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[Peggy Guthart Strauss] ¼ Getting the Boot [world-war-ii PDF] Read Online ô I really like this series, because not only do you get summer romance, but real info about whatever country the girl travels too Reading this made me really want to go to Italy lol Fun, light read.
0 our of 5 starsI definitely read this as a teen too but I only vaguely remember reading it However this is probably my least favorite of all the SASS books because Kelly is just such a bland and awful character at the beginning She wants to go to Italy because like duh there s like so much like shopping and like hot boys Right off the bat she starts hanging dating this bad boy from California who literally DRUGS HER DRINK later in the book and yet she still sees no issue with blowing off studying, going out partying, and the fact that he somehow and it wasn t ever explained got a master key so they could miss curfew without getting in trouble So basically you re wasting a study abroad program And I get that there are people that actually do this trust me I ve seen it happen, but if she was late all the time and missing as much class as she was I m pretty sure the school would have stepped in Anyway.
it s not until she is literally a social outcast and threatened to be sent home from the program that she sent SEVENTY EMAILS OR SO TO GET OFF THE WAIT LIST TO GET INTO that she finally is like of f ck maybe I need to actually focus on this That s literally only the first half of the book, but the other ones in this series are the ones I tend to like better like Pardon My French and French Kissmiss for example lol This one was just too spoiled rich girl for me Plus she was too focused on trying to change everyone else than realizing that she should be focusing on her classes and it was too much like every 2000 s chick flick to me.
Writing, plot, characters 1 starEntertainment value because it s so bad 3 starsWhich gives it an average of 2 Would highly recommend reading it with a friend A lot of the fun was telling people the ridiculous stuff Kelly was doing and laughing about it with a friend who also read it.
This looked so cute A study abroad in Italy would be amazing These books looked classy sweet, so I was surprised when I reread the synopsis it was about partying in Italy The MC Joe like staying up partying I was also immediately disappointed he s American Who wants to go to Italy meet an American I was surprised by the cussing the drugs in here It was upper YA didn t fit It was pretty coincidental that the last Italian book I read Kissing in Italian also had a character named Kelly, Luigi, and an MC that s artistic The MC was exactly what I don t like in books she likes to party drinks.
She started out putting Sheela down, because she reads doesn t party Kelly s poplar, Sheela isn t good enough to hang out with Being that I m like Sheela, I didn t like the put down I d much prefer this book was about Sheela When Sheela looks petrified and says god, I hate being sociable I was like that is so me.
The characters in SASS were stereotypical a goth girl, popular girl, regular girls, preppy guy, nerds I loved the info insight on Italy Europeans don t much like central air Ostia Antica was the major seaport of Ancient Rome its base of naval operations during the heyday of the empire You can find a festive seaside resort sitting near roman ruins Testaccio used to be the city dump in ancient times There s a pyramid there where an ancient politician was buried Romans were really into Egyptian stuff The Sistine chapel was the first to be restored at the Basilica, Michelangelo s vibrant palette visible for the first time in centuries I bet that was amazing to see that, such a shame for the people before who didn t see it restored I knew the Vatican was governed by it s own laws had it s own police, but I didn t know it also had it s own post office, money, radio station To enter the basilica, you have to have your shoulders and legs covered.
The pope asking Michelangelo to paint the chapel ceiling, even thought he considered himself a sculptor He worked day night on it for four years, under constant pressure to finish, until his eyes went bad That was sad to hear And then Pope Paul III brought another artist to paint clothing on some naked figures I couldn t believe that the painting was only restored in the 1990s The clothes were removed so Michelangelo s work was as he created it That sucks for the other artist who had claim to part of the painting, just to have his work erased But it s also cool that Michalengo s entire work is on view The Pantheon is one of the greatest feats of engineering in the world The builders built it on a huge, round hill of dirt, then took the earth away when construction was completed The hole in the center of the roof is called the oculus, as the sun moves west through the sky, the sunshine moves around the room Raphael is buried there I loved looking up sites they mentioned, like the Piazza di Spagna, which I haven t seen before They re said to speak the purest form of Italian in Siena Florence Siena is a big university town Florence is also called Firenze Naples is called Napoli, is the birthplace of pizza In Siena, the Palio takes place in the piazza twice every summer, a competitive free for all on horseback the way it has for centuries Siena was safe, small, easy to navigate Getting lost wasn t an option, because there were street signs everywhere pointing out tourist attractions almost every street eventually led to the piazza del campo Siena was designed for walkers, it s narrow streets not being able to handle heavy traffic Michelangelo s David had been restored around 500 years after it was made, so he looks better than he did in hundreds of years Michelangelo portrayed muscles bonesaccurately than any other artist of his time The art at the Boboli Gardens reflected the Mannerism style, where it was designed to entertain people, so a lot of them have a sense of humor They also had jets of water all over that squirted up randomly soaked people In medieval times, the higher you built, the richer you were There used to be 70 towers at San Gimignano, but only 13 remained Its a good example of what a thriving medieval community looked like Cars aren t allowed in the city walls so you have to walk Many meals in Italy were served family style, on huge platters passed from person to person Pompeii had lots of modern conveniences The richest citizens had indoor plumbing with toilet seats Pompeii s inhabitants came from all walks of life, filthy rich to penniless, aristocrats to slaves They ate fast food, worked out in the gym, took saunas at the spa They had laundries, bakeries, candy stores, jewelry shops, bars They had an open air theater sports arena for all sorts of entertainment Temples allowed people to worship Greek, Roman Egyptian deities I didn t know they worshiped Egyptian All that was left were tourists stray dogs that everyone fed petted, because legend had it they were reincarnated victims of the lost city That was really cool.
The people of Pompeii thought the world was coming to an end Those who live near Pompeii know to enjoy every moment of life It s amazing that Pliny the Younger s two letters if the volcano were still valuable references for volcanologists and historians today The keyhole made by Piranesi in Via di Santa Sabina that showed the Vatican was so cool Legend says if you toss a coin in La Cisterna, your wish goes straight into the heart of Rome will surely come true Very cool Michelangelo s signature is on the sash of the Pieta Kelly met Joe at dinner, I didn t really like him, the very next day he walks up behind her saying hey, babe hugging her waist Who does that They re talking joking during the tour of the Forum He calls her roommates losers, was clearly a jerk Kelly was the roommate you don t want, she actually ate her roommates peanut butter She tells Minnie to update her wardrobe because guys like sophisticated, mysterious woman She says she can do something with her hair to give it body when Minnie gets affronted, she actually thought she was being helpful.
Sometimes teachers would be explaining something historical, I wanted to hear it, but the author would cut it off as if it wasn t important Like Marco s tour of the Forum And Andrea about to explain the theories of why Michelangelo made David s upper half larger than the bottom I guess I ll never knowKelly could be snobby, incredibly unlikable at home, she was friendly to everyone Almost everyone She at least tried to smile at the socially unfortunate students Sheela was laughing leaning towards Jarvis Kelly said she knew how to have fun after all Kelly felt strangely proud of her she had learned from the master She s actually taking credit for that.
Joe smoked weed, which was gross This didn t fit him at all there s a delightfully private alley just across the highway Kelly saying god, have you ever seen such a bunch of stiffs in your life I can t believe Dr W got them out of the library for a whole afternoon I bet kids in Malibu aren t allowed to be this pasty She was late on her art assignment, Andrea actually let s her turn it in a day later When Joe asks her to go dancing, she says yes even though she has to work on her drawing What could Kelly say What Joe Leahy wanted, Joe Leahy got So because he said he gets what he wants, you can t ever say no to him What makes it worse is that her parents made her sign a list of rules, which she knowingly ignored.
Like finishing schoolwork before leisure activities not drinking anything but wine.
Even after Joe s drunken episode waking up her roommates, she kept going out w him almost every night for two weeks, she turned in her project a day after Andrea said she could.
Andrea mentioned famous artists Kelly is annoyed that Sheela was writing them down She knew Michelangelo, Raphael Bernini sounded familiar The other ones meant nothing to her, the author didn t mention anyA quick search would show somenames if Kelly didn t know them, how about YOU write them down.
Because she didn t read the fact sheet, she doesn t wear the appropriate clothes for the Vatican, misses the tour She s actually irritated that Joe finds it funny Bravo, girl She realizes she was disrespecting a holy place, knows that Andrea will tell Dr Wainwright, about how she s been late to class every day She wonders if she ll be sent home Her desire to change was too sudden She decides to prove she deserves to be there, never blow an assignment again.
There happens to be a cute guy named Luigi working at the Vatican I could see where that was going Very random of course he gives her a VIP tour so she catches up w the group Even though she was gonna get on track, she still partied with Joe, that s how she lost her locket I applauded everything Sheela said, cause it was so true, saying she s immature, irresponsible it reflected on her Also when she overheard two girls saying she was a total brat, used stuff w o asking, is having a fling w loser Joe I thought that would open her eyes, but she goes directly to him after Even though he laughs at the Vatican again, she still planned on seeing him She stupidly goes out w Joe even though she shouldn t be partying at all, it takes him drugging her another girl to get her to see he s a bad influence.
She didn t even tell on Joe Rodney for drugging her that girl.
I didn t like that Dr Wainwright brushed off her behavior, excused it I suspect that at home, you re a very well adjusted person You have a certain stature in your school, in your community, in your family Here, you were asked to start with a blank slate, to adjust all over again Every student had to do that And they re coping thriving He also says that Joe is the worst person to ally yourself with that I strongly suspect that he is the catalyst for your lateness lack of preparation in class on several occasions And I ll wager he was one of the friends you were out with last night That puts the blame entirely on Joe, as if Kelly isn t a free thinking human being with a brain of her own She could have said no at any time She wonders if Sheela ratted her out, as if Sheela didn t have every right to do so if she did tell on her All Wainwright did was tell her parents And then she gets asked to paint a mural He hinted that Joe would be asked to leave, I found that unfair that Joe would leave while Kelly gets to stay She s the one late to class, when even Joe is on time She s also late turning assignments in Joe hasn t done that He also knew what to wear to the Vatican He s only broken curfew Kelly s done a lotBy all rights, she should leave Italy She thanks him for having faith in her, but not for letting her stay She thinks maybe she really did deserve to be here but you really don t.
It was very ironic when she tells Joe anyone with half a brain would have hung you out to dry after what you did to me, not to mention poor Laura because that s exactly what I ve thought, it s like you don t have a brain where Joe s concerned She says you drugged us, for god s sake Idt I can trust you any Someone drugs you, you DONT THINK you can trust them She lost major points for actually wavering w Joe just because he looked remorseful Sheela tells Kelly that breaking up w Joe took serious guts that if she didn t have so much backbone, she could have easily caved Kelly has no backbone which is why she was in that mess with Joe has screwed up her Italy trip in the first place She s a weak willed idiot Kelly says once she realized what kind of person Joe was, it has been almost easy breaking up w him, but it wasn t because you almost caved Loser.
Her phone call w her dad, where she s supposed to be reamed out, was as flat as Wainwright s was Of course she doesn t get in trouble, the missing locket takes precedence over her being late to class Of course to get Goth Girl s approval, she had to hear that Kelly broke curfew, went clubbing, Wainwright found out about it.
Kelly tells Andrea that she bet she had tons of boyfriends were super popular Andrea says Kelly wouldn t have given her the time of day as a teenager, because we all need Kelly s approval She said she didn t have one date in HS, if someone had asked her out she would have died of fright That was so me in HS Then she says I was completely socially clueless which I didn t care for Kelly says her mind boggles at the thought of Andrea as a socially challenged outcast This author was too into labels If you re not a social butterfly, popular, or party crazy, then you re socially clueless or a social outcast Being shy is normal, relatable to a lot of people So how about not making ppl feel bad about themselves by calling them clueless, losers, or outcasts She only covered two ends of the spectrum, too You re either popular or an outcast Nothing in between.
It sounded so much fun going to Siena, Florence, Pompeii Naples.
I liked the tie in Kelly asked Andrea the million euro question Kelly the other art students even get a head start working on their final project, which everyone else won t start until after the trip Special Kelly gets another break It was interesting how Luigi wanted to become an engineer in the great tradition of Romans before him I was excited for them to go on the trip, I hated that last second drama where Kelly wanted to room with Marina on the trip, Sheela got upset Cut the crap Joe is antagonizing Minnie, Kelly realizes Joe made fun of her roommates she never defended them So she asks Minnie to sit with her She said style always interested her, but now, even though it went against all of her natural instincts, she knew it was time for her to start concentrating a whole loton substance Which was pretty big for her.
I loved the mention of Bed Head I tried that for hair frizz Kelly noticed the American tourists were often slow, usually rude, expected everyone to speak english She was embarrassed by them and vows to work on her Italian.
Kelly asks Sheela if she remembered her telling her about Luigi from the Vatican info center, but that happened off page It sounded so much fun staying the night in the middle of an olive grove at a pensione run by a farmer his wife.
There was no mystery whatsoever to who planted the drugs in Kelly s storage locker She had just broken it off w Joe before the trip, he didn t have much time to plan something like that.
Earlier she said smoke made her eyes water nose run or something, but she all of a sudden says she s allergic to smoke on pg 152 When Joe offered her weed, she didn t mention she was allergic to smoke.
There were curse words, even bastard, yet after Minnie calls Joe an asshole, she says she s glad Kelly dumped his behind When Kelly tells marina that Joe framed her, she calls him a little turd Sheela says everybody knows you re allergic to smoke You haven t stopped complaining about it all summer Except we didn t, she hasn t.
I love when Marina said you sure know how to pick em, when it turned out Joe framed her Because she was seriously an idiot for liking Joe.
Kelly hit it right on the money when she said she doesn t deserve friends like Sheela and Marina She realizes she hasn t written to Starr, that w o talking of guys, hairstyles, outfits she didn t have much to say She wonders if her friends would think she s uncool now that she likes art history I thought she wouldn t wanna hang w them, would want deeper friendships but then says if her and Sheela can get along, anything was possible Her real friends would love her, whoever she was.
It was totally corny how Kelly finds a fresco that looks similar to Marina s mom Her motorcycle riding, jeans Tshirt wearing mom resembles an ancient fresco of a woman who was a poet, Marina s mom happened to love poetry Yeah right.
I found it very corny Luigi calls the very day she returned from Pompeii, 30 mins after she got back.
It was very interesting how Sheela and Minnie were writing the autobiography of a pompeiin teenager, having been inspired by Sappho of Pompeii.
I knew that the necklace would be found somehow Wainwright even fixed the clasp Because everything ends up perfect for Kelly.
Luigi said once in a while he gets to help beautiful, lost strangers, which is the best part of his job And it made it seem like he does that with a lot of girls He said don t worry You are one of a kind which wasn t believable to me He doesn t even know her What about her is one of a kind Marina teases that she s already got her Italian couture wedding dress picked out, as if that relationship even hints of marriage Sheela s project was on oration Orators wore togas went to the forum to read famous speeches in Latin It sounded so romantic to be there with the sunset lighting the forum, the lights of the city behind it She said Sheela deserved a prize for facing up to her fear of public speaking, it was strange how harrowing it was for her, while it was effortless for Kelly It made me wonder what Kelly was afraid of It was like she had no idea why Sheela was afraid of public speaking.
I thought it was rude how Kelly was bored by the orations called Jarvis speech gibberish, even in English she couldn t understand had to force herself to listen to Sheela.
Of course Andrea tells her the summer would have been dull without you Are you calling all your students dull Breaking curfew, staying out late Just the student you want She was a lotthan a pretty face she knew that now Humble I wasn t interested at all in her letters to her friends Idc about them.
Kelly didn t improve much She only accepted people because they changed Sheela had to start hanging out with a guy for Kelly to realize she could be fun Otherwise she d still be a social outcast This got better as it went along, when Joe finally got out of the picture, they did some actual sight seeing things in Italy It ended sort of nice, but there wasn t much romance in here Most of it was with the wrong guy The MC most everyone was unlikable Luigi didn t have much substance, sort of a cardboard character I liked the last lines the afternoon sun streamed through the windows, glinting off the wings of planes arriving from all over the world One journey was ending, but Kelly knew there would be manyI don t get the point of authors writing characters that aren t likable So I m just irritated by them not liking them the whole time Why spend time with the bad boy most of the book, barely include Luigi I found that whole romance random severely lacking There was no emotion when she d kiss Joe or Luigi It was just he kissed me, not how it felt I wondered why Joe even went if he wasn t interested in Italy.
This series looked so cute sweet It ended up being trashy w drugs, drinking, characters smoking weed drugging two girls The MC was so stupid to like Joe He was clearly a jerk, reminded me of guys from my H.
S She was self centered, put everyone down, wasn t accepting in the slightest of others, judged people The author gave everyone a label, was seriously insulting to shy, quiet people If you re that way you re socially inept, an outcast, unfortunate Btw, if anyone s a loser, it s you Kelly, for falling for Joe.
Very disappointed with this.
I think that this book and When Irish Guys are Smiling are both very good The reason why I gave this book only two stars is because there was a lot of drugs and alcohol and just overall bad decisions Not as bad as Eliza in Up Over Down Under, but pretty close.

Getting the Boot is the second book in the S.
S Series The S.
S stories each take place during a student s time studying abroad Getting the Boot follows the life of Kelly who is participating in an exchange program in Italy Kelly as a character isn t great, in my opinion her friend Sheela would have beeninteresting to have as the main character Italy is very well described by Strauss, you can feel the personality of the different cities that are visited throughout the novel Overall 2.
5 5 stars I have enjoyed other books in the S.
S Series .
I enjoyed this book for its Italian setting, but the plot and the characters were weak I thought the writing was sub par and thought the story was a bit childish, a little too O M G for me, ya know I thought it would be a fabulous summer read, but I was disappointed.
Sheesh, this is like another Pardon my French It was just a complete girl s life all over again Where was the fun in Rome As I was going on holiday to Rome, I decided that I had to find a book that was set in my holiday destination to read whilst I was there Let me tell you, it was surprisingly difficult to find a book that was set in Rome, especially a young adult one After asking around fellow bloggers a few times, only one young adult book set in the centre of the city came to light Though I d read no reviews of it or any other work by the author, I still decided to order Getting the Boot by Peggy Guthart Strauss to pack in my hand luggage.
As I ve just mentioned, I have had no experience with this author or with the Students Across the Seven Seas stories, but from the blurb, this story sounded fun, light and most ideally, it was in the exact setting I wanted The book is only 198 pages and a very simple, easy story to follow so I finished it quite some time before the end of my 3 hour flight Despite the shortness of the novel, it didn t feel remarkably lacking and it had some fantastic Italian, specific to Rome references This story is mainly about an american student, Kelly, who takes a trip to Rome as part of a International Summer School Program Kelly is your classic clich popular, somewhat selfish high schooler and initially she doesn t care about getting educated in Italy she sinterested in the fashion, the famous sights and most of all, the Italian guys During her stay in Rome, Kelly slowly realises that there sto life than appearances and she does develop some sort of respect and responsibility Yeah it s not exactly a new, intellectual or surprising concept, but it s a light read with a couple of issues discussed along the way I particularly enjoyed the bonds that Kelly made with an artistic girl in her dorm and also with her female teacher Due to the length of the book, we don t go into huge depth, but what we were given was decent I was, however, left disappointed with the romance aspect of this book it was dull and the twist was very predictable.
Though slightly younger teens and young adults may enjoy these booksthan maturer readers, I would recommend this to anyone who simply wants a speedy summer read something extremely easy, relaxing and with a few nice references to Rome without going into cultural or emotional issues too heavily It is definitely not the best piece of literature around, but it did its job well I will definitely be looking into the other books in this series as I think they ll be great for a quick, fun read when I want one and they should hopefully give me little glimpses of different cities in our very large world.
The Exciting Series For Teens That Explores Life And Love Around The WorldStudying Abroad Isn T At All Like Kelly Thought It Would Be Instead Of Shopping For Fine Italian Leather And Living In An Apartment With A View Of The Colosseum, She Is Stuck In A Stuffy Dorm Room With Three Other Girls, And Is Sharing One Shower With The Entire Floor This Is Not The Bella Roma That She D Dreamed Of But There Is One Part Of Italy That Kelly Doesn T Mind Joe, A Really Cute Guy Who S In The Study Abroad Program Too Joe S Into Staying Up Late And Partying Hard, Two Things That Kelly Used To Love Doing Bad Habits Are Hard To Break, And She Soon Finds Herself On Thin Ice With The Program Coordinators If Kelly S Not Careful, She Might Just Get The Boot