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[ Pdf Heart and Salsa ✓ x-men PDF ] by Suzanne Nelson Æ I think this might be my new favorite book in the series I really liked Cat s journey and the maturity she developed by the end So much of it rang true When you move away, friendships can change in ways you don t expect When a friend has a creep for a boyfriend, she won t always believe you And most importantly, no matter how much you plan on life going in a certain direction, it can always surprise you in ways you never planned All of these themes help to create a fascinating character on a wonderful journey Loved it I think Spanish students would particularly enjoy this installment since it takes place in Mexico and has many Spanish words and phrases throughout Again, these are the kinds of books I feel good about sharing with teen girls I love the positive messages they bring and diverse characters and settings So good.
perfectly good fluff I was obsessed with reading these books when I was younger, normally when I was heading to Florida with my family This was the first book I decided to reread, and it was about what I was expecting The writing is easy to read, the story progresses quickly, and there are plenty of heartwarming moments and teenage shenanigans to spare There isn t much beyond that, so I would say these books are better geared for a younger crowd.
This is certainly not a literary masterpiece And it s written for the tween demographic which I am far past being a member of But I didn t care Because this book was just FUN I will definitely be readingof the S.
S series I just wish these books had existed when I was young And I wish they had one for every state and every country A perfect plane beach vacation read Cat just moved to Boston and she hates it Due to her mom s recent remarriage to the geekiest history professor in the world, Cat s had to pick up and leave all her friends in Arizona She is not happy about it and, in fact, she s determined not to give Boston a chance She ll get through her junior and senior years and then head right back to Arizona for college And luckily, Cat s come up with a plan to escape Boston for the summer, too Her best friend Sabrina told her about the Students Across the Seven Seas study abroad program So Cat s going down to Mexico to spend her summer with Sabrina, catching up on girl bonding, perfecting her Spanish, and helping with a community service project.
What Cat did NOT expect was that Sabrina would have a boyfriend who also came to Mexico Sabrina s blowing her off to hang out with her boy toy Cat s new roommate Izzie daughter of her host family has taken an immediate dislike to her and calls her an American princess Mexico s not what Cat thought it would be at allI ve been wanting to try one of the SASS books and I really enjoyed it It s a little formulaic, but there are a lot of details about the places they go in Mexico There s a host of likeable characters none of which are particularly deep except for maybe Cat , some comic relief, and a predictable romance thrown in I ll definitely be readingin this series It s perfect escapism reading.

This is the twelfth S.
S book out of fourteen that I ve read, but, oddly enough, it s the first one I ve read in which the protagonist has a decent grasp of the language of the country where she s headed Excepting, of course, the books taking place in English speaking countries Points to Cat, the Mexican bound heroine, for actually caring about things like other languages.
By and large enjoyable, with a heroine who s willing to admit her mistakes and who is genuinely enthusiastic about the work she s doing I do want to know how it s possible that a decent Boston high school wouldn t offer Spanish, though And why Cat promises to pronounce Itzel s name right and then refers to her as Izzie for the rest of the book There s an interesting dynamic between Cat and Sabrina, though it s very realistic in the sense of them drifting apart due to one s relocation, and also in the role Brian plays Loved it when Cat questioned whether Brian was as one dimensional as he seemed would have loved it evenif he hadn t been As an aside It is not possible to gothan about a page and a half without one orcharacter smiling, grinning, or laughing or all three They also do a lot of sighing and giggling While I m thrilled that they re so happy, it grates Reminds me, painfully, of the way Anastasia Steele whispers, murmurs, and breathes most of her dialogue.
Still, it s entertaining, and there s a lot of Spanish, and glory hallelujah I even understood most of it without the translations Hurray.
More general look at the series here.
5 starsWell, this is a one novel of Students Across the Seven Seas S.
S yang bercerita tentang Caitlin yang pergi mengikuti program SASS ini dan memilih Meksiko sebagai kota tujuannya, karena 1 ia mencintai bahasa Spanyol, 2 kabur dari keluarga barunya, 3 bertemu dengan sahabat lamanya dari Arizona setelah ia dipaksa pindah ke Boston, 4 nope, tiga poin itu saja yang penting Namun setelah ia mengikuti program itu terjadi 1 pacar beneran sahabat lamanya yang membuat sahabat itu berubah terhadap Cat, 2 bahasa Spanyolnya menjadi lebih bagus dan fasih, 3 mendapat teman baru dan keluarga baru, 4 berhasil menghilangkan sikap friendzone nya, 5 berhasil melapangkan hatinya bagi si ayah tiri, 6 bahwa semuanya akan berubah karena waktu dan jarak.
Yap, aku sudah mereview buku ini.
Rame, menarik kok, mudah membacanya, membuat ingin langsung menyelesaikannya dalam sekali baca Namun terdapat beberapa terjemahan yang tampaknya kurang kata, seperti yang dan seperti itu Tapi tidak terlalu bermasalah bagiku.
Oh dan aku suka dengan si mata hijau di Indonesia ada yang kayak dia nggak ya The S.
S Students of the Seven Seas series takes a girl, puts her in a foreign country, and pretty much lets her be a teenager there In Heart and Salsa, Cat Wilcox goes to Oaxaca for the summer to volunteer for a group building a school for orphaned children She has recently moved with her Mom and brand new stepdad from Arizona to Massachusetts Cat misses her friends, her diving team, hasn t taken well to the new Dad and finds Boston to be horrible she s crazy, huh Anyway, she meets her best friends in Oaxaca only to find that SAbrina has a tagalong the heart throb boyfriend that she never bothered to mention to Cat Lots of teen drama, and in its own fluffy teen drama fashion, the book offered slices of life in Oaxaca including geography, culture, foods, problem of poverty, art, and history I liked it and think it will be easy to recommend these books to teen girls.
Really a 2.
5 star read, but I liked the message, and Cat grew a lot as a character, so I rounded up I couldn t stand Sabrina though She was a terrible friend, and Brian was awful too Cat s relationship with Aiden was decent, and I liked that he was patient with her A typical read probably best suited to young teenagers, but overall cute.
Cat Wilcox Has Left Chilly Boston For Sunny Mexico And A Summer Of Girl Bonding With Her Best Friend, Sabrina But Sabrina Has A Surprise She Is Accompanied By Her Boyfriend A Boyfriend Cat Didn T Even Know Existed So Rather Than Sabrina And Cat Spending Their Study Abroad Semester Working Together At The Orphan School Building Site, Cat Expects She Ll Be Hammering Nails All By Her Lonesome Then She Meets Aidan He S Cute, He S Smart, And He S Paying Her A Lot Of Attention Cat Can T Tell If He S Flirting Or Friendly, But She S Not Sure It Matters Isn T It Easier To Be Just Friends But This Is Enchanted Mexico And, Between Hiking In The Rain Forest, Diving Off Waterfalls, And Finishing The Orphan Center, It S Going To Take A Little Bit Of Salsa Spirit, And A Lot Of Heart, For Cat To Make It Through The Summer Unchanged