Trailer ↠´ Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England, 1544 PDF by ✓ Kathryn Lasky

Trailer ↠´ Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England, 1544 PDF by ✓ Kathryn Lasky Beginning in the year 1544 to 1547, Elizabeth I of England started to chronicle her life in a diary, a present from her most trusted governess Kat She vowed to always write truthfully about her most inner thoughts and feelings, even if that meant by doing so she was committing treason Driven by a fear of discovery, Princess Elizabeth wrote about having to keep her diary a secret During her years of traveling from castle to castle, she searched out the perfect hiding places for her journal, until one day, her diary was unearthed by her step sister Princess Mary Using her wit, Princess Elizabeth was able to quiet her sister before she revealed any of the content buried within its pages to their father King Henry VIII From the onset, Princess Elizabeth recorded her exile at Hatfield and how she longed to be reinstated to Court When she was finally admitted back to Court, she then described her consent trepidation of being sent away again Most of the entries contained details of the mundane activities of daily life spent with her beloved brother Prince Edward VI and best friend Robin Dudley also she recounted the yearly holidays and celebrations One of the overarching themes in the Princess diary was her desire to one day become the Queen, but believing that was never even a possibility considering she was third in line to the throne She also fretted over the prospect of being married off for some political gain, but swore an oath to herself that she never would But mostly, Princess Elizabeth wrote about her loneliness and days spent in the shadow of her brother and sister Lastly, she inscribed on the diaries creamy white pages a yearning for her father s love and affection She craved after the few tender moments in which her father winked or pinched her cheek Kathryn Lasky s historical fiction, The Royal Diaries Elizabeth I Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England, 1544, is an adaptation of Princess Elizabeth I life from 1544 to 1547 This book is geared specifically towards adolescent girls Most juvenile girls will be drawn to the idea of a story about a princess, but they will learn in their reading that a princess life may not be all glamor and glitz Princess Elizabeth s life may have had its share of intrigue and conspiracy, but for the most part some younger readers may find a kinship with the Princess A lot of physiologists suggest that daughters strive to seek the approval of their fathers and Princess Elizabeth was no different She wrote constantly in her diary about the pursuit of her father s attention and delighted in any warmth directed her way In addition, for some younger teens who have a sibling they will relate to Elizabeth s narration about having inadequacies when measured against her brother and sister One last note, Princess Elizabeth may have had to live with the burden of one day becoming the Queen of England, even if she dreamed of that role for herself, similarly, young children carry the weight of expectations their parents put on them If one of their parents was a doctor, then there may be that inherent drive to follow in their footsteps, etc Though this book may have been fiction based, Lasky was able to entwine a rich history about Court life, the many festivals that were held, and plain old daily living Overall, this book was enjoyable, but it moved slowly and at times dragged, bordering on boring, so unless a juvenile reader is interested in fact based characters than this book may not carry them through the ending This is a shame, because they will miss the addition of the historical notes at the close of the book that highlighted different facts surrounding the Tudor family, as well as family photos.
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Best books, Elizabeth I Red Rose Of The House Of Tudor, England, 1544 Author Kathryn Lasky This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Elizabeth I Red Rose Of The House Of Tudor, England, 1544, Essay By Kathryn Lasky Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I love it just as much now as I did as a child Elizabeth is written so perfectly Reading this also incited a deep dive into Wikipedia to research what was truth and what was fiction The Tudors are so intensely fucked up and fascinating.
This is a fantastic YA Author Kathryn Lasky did a great job giving us a fictional glimpse into Elizabeth s thoughts and how her life could have been during her preteen years.
This book was one of my abosolute favorites growing up D I only read this to see if I should unhaul the series I used to adore these books, and they made me love historical fiction, but the truth is that I ve grown out of them They just don t suit my needs any, especially as they heavily censor the true wickedness of the Tudor court I felt that the diary format was tiring to read, too, as it became waffley and annoying, but as I said, I used to love them The sentimental value is strong, and I d recommend them to younger readers or just those who aren t ready to dive into adult historical fiction after all it can be quite dense and a lot of authors love to over sexualise them but I will be unhauling these ones, unfortunately.

When I was in middle school, I was assigned a biographical report on any historical person I chose Elizabeth I, and there were several years where she was high on my list of most interesting people I wish I d read this book then, because I would have absolutely loved it Even now, I enjoyed it quite a bit This fictional diary was a fun read and left me considering court politics and 16th century living at random moments at work I wish this diary would have spanned years I d have loved to read about Elizabeth s experiences during Mary s rule As is, this whole diary feels a lot like a prequel One can read real biographies of Elizabeth, I suppose, to hear the rest of the story.
Better beggar woman and single than Queen and marriedAnyone who knows anything about me knows that The Royal Diaries series was basically my entire childhood After happening on one of the installments in my classroom library, I was hooked I read every single one of those suckers I couldn t get enough of them This was basically like hitting a treasure trove, as I discovered this series around the same time as I discovered my love of history This series is formulaic as hell, but for my middle school self, this series was magnificent When kids usually think of historical figures, they probably think of three defining characteristics old, dead, and white as hell With this series, kids have an opportunity to see, potentially what these old, dead people were like when they were young as kids often forget that the adults that surround them were once young too And, thankfully, this series can lead kids to discover young, influential historical figures who were not your stereotypical white Europeans Elizabeth I s diary is one of my favorite installments of this series Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, Anastasia Romanov, Kristina of Sweden, and Catherine the Great being others From ages 10 13, we get an insight into her privileged but extremely unstable early life With her birth mother dead by execution, a rotating door of stepmothers, a mercurial father who gives his loves sporadically, and a stepsister who hates her, being a princess is not all ball gowns, dances, and servants waiting on your hand and foot If this was anything like her real life, then it s easy to see how Elizabeth I was so cunning, intelligent and brutally crafty as queen She had practice early on and used what she learned well Even though the plot is rather simplistic it revolves around a lot of studying, bemoaning the fact that her father does not love her they way she wants him too, and scheming against the dastardly plans of Mary, her stepsister , it was still nonetheless enjoyable and a great trip down memory lane for me The Royal Diaries series is one that I will always treasure and will heartily recommend to any young history lover To end this review, here are snippets from this book that will make you so very happy that you didn t live back then Because unlike what sexy historical shows such as The Tudors, Reign, and The Spanish Princess show us, it was not exactly a sexy time to be alive back then Okay, maybe it was little sexyI cannot understand why we have to do this We barely had baths three weeks agoTHREE WEEKS AGO Now don t get me wrong I m not opposed to skipping maybe one or two baths, but to go for THREE WEEKS without a bath is just cringe inducingA glister is an awful treatment where water is pumped into one s bowels It is supposed to relieve them of pain It causes pain And one spends the entire day and night sitting on the pot If I were Queen, I would outlaw glystersEnemas Terrifying individuals since 1544To die in the stool chamber She squeezed her eyes shut tight with the horrific and embarrassing vision that must have seared her imaginationYou know you re living in the wrong time period if you re worried about dying on the toiletKat is mumbling about baths again The woman is becoming a fanatic I think we have had half a dozen baths since summer, and that does not include when we went wading in the river at Hatfield I say why bother to bathe here at Whitehall when everything and everyone stinks No one will know the differenceWell, she does have a point The royal court that stays together stinks together, even when they aren t together And perhaps the greatest zinger of allAnd Mary prettier, I believe He said this without conviction Princess Mary would turn twenty nine in just four days and anyone with a speck of sense knew that no woman grows prettier after twenty five, and certainly after thirty It is after thirty that decrepitude begins to set in unfortunately for women quickly than for menBURN Let it be known that in the year of our Lord 2019, I will cease to become any prettier and by 30, I will become a decrepit old hag that will turn to ash and disintegrate completely if Elizabeth is not mistaken.
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