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[Ellen Emerson White] Ë Kaiulani: The People's Princess, Hawaii, 1889 [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Both I and my daughter really enjoyed this fictionalized diary of Victoria Kaiulani, one of the last members of the Hawaiian Royal family Told through the eyes of Kaiulani, in a diary format, this book gave us an interesting look at what Hawaii was like in the 1890 s, including the politics of that time that led to Hawaii being annexed by the United States.
I was especially interested to learn that this girl, who was to become Queen of Hawaii she was next in line after her Aunt, the Queen was born of a Hawaiian mother and a Scottish father, Archibald Scott Cleghorn, who married into the Hawaiian royal family Kaiulani was the only child of their union, though she did have 3 older Scottish half sister s from Cleghorn s first marriage It was also interesting to learn of Kaiulani s friendship with the author Robert Louis Stevenson, whom she met when he traveled to Hawaii for health reasons, and whom she developed a long term friendship with.
I didn t enjoy this quite as much as some of the other diaries by Ellen Emerson White that I ve read recently, but this was still a truly lovely book Not only is it touching and emotional, but it s also so informative of a time we often gloss over in history I think perhaps the elongated timeline this book covers 4 years where many of the others are just a few months affected my enjoyment the most, but I would highly recommend this.
This book was really good, but had a very somber ending You know going in that Hawaii is ultimately going to get annexed by the United States it s one of the 50 states after all , but Kaiulani, who seems to be a very dedicated leader who strives to do what is best for her people, has such hope of restoring the monarchy It s very sad to read the epilogue I have noticed that many of the books in these series focus on the bright spots of these girls tragic lives Still it was very interesting, especially Kaiulani s friendship with the writer Robert Louis Stevenson I also enjoyed the many descriptions of Hawaii I live in Wisconsin and it is December.

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5Talky Talk Dear DiaryBonus Factors Robert Louis Stevenson, Hawaii, Boarding School, Grand TourRelationship Status Bosom FriendsRead the full book report I found this book very interesting and enjoyable despite its sad end This book was my door opener to the history of Hawaii I found the history of this monarchy is fascinating The book is about the life of Hawaii s last princess, Victoria Kaiulani When she was 13, her world is shattered when she is forced to go to school in England She becomes accepting towards her fate as time goes by, yet she still misses her beloved Hawaii The story starts in the year 1889 and continues till 1893 in the form of diary entries Her story is sad and touching, the losses of her loved ones and her country seem to have driven her in to a forlorn existence by the end of the book and it is sad her dreams for her country did not come true I found, Kaiulani heart warming friendship with author Robert Louis Stevenson, fascinating They share a great deal of wisdom and insight in their literary discussions Kaiulani struggles bravely with her intense homesickness, having been sent halfway around the world, into a new culture and a new climate, and strives to excel in her studies in spite of the turmoil that dwells within her The books carries a fascinating view of Hawaiian culture, the language, and the people, as Kaiulani learns the ways of her people and their beliefs and dreams.
This poem written by Robert Louis Stevenson to her, still lingers in my head Her Island here in the southern sunShall mourn their Kaiulani gone,And I, in her dear banynan s shade,Look vainly for my little maid.
Another Royal Diaries read for me The Royal Diaries books can be a hit or miss since they all have different authors I m happy to report that this one is definitely a hit, for me This one is on Kaiulani, the last princess of Hawaii I had no idea Hawaii used to have a monarchy, so this book was very interesting and a big eye opener for me I don t know much about Hawaii, I never even been there before, so this book has been the most educational experience for me.
Fourteen year old Kaiulani is a princess of Hawaii, second in line to the throne her uncle is the king, and next in line is her aunt the king s sister , then her Kaiulani is half Hawaiian and half Scottish, actually on her father s side , but she considers herself very much a Hawaiian person all around Knowing her destiny is to sit on the Hawaiian throne, her family sends her to be educated in England for a year or two Kaiulani is a dutiful and obedient girl so she does as she is told, even though it breaks her heart to be away from her family and her beautiful Hawaiian nation.
Even though England is often chilly and nowhere as colorful and vibrant as Hawaii, Kaiulani enjoys her time at boarding school, applying herself so that she may become a properly educated princess However, bad news travels to Kaiulani about her beloved country back home the Reformers from America are illegally taking over their nation and forcing the monarchy to dissolve Kaiulani desperately wants to save her country, but she is on the other side of the world, what can she do I really enjoyed this book I love learning about Hawaii and its sad history This book is a children s book so it doesn t dive into the nitty gritty political details too much but you get the big picture Hawaii is full of profitable natural resources which the Reformers want to take advantage of The Reformers want to annex the nation to the USA, but of course, the monarchy does not want that to happen Obviously, you know what ends up happening to Hawaii due to its present day situation as the US s 50th state, so you know the book is not going to have a happy ending for Kaiulani, making her efforts to save her country seem even tragic.
Kaiulani herself is an admirable young girl Even though she is only fourteen when the book begins, you sense an air of maturity around the young lady She loves Hawaii dearly and you can tell it breaks her heart to be far away from her nation and her family She is also very much in control of her emotions and appearance, as evident when the reporters swarm around her in America and in England She knows her role, she is a princess, and she acts accordingly I think Kaiulani would have made an amazing queen for Hawaii if she hadn t fallen ill and died shortly after Hawaii fell to America Romantically, many like to believe she died of a broken heart.
This is definitely one of The Royal Diaries books that I highly recommend She s not a very well known princess, admittedly, but this book does a great job providing an introduction to Kaiulani As with all of the books in this series, it is a middle school book but even for adults, an interesting and short read.
It was a good book as all the books in this series My daughter was the one who borrowed it and I wanted to see what the authors take of Kaiulani was She was young when she died It is a sad story, she was friends with Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote Treasure Island I think he wrote a poem for the princess as well.
In Their Hope To Restore Hawaii S Toppled Monarchy And The Hawaiian Way Of Life The People Of Hawaii Turn To Princess Kaiulani, Who Is Only A Young Girl Acclaimed Author Ellen Emerson White Makes Her Debut On The Royal Diaries List With This Compelling Narrative Of The Tumultuous Years Following Hawaii S Forced Annexation To The United States, Skillfully Rendering The Voice Of The Young Princess And The Unrest Of A People I don t know why this was so different from Ellen E White s Titanic story, but this one really stinks It was so dull I couldn t even finish it yawwwwwn Don t read it unless your CD player broke, can t play you a lullaby and you need something to put you to sleep This ll do it, I swear.
Not one of my favourites But I guess that s cos I don t know much about Hawaii.