Download Epub Format ☆ Mahatma Gandhi PDF by ä Charles Freer Andrews

Download Epub Format ☆ Mahatma Gandhi PDF by ä Charles Freer Andrews An Intimate Biography Of One Of The Greatest Social And Religious Reformers Of The Modern World Gandhi S Work In Nonviolence Was Comprehensive And Not Simply Confined To Politics Or Human Rights It Was About Building Positive Relationships Based On Respect, Understanding, Acceptance, And Appreciation It Was About Eliminating Exploitation Of All Kinds And Creating Harmony From The Foreword By Dr Arun Gandhi, Cofounder Of The M K Gandhi Institute For Nonviolence Mohandas Gandhi Was One Of The Most Important And Influential Social And Religious Reformers Of The Past Century, Spending His Life Striving For Justice, Peace, And Equality Among Countries, Races, And Classes His Ideas And Ideals Have Inspired Generations Of Activists From Martin Luther King Jr To Vaclav Havel And Acted As Catalysts For Change In Every Corner Of The Globe In This Intimate Biography, Charles Charlie Andrews Englishman, Anglican Priest, And A Close Friend And Colleague Of Gandhi S In Both South Africa And India Explores The Life And Times Of This Great Soul, Providing Fascinating Insight Into The Spiritual, Political, And Historical Environment That Affected Gandhi, Playing Key Roles In The Development Of His Thought And Action Mahatma Gandhi His Life And Ideas Uses Letters, Personal Reminiscences, And Excerpts From Gandhi S Many Published And Private Writings To Paint A Vivid And Accessible Portrait Of The Personality And Spirit Of One Of The Most Prominent Figures In Indian And World History This Updated Edition Showcases A New Foreword About The Continuing Impact And Importance Of Gandhi S Message Today, Written By Dr Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi S Grandson And Cofounder Of The M K Gandhi Institute For Nonviolence

This book introduced me clearly to a lot of Gandhi s closely held beliefs, but it got really hard to read at times dull or repetitive , and it also expected me to know the history of India s struggle with British rule better than I did Part of that is that the book was first published 2 decades before Gandhi s assassination, so it wasn t history at that point, it was current events I learned very much to respect Gandhi s belief that Ahimsa would solve all worldly problems, and that although Ahimsa was often translated as merely non violence, it meant much to Gandhi it meant love Even when he was persecuted, imprisoned, insulted, and otherwise abused, he showed love and compassion, and it was this example that led to so much positive change I loved the vignettes of meeting with Gandhi in his Ashram, and seeing how much he loved the little children, and how he showed malice towards no man His teachings were fairly basic, and were aimed at helping everyone progress I learned a lot about his attitude towards Hinduism, Christianity, gender relations, cattle worship, and general good will to all.