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Trailer ë Kazunomiya: Prisoner of Heaven, Japan, 1858 PDF by » Kathryn Lasky Best books, Kazunomiya Prisoner Of Heaven, Japan, 1858 By Kathryn Lasky This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Kazunomiya Prisoner Of Heaven, Japan, 1858, Essay By Kathryn Lasky Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I must be honest I was very disappointed in this book I almost DNFd multiple times, which has never happened before.
For a long time, I was absolutely obsessed with Kathryn Lasky s books, and many of her books are still on my list of favorites, but this is the worst book I have read of hers I didn t realize that it was one of her books until I had just started it and scanned it on GR to update my page Realizing this, I guess I came in with fairly high expectations, which were quickly crushed With this being a Royal Diaries book, I knew I was coming into a book that would be set up like a diary, which I love But many of the entries were much too long for my taste The stories weren t that interesting either I found the book rather drab and boring, and and there were many points that dragged on and on and I really wanted to skip or just DNF I am very disappointed in this book Kathryn Lasky is an amazing writer, and this is definitely the first of her books that I have disliked so much.
This was a great book Definately a front runner for my favorite Royal Diaries book Kathryn Lasky covered all of the bases here Romance, Friendship, Court Intrigue, Political Manoevering, and so so much I was very impressed with the level of complexity presented in this novel, especially since it is so short Bravo Kazunomiya was born in the year of the Fire Horse, a very unlucky event for a girl So her birthdate was changed to one year earlier to make her birthdate fall in a year that would ensure her docility They may have changed her birthday, but they can t change her Kazunomiya is the daughter of the former emperor and his chief concubine As such it puts her in the firing line to be a political pawn At the age of four she was betrothed to another Prince, but years later, her betrothel is revoked and she is betrothed to the next Shogun of Japan While she likes Yoshi, she longs for her soulmate Prince That is not to be though, since tying the Imperial house and that of the Shogun would give the Emperor power, and he could then expel the barbian Americans who demand he sign treaties The Americans are calling for the opening up of Japan, while the country resists and tries to keep the past alive Amid such machinations, court intrigues are rife Blatant liasons and spying are de rigeur and Kazunomiya must learn to keep her head above the waters.
I really enjoyed this book, except for the ending I just would have liked a bit closure In my opinion it ended quite suddenly I was ready to read another chapter till I realized I just finished the last one Again, I did enjoy the ride though.
this is a cool book It shows how venomous court life could be, and how you had to fight for what you believed in Court life wasn t just about pretty dresses and doing whatever you wanted to do Most of the time, it was about power and some people had to do bad things to get it.
This one was kinda on the depressing side as far as the Royal Diaries go This focuses on Princess Kazunomiya s life at court and being torn between duty and her own desires The descriptions of Japanese culture during this time period was very interesting, but I do wish that the other included a bit detail about the significance of some of the ceremonies either in the actual diary or the historical notes Particularly the teeth blackening ceremony.
COMPLETELY interesting book in 19th Century Japan Not just the food they ate, but the traditions So neat Royal Japanese women are mean and petty by the way.
This is a beautiful book The descriptions of her palace are great and the cover art is gourgeous This series have been one of my all time favorites.
As a princess of Japan in the year 1858, twelve year old Kazunomiya lives a life of privilege and luxury But it is one in which she is a virtual prisoner, kept sheltered behind palace walls, only able to leave for the occasional visit to a temple or shrine But her predictable life is changing Japan has kept itself isolated for generations, but now foreigners are clamoring to be allowed in, and given trading rights And Kazunomiya finds her own future in question, when she learns that her betrothal to a prince she has known since childhood may be broken so that her half brother, the Emperor, can make an alliance by marrying her off to the young man that will be the next shogun of Japan I recommend this new addition to the Royal Diaries to all fans of the series I enjoyed learning about what life was like for a princess of Japan during an era of great change I had never heard of Kazunomiya before this book, but I found her life fascinating.
This one wasn t bad The power struggle between the emperor and the shogunate is an interesting bit of history.