The last important fact I have to tell you surprised me a lot This fact is that Cleopatra, and her father was being hated by everyone in Egypt while Cleopatra s older sister wasn t Some people in Egypt were rough enough to put a cobra on Cleopatra s fathers bed while he was sleeping The fact I just told you about matters a lot than you think because Cleopatra didn t do anything bad that will make all the people in Egypt hate her Also, one of her sister even tried to make Cleopatra give back he Pearl necklace by putting a dagger close to her neck as if to stranle her I thought that this book taught us a biger lesson than I thought it will One reason I thought this is because At first I thought that all princesses, and Queens are loved by their people because they are always nice, and pretty Now, I realize that this is not the case If you were famous it is likely to be hated if you do something wrong because what they do will always be rud by everone in their country For example, when Cleopatra tried to touch one of her oldest sister pearl necklace her sister picked up a dagger, and pointed at Cleopatra s neck this was a lready know by most people in Egypt before you could say mistake Also, if one of your father is a king, and he does something that will make his people mad, and you are his favorite daughter or son the people will also taunt her or him One time Cleopatras father made the people mad at him Since, Claopatra was the Kings favorite she was also being made fun of However, she tried to stay calm as her favorite people did like Queen Nefertiti, and the other princesses This taught me that even if you get mad you will make your self appear rude thanbefore.
After I read about Cleopatra I thought that reading chapters about the Royal Diaries will help me learn about the mysteries of the world like princess Anastasia, and the others If you want to reada easy fun, exciting nonfiction book you should read Cleopatra VII series called The Royal Diaries.
I really quite liked this one A lot of the details are still confusing to me I don t know much ancient history at all, and this is pre NT times but this did help sort some of it out What it didn t do was show a sufficient link between the young Cleopatra and her later self the historical information at the back of the book says that Cleopatra killed her sister Arsinoe in order to secure her throne, and yet the young Cleopatra barely even wonders about such things I mean, I know it s historical fiction, but that s my point give the reader pointers to her future character, even if they are fictional ones I loved Cleopatra s reaction to Rome She s not exactly likeable and I would have preferred a little explanation at the back of the book or preferably, in the diary itself about the traditions of the Ptolomaic dynasties that led to Cleopatra marrying her brother but it s just as good as the other books I ve read in this series, and better than some.
Cleopatra VII Is about a girl who has attractive charm Most of the scientists want to know how she can make two kings fall in love with her, and how she fought to be the queen in her country I liked this story, because you want to know what happens next It will take you on her adventure.