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[Kathryn Lasky] ↠´ Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles, Austria - France, 1769 [writing PDF] Read Online ✓ I Look Up Now Into The Oval Mirror And See Barely A Trace Of The Mud Splattered Girl Tearing Through The Woodland On Her Horse, Or The Barefoot Girl Wading At Schonbrunn I Have Become What Mama Set Out For Me To Be Majestic A Dauphine And Eventually A QueenSo Writes The Headstrong Year Old Maria Antonia Future Queen Of France In Her Diary On October , In This Engrossing Addition To The Royal Diaries Series Elizabeth I Red Rose Of The House Of Tudor, Cleopatra VII Daughter Of The Nile , Kathryn Lasky Invents A Diary Of The Young Marie Antoinette In The Year She Is To Be Married Off To Dauphin Louis Auguste, Eldest Grandson Of The French King Louis XV Arranged Marriages Were Common In That Day And Age As The Empress Theresa Of The Holy Roman Empire Of The Germanic Nations Sought To Consolidate Power Among Nations By Marrying Off Her Children Thus, The Future Of Austria And France Falls Upon Maria Antonia S Young Shoulders To Prepare Her For This Awesome Responsibility, She Must Be Trained To Write, Read, Speak French, Dress, Act Even Breathe Things Get Even Grim As She Is Shipped Off To The Court Of Versailles And Introduced To Her Puffy, Awkward Future Husband And Confronted With The Court S Ridiculous Customs Marie An Opinionated And Insightful Young Woman Mocks The Court Of Impeccable Etiquette And Manners That Makes Up Nasty Rhymes About Those They Hate, But Panics When Her Hair Is Mussed Lasky Has Done An Excellent Job Of Creating A Very Human Character In The Young Marie Antoinette One Whom Young Readers Will Want To Learn About Fortunately, Her Story Is Given Plenty Of Context With An Epilogue Describing The History Of The Young Queen After , A Historical Note Offering An Th Century Context, A Habsburg Bourbon Family Tree, And Various Portraits Of The Royal Family Ages To Karin Snelson This book was wonderful I read an article about Marie Antoinette, in an Smithsonian, or other historical magazine about a year ago, but mainly heard about Marie through people talking to me about The book is an account of Antonia Marie Antoinette before her marriage to Louis XVI up until a year after her marriage Obviously, the book is based on her diary, if she had one I thought Marie was simply a selfish, shallow, riches and jewels based woman, before I read the book Now it s very clear that, although her mother had her take lessons in history, French, riding, and the basics of ruling a kingdom, Antonia was very much a peace maker, listener, wanting to please everyone, but not at all savvy when it comes to governing, and not exactly quick to catch the politics going on She seems like a strong willed personality, as well as possibly defiant.
Overall, it was an excellent read The history is woven in wonderfully with the real person aspect of Antonia Marie Antoinette I highly suggest it.

Aha, I loved this book when I was ten or eleven when it came out I thought it was wonderful, and I loved the cover art okay, so I still do look at the detail on the back of the gown Ahh , and the golden pages and the historical details at the end I was a history nut even then And I went bonkers with the whole Pardon me, Monsieur, I did not mean to do it line I remember reading that to my dad, and him being quite unimpressed I don t remember much about the actual story, but I loved the end of it.
Looking back, I m glad my childhood self didn t enjoy the whole story so much There s a heap of historical inaccuracies, and Lasky even admits she added fictional aspects to the story In some ways, this could be a good thing It makes children likely to read it, and interested in history That can t be a bad thing However, it gives children an inaccurate view of history, and I remember being eleven years old and huffy with my father for pointing out that some things were wrong with the story I do like some things Lasky has done, though, by making Marie Antoinette just a very sheltered young girl who has no idea what s going on in the world around her Both her and Louis were naive children who had no idea what the real world was and were naturally unfit to be King and Queen of France It s a fun read, but if given to a child, the inaccuracies should be explained.
I read this book when I was younger and remember loving it While I don t really love it any, I still enjoyed it I would recommend this for of a tween young teen age so than others just because I think it would be most pleasing to that age but I think older can also enjoy this book if your into these type of historical fiction books I did enjoy the epilogue a lot telling of the events that unfolded in history with our characters I think the author did a good job at the end with explaining and making us feel some empathy for what happened due to their situation All in all this is an okay little book that I enjoyed just fine but in no way was it anything amazing That being said this hardback is absolutely gorgeous and the pages are gold and I am in love with it.