Trailer È Girl Overboard PDF by Ë Aimee Ferris

Trailer È Girl Overboard PDF by Ë Aimee Ferris Swimsuit Check Flip Flops Check Scuba Gear Check Leaving Behind A Longtime Boyfriend Not So Easy Marina Has Been Waiting Her Whole Life To Get Out On The Open Sea And Now That She S Studying Abroad On A Luxury Yacht In The Caribbean, Her Dreams Are Finally Coming True She Loves The Feel Of The Sun On Her Face, The Sand Between Her Toes, And The Island Music Swaying Over Her And Even Better, She S Getting Hands On Marine Biology Experience Swimming Alongside Dolphins In The Bahamas, Sharks In The Bay Islands, And Sea Turtles In The Dominican Republic But While Her Experiences Tell Her She S In Exactly The Right Place, Her Boyfriend Wants Her Home In Vermont And Her Distractingly Cute Aussie Boatmate Couldn T Disagree As The Island Heat Rises, Marina Must Decide Once And For All Where Her Heart Is On Land Or At Sea The only SASS book I ve ever read before was When Irish Guys are Smiling and I totally loved it I ve wanted to read the other books, but I can t seem to find e books anywhere Luckily, I happen to come across this book in a local book store Cool, eh Anyway, this book is a light, quick, fun read I enjoyed the author s way of writing Plus, I m such a sucker for British Aussie guys so you know how I felt about Link although I find that odd for a name haha You d definitely love this book if you re a a huge fan of sea creatures Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToo.
comIt seems to Marina like it should be a dream six weeks on a luxurious ship, experiencing ocean life face to face as she s never been able to before, and the chance to further her goal of becoming a marine biologist But she can t help worrying that she ll miss her long time boyfriend, Damon, so much that the trip will become a nightmare That s the basic premise of Girl Overboard, a fun, fast read that s easy to enjoy, especially if you share Marina s fascination with the ocean Marina is a likable main character, with insecurities and doubts anyone can relate to as she struggles to figure out what she wants out of life Her heart s in the right place, but she can t help taking a few missteps along the way, which just makes her all thesympathetic The other major characters flirtatious Link, bubbly Jeanette, thoughtful Ryan are colorful and distinctive They also all prove to haveto them than Marina and the reader first suspects The novel is most involving when dealing with Marina s oceanic studies The author bio reveals that Ferris has spent many years in the Caribbean, and her experience shows in the vivid descriptions of the landscapes, animals, and island life, as well as the detailed procedures Marina participates in to try to preserve that environment The reader feels right there with Marina, whether it s feeding a dolphin for the first time or diving with an enormous whale shark It s clear why Marina loves this work so much, and anyone can understand why she s considering leaving everything she cares about back home to pursue her dream career Where the novel falters a little is in Marina s romantic conflicts Her realization of the differences between herself and her boyfriend develops gradually and realistically, and her attraction to Link, who shares many of her interests and values, seems only natural Unfortunately, the problems that arise with both Damon and Link are resolved so easily there is hardly any tension at all Marina simply speaks her mind, and everything works out While it s wonderful to portray honesty as a solution to problems, a fewcomplications would have made this part of the storyexciting and interesting Nevertheless, the focus of the novel ison the ocean and Marina s adoration for it than on the boys in her life There, the novel succeeds completely Whether as a beach read or a read for those who only wish they were down by the sea, it won t fail to entertain.

I have very mixed feelings about this.
As a homeschool mom, I like the idea of a series of books for a teen girl that takes young ladies all over the globe in order to acquaint them with different cultures and locales.
HOWEVER it would ve been five stars, if every character in the book weren t walking around with their head shoved up their hiney There s nary a redeemable person to be found in this stinkin mess Oh, I enjoyed the description of the locations, the wildlife and beauty of the journey but the people stank No, I mean it they really, really sucked Spoilers follow, cuz this is a review Dumb girl who has nothing to do with her parents and doesn t care gets accepted to a program to study abroad Which is a problem, because she s obsessed with her boyfriend, and spends a good portion of the book sighing and pining over him which, btw, is annoying But Marina haha want s to be a Marine Biologist, and has a thing for dolphins, too which is unfortunate, as she s from Vermont So she gets this awesome instead of school trip to the Bahamas and other islands practically unsupervised, mind you on a boat with other kids from all over the world They get drunk, are likely sleeping together Simon Kristen , wander islands at their leisure, and have a gay old time They re also responsible for doing two weeks labor with a specific animal, and turning in a research paper at the end of their stint, so there s that, but the rest of the time is PAR tay, baby Scuba n sun and shoppin n fun And all of them are just jerks Even the main character lies about having a boyfriend, snickers at the mean girls behind their backs, harshes on people it s not great.
BUT Maybe it s just this one Maybe it s just this author and the others in the series are better So I m going to look into a few, and see what happens Because the premise is kind of unique and good It s just the writer characters blew chunks bad.
Link slid in next to Marina on the ground, and put his arms around her.
She shivered at how good that felt He pulled her in closer, and they smiled at each other as Marco called them all to attention This books genre is romance and also fiction.
I thought this book was really good, how the story seems really great because Marina has never felt of being loved But one thing I did not like at all was that it was in a third person point of view This book took place in 4 places The Caribbean, Bahamas, Bay Island and Dominican Republic Marina wanted to study marine biology but she had to leave her boyfriend named Damon and went to study marine biology in all 4 places So,after she had met all the yachts student members for marine biology she met Link a cute, tall and handsome guy.
Then,Marina traveled to all 4 places with Link and slowly developing her feeling for him after her break up with Damon I wish that the author Aimee Ferris didn t make the book a third person point of view because I wanted to know what each character wanted to say, do, and think.
I was satisfied with Marina when she broke up with Damon because I thought that she shouldn t have had to deal with him because Damon wanted to go a cold place while Marina wanted to go to a warm place My favorite part of the book is when SPOILER ALERT Marina noticed that a baby dolphin was caught unto the net and saved it and Link tried to get hold unto the mother dolphin to stop hitting Marina although Link still got hurt.
If I were the author I would have changed Link s name to Claude because i thought that wasof an innocent name I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 because I didn t like the way the author put the book into a third person point of view.
i would recommend this book to those who like drama like books and romance Ryan and Jeanette walked ahead holding hands Marina smiled and reached out to take Link s hand He smiled his lazy smile.