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[Mahatma Gandhi] å Mohandas Gandhi: Essential Writings [rus PDF] Ebook Epub Download Æ I only read the first two sections I liked reading about Gandhi s influences but had some issues with his ideas about how individuals should live there lives, and I don t think I have much interest in reading since this was all I needed for the class.
Gets 5 star for social change and revolutionary commentary but gets 1 star for religious commentary.
Gandhi s teaching of nonviolence is amazing and world changing and served as a great example for men like Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela and for those ideas I give him all the credit in the world I also applaud his well thought out opinion on Jews in Palestine I think he changed the course of history in a great way.
Here is where I think he was wrong misguided Not condemning Hitler He could have handled this much better And, with all due respect to Gandhi, he has NEVER dealt with someone like Hitler He dealt with the British and white people in South Africa I would call them at least fairly reasonable imperialistic overlords Egomaniacal dictators are an entirely different ballgame which he is not familiar at all He would have said You can shoot me or to a Nazi and not gotten to the word shoot before having a bullet through his head Hitler would ve have marched through any country with this attitude Gandhi was flat out wrong.
Vow of celibacy Ok, Gandhi kind of cheated because he already had 4 kids when he took his vow You know what happens if everyone takes a vow of celibacy from the beginning of their lives The extinction of the human race Your bad Gandhi this is not a globally sustainable idea.
I can t defend this all religions are the same jargon because it directly contradicts most, if not all, religions Jesus said no one comes to the Father but through ME That s pretty exclusive Kind of negates belief in lots of other things or at least dictates worship I m sorry but his religious arguments just sound new age and trendy and not well thought out.
Nonviolence towards all living creatures Many animals kill other animals They re called carnivores You know what carnivores have Incisors You know what humans have INCISORS Sorry Gandhi but your opinions are WAY too culturally situated Not to mention the fact that Gandhi just ignores the Old Testament because he doesn t like it you like all religions huh How about the JEWS you know the old testament is kind of their thing You re saying they re wrong Probably doesn t like it because of all of that just wars stuff and God telling the Jews to wipe out nations and such Doesn t fit neatly into your religious scheme does it Gandhi Oh, but everyone else is the one who s mistaken Human errors put those in the Bible but God told you the truth But you wouldn t err would you of course not.
Mohandas Gandhi Is Widely Acknowledged As One Of The Great Souls Of The Twentieth Century As The Leader Of The Indian Independence Movement He Defined The Modem Practice Of Nonviolence, Wedding An Ethic Of Love To A Practical Method Of Social Struggle In The End, However, His Philosophy Was Rooted In A Deep Spirituality For Gandhi The Struggle For Peace And Social Justice Was Ultimately Related To The Search For God These Writings Reveal The Heart And Soul Of A Man Whose Life And Message Bear Special Relevance To All Spiritual Seekers This is the book that all the people related to goverment and education must read Religious part would be bit specific but it was great time to enjoy and get to know about him by reading this comprehensive book Many thanks to the editor Gandhi was an amazing man, who carved an amazing path to battle injustice, through love and self sacrifice I m still trying to figure out how to fit these truths into my daily life, but I believe it will be worth the effort.
10 2 2015 My husband reminded me of a great quote from the book The means are the ends Whatever your goal, the means that you use to achieve it will ultimately be the end.
Mahatma Gandhi, or the Great Soul, remains known some 62 years after his death by assassination for his steadfast forwarding of non violence as a political and spiritual movement, and accredited with gaining India s independence from British rule in 1947 Gandhi s legacy is rooted in his moral authority by acting in concert with his beliefs John Dear in the introduction to Mohandas Gandi Essential Writings describes Gandhi as an apostle of non violence Though considered an agitator by the British government and imprisoned multiple times for civil disobedience, Gandhi never wavered from his ideals of racial equality, religious tolerance, eradication of poverty among them, despite the heavy cost to him e.
, loss of freedom, death of his wife who was also imprisoned Mocked by some in the British government Winston Churchill reputed as one for his eccentricities in clothing, his extreme emaciated form, and his rigidness in thought, Gandhi s example of gentleness and peaceful opposition to unjust laws remains an influence to all today Dan SmeeAuthor, Totally American Provides a wealth of food for thought but clearly shows the agenda of the person selecting the writings, placing a heavy emphasis on particular topics while I would have appreciated a even handed approach.

This was a disappointing read and in all truthfulness, I never finished it Once I started it I realized that it was Gandhi s autobiography I thought I d checked out I look forward to the autobiography, but this book was too choppy for my taste.
An overview of Gandhi s writings, this book samples every period of his life The pieces vary in length and subject matter, and include his time in Britain, South Africa, and India What does not vary is Gandhi s voice he speaks out against oppression in a variety of situations For anyone wanting an introduction to Gandhi s work, this is an edifying collection, and a good place to begin.
I would argue that the editor narrator of this book has infused too much of himself into it, and would have been better served keeping his presence to a minimum Nevertheless, I can hardly think of better writings to read in these tumultuous times than those of the Mahatma, and this book presents a great collection of them Some day, I might write a length review titled, Arguing with the Mahatma, in which I take up some of the areas where I dare to disagree with one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century But even if I do create that work and it sells a zillion copies, it would still be a fool who reads my writings instead of Gandhi s Inspiration and guidance of the first order.