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[Yogesh Chadha] ✓ Gandhi: A Life [asexual PDF] Read Online Ú I mean, it s probably not the MOST invigorating read lots of Indian politics , but I honestly really enjoyed it He s a very interesting person, and he had to deal with a LOT of crap I d recommend reading it.
I believe any biography of Gandhi would be good, but what made this biography particularly good was the fact that Chadha didn t hold back from revealing aspects of Gandhi s life that were not so flattering This book is a clear departure from the biographies of the Mahatma and a biography of Mohandes Gandhi the man.
Great read.

A towering figure in International politics, this biography excellently portrays a quiet, well born man who grows stubborn and reluctantly becomes the de facto leader of the world s largest democracy A gentle man who refuses to bow to the might of the greatest empire of the time, and ends up as the one man who could and did cause the collapse of the British Empire It s an astounding story, very well told.
A great biography of a great man The basic story of how Gandhi led a non violent revolution to win independence for India from the British is often told This book covers the Mahatma s entire life, including his work as a lawyer and activist on behalf of Indians in South Africa, his family life, philosophy and some of his human sides There are some fantastic tidbits including Gandhi s correspondence with Tolstoy, his visit to a textile mill and slum neighborhoods in England, meeting Charlie Chaplin and.
The struggle against British rule in India is described in excellent detail Also, I was interested to read how the Muslims forced a separation for Pakistan on receiving independence from Britain much against Gandhi s wishes The brutality of the separation between the Hindus and Muslims frames the end of the book This lends a violent and sad ending to a great success of non violent action.
At the end of course there is tragedy as Gandhi is assassinated The author then sends two chapters detailing the plot, the assassins and their trial Sad, but still interesting conclusion.
Hard to figure the human race can produce a moral giant like Gandhi and the same human race can murder him Well worth a read.
So much is said about him, so much is quoted from him, it was interesting to actually learn about him The book manages to trace his life trajectory and works hard to honor two competing truths he was an incredible, influential, unique man but he was not a saint it shows you his struggles I m glad to have read it, and still enad with Gandhi.
I liked the book better than his autobiography I felt like I got a sense of who he was and also what was going on politically at the time in India I didn t feel like the writing was particularly captivating and some analysis of the historical significance of what was happening would ve made the book better I did appreciate being able to learn about his life.
I have great respect for Gandhi so I liked the book It was dry at times and a little historical perspective would have helped I do believe that too much attention is paid to his assassin at the end of the book Overall, it s a good book about a great man.
Great down to earth biography on Gandhi the man that doe snot seek to make him into a saint but instead portrays him evenhandedly Good coverage of his time in South Africa and the experiences there that influenced him later on.
Gandhi A Life Reveals The Transformation Of An Ordinary, Timid Young Man, Into A Leader, Whose Stand Against A Mighty Empire Brought Millions Together From The Poor And The Illiterate, To The Intelligentsia And The Rich, Gandhi S Followers Forged A Sustained, Non Violent Movement For Independence When Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Was Born In , India Was Divided British India, Ruled By The Viceroy From Delhi, Stood In Stark Contrast To The Other India A Checkerboard Of Hundreds Of Princely States, And Royal Instruments Without Political Power Shortly Before His Nineteenth Birthday, Gandhi By Then A Husband And Father Of Several Years Set Sail From Bombay To England To Study Law Shortly Thereafter, He Traveled To South Africa To Practice An Outsider, The Young Barrister Tasted First Hand The Bitter Fruits Of Class Prejudice, Racial Intolerance, And Colonial Oppression At The Same Time, His Pursuit Of Spiritual Fulfillment, And A Keen Curiosity About The World S Diverse Religions, Nourished Gandhi S Own Deeply Felt Convictions, Pointing Him Toward The Path Along Which He Would Guide India To Independence An interesting inside look at the life of Gandhi The book is very long maybe 900 pgs and does not give much detail on Gandhi as an individual human being The biography focuses on his life as a political figure with little attention to his personal identity.