[Francis Bok] â Escape from Slavery: The True Story of My Ten Years in Captivity--and My Journey to Freedom in America [liberia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ä formresponse.co.uk

[Francis Bok] â Escape from Slavery: The True Story of My Ten Years in Captivity--and My Journey to Freedom in America [liberia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ä Slavery is alive and well in the world, there are many millions of people who are slaves This is the story of one of them, who, at the age of seven, was captured in a raid by Northern Sudanese Arabs, raiding in the villages of South Sudan, whose population was black, non Arab, non Muslim read the amazing story of Bok s ten years of cruelty and fear at the hands of the family that owned him, his escape at age 17, his eventual arrival in America, and his work as an activist and spokesperson against slavery through his contact with bona fide modern day abolitionists read to the end, where the discussion covers WHY are international human rights groups alert to the plight of some peoples, but not others No, it s not race, as the causes of Somalis, Haitians, and Rwandan Tutsi have been embraced Find out how and why some peoples, like Bok s Dinka people, are victims twice first by their enslavers and oppressors, second by the human rights group that ignore them.
It s a challenging narrative of the current day slave trade in Africa No light read, but very good.
Winner Of The books For A Better Life Suze Orman First Book AwardMay Seven Year Old Francis Bok Was Selling His Mother S Eggs And Peanuts Near His Village In Southern Sudan When Arab Raiders On Horseback Burst Into The Quiet Marketplace, Murdering Men And Gathering The Women And Young Children Into A Group Strapped To Horses And Donkeys, Francis And Others Were Taken North Into Lives Of Slavery Under Wealthy Muslim FarmersFor Ten Years, Francis Lived In A Shed Near The Goats And Cattle That Were His Responsibility After Two Failed Attempts To Flee Each Bringing Severe Beatings And Death Threats Francis Finally Escaped At Age Seventeen He Persevered Through Prison And Refugee Camps For Three Years, Winning The Attention Of United Nations Officials Who Granted Passage To AmericaNow A Student And An Antislavery Activist, Francis Bok Has Made It His Life Mission To Combat World Slavery His Is The First Voice To Speak To An Estimated Million People Held Against Their Will In Nearly Every Nation, Including Our Own Escape From Slavery Is At Once A Riveting Adventure, A Story Of Desperation And Triumph, And A Window Revealing A World That Few Have Survived To Tell For my English class, we had to create a Found Poem , a poem using words found throughout the book This is my poem.
It was late afternoonunder a tree.
I was excited to get my trading career started.
Then, smoke.
In the village.
Something had happened back in the village.
The Murahaliin were coming People ran away.
I could not find my way.
Men entered the market place.
With guns in their hands.
I raced away, but I stopped abruptly.
A man grabbed me.
An Arab grabbed me.
My mother trusted meshe expected me home, soon.
But I was not going home.
Bok was a seven year old Dinka villager in the South Sudan when a raid by Arab Muslims from the north left his family murdered and him packed off in a donkey caravan to serve the next decade as a slave to pastoral nomads as a shepherd His escape, and the subsequent time in refugee camps and Cairo being process through the INS and UN emigration system is mind boggling for westerners with bureaucratic experience and reminds me strongly of Dom Jean s excellent training exercise for the Lutheran Social Services The specific point of interest for me was that Bok got sent to Fargo, in the winter, before decamping to the larger Dinka community in Ames, Iowa, and it was important to see the community from from this perspective.
In this book Francis bok tells a tale about his excruciating childhood life in slavery and how he escaped it This is one of the best and most important books ive ever read in the begining he goes on to tell the reader how great his life was before he was captured This really helped build character, and show the reader that slavery happened to everyday people who lived their lives just like you and me He also goes into great detail about his culture and just talks about the Dinka people in general Later in the book he goes even deeper to explain the reason it was happening to his people slavery and what they tried to do to stop it This is where it gets political In the book Francis nicely describes his life before, durring, and after slavery with great detail I reccomend this book to anyone who is eager to understand the courage and willpower it takes to be in and escape from slavery.
The story of a Sudanese Dinka boy who was captured and enslaved for 10 years, then jailed for speaking out after he escaped His story, including how he came to be in the US and working for an anti slavery organization is easy to read, enlightening, and horrifying I will say, though, that his discussion of the history and politics of Sudan at the end are a radical shift in writing style, and so likely to put people off a bit But as most of us myself included know little about African history and tensions, it s an important part of the story.
Still current enough to be horrifying he was abducted in 1986 and only escaped in 1996 , this is well worth your time.

You have to admire how much he preserved, this book is emotional, captivating and motivating because you get to see how much he fought to get to where he is today This book captures how much he fought in the hands of the people who stole him, abused him and tried to take away his spirit.
This book will break your heart This lets you look inside the mind of a child slave The whole time I read about his time in slavery I wished I could reach out and pull him into the loving comfort of a warm lap and squeeze him with tender snuggles, like all children need I will never forget this mans story.
The first person account of Francis Bok, who was captured from the market town of Nyamlell at the age of seven and forced into slavery in North Sudan Some friends of mine who are also good friends of Francis lent me this book after telling me a little bit about his story It was every bit as interesting and eye opening as they indicated The culture of Sudan depicted throughout the book stands in stark contrast to the American culture in which I ve grown up It is hard to even comprehend the reality of what is taking place in nations plagued by political unrest, militant religious organizations, and economic devastation Perhaps the only real way to understand is to experience it yourself, but reading books like Escape From Slavery sure goes a long way toward gaining a broader vision of the world.