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[Patricia C. McKissack] á Nzingha: Warrior Queen of Matamba, Angola, Africa, 1595 [2nd-grade PDF] Read Online ↠´ I borrowed this from the library becuase of fond memories of reading other books from this series a number of yours ago as a tween This book lvied up to those memories and was a fun ascape back into those years, and I recommend it to anyone just arriving at them The only thing I d say, is that the book and it s epilogue made a focus of Nzingha being against slavery, when in fact, she was merely against slavery as practised by europeans, not that of her own people And as commendable as her life seems to have been, I felt there was a distinct effort to whitewash her in this area, and to insinuate that she was something that she does not appear to have been, namely a principalled anti slavery campainger Let s leave that for William Wilberforce.
Interesting to read about such a fascinating woman Nzingha is a strong, intelligent leader This particular story also offers insight into the history of the invading Portuguese and the slave trade they ran from Africa to Brazil Chilling to read about that.
The brief history of Nzingha portrayed here is interesting she was an amazing leader who lived into her 80 s leading her armies to battle with her life long loyal sisters and denouncing the slave trade but I wanted about her later life I also wanted information about Portugal and Angola s relations today and how they got that way How did Portugal get out of the slave trade and what did that do to their relation with Angola What are they like today Is there still distrust There s no mention of how the peoples today feel toward each other I also wanted detail about what Angola itself is like today, besides a war torn country Wars among whom In other words, I wanted to know about what happened after this story, how the actions of the Mbundi people durning the mid 1500 s to late 1600 s affected their country today Also, a better, detailed map would have been helpful to identify the mentioned areas.
I understand some information is hard to come by, but this story is too short and left me wanting to know about Nzingha s reign, her people, and her country both then and now Fascinating warrior queen worthy to join the ranks of the other Royal Diaries in the series, but, unfortunately, not the most complete story, and Nzingha s story has and deserves.
I was really excited to read this book since it s not common to find YA historical books set in Africa.
The book started off well enough, but it was far too short for the story it wanted to tell Like, ridiculously short Stories can be told in few pages, and well, but this didn t work at all I enjoyed reading about the actual history about Nzingha than the made up history in the diary view spoiler Also, the whole Njali is a traitor reveal was pretty cool, and then IMMEDIATELY erased in like a paragraph in the next page Like we didn t even get to see that conversation with Nzingha s father, explaining about his work as a spy Just Oh btw Njali isn t a traitor I will trust my heart not my eyes teehee which, btw, is terrible leadership sense in my opinion and it s clear from history that Nzingha was a talented ruler hide spoiler This book introduces the reader to Queen Nzingha, but ends after her early life I was expecting the diary entries to cover of her later life which was the period when this queen accomplished most in her conflict with the Portuguese Still, it is a useful introduction.
Based on true events, Nzingha,Warrior Queen of Matamba, tells the story of the arrival of the Portuguese to Angola in 1595, through the diary of thirteen year old princess Nzingha As the oldest daughter of the Ngola of Mbundu Kingdom, Nzingha dreams of a day when she can lead her people in spite of her lazy step brother, the heir apparent We follow this journey through her numerous diary entries from her struggle to be a warrior, to her encounter with the Portuguese slave traders both on the coast of Luanda and from the Rocky slopes of Matamba We see her learn that not everyone you consider an enemy is indeed an enemy, and that a friend can spring out of a foe This is a beautifully written book where history is interwoven with fiction to create the perfect blend of education and pleasure It paints a realistic picture of the era the ruthless slave traders using every trick in the book to get slaves and the wars that followed in this quest for human cattle As I read through this book, I realized what slavery really looked like between Angolan tribes, the difference between being sold as slave to another tribe and being sold as a slave to white man I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Angolan African history.

Nzingha, Warrior Queen of Matamba, by Patrick Mckissasck, is just one of the many book series, in The Royal Diaries Nzingha is a princess, who lives in Angola Africa in 1595, her only wish is to hunt with her father, before she marries She is only thirteen, but is very mature for her age This book was written based on a true person, some of the characters names are false, but their existence is true The book is mostly her life and written as a journal of what is going on in her life It is very exciting, funny, and would make you think what would happen if you said the things that you read in this book She expresses her opinions with little remorse, until she is proven wrong, and knows what she wants The story takes place when the Portuguese, were trying to invade her village The only thing that she wants is to be noticed by her father and the court, so she can be treated like her younger half brother She fells than capable to lead her village when it is time, and that her brother isn t This book or journal, is about a girl wanting to be seen as a grown up in peoples eyes Patrick Mckissasck wrote this book so that all the children who read it could see that they are not the only ones who feel like they aren t important in their fathers, or anyone s lives He wrote it so the readers could see that you should never give up on your dreams and always stand up for what you believe in, and that is what Nzingha stood for She was a symbol of inspiration to her people when she ruled, and was when she died too Everyone who reads this book can relate to it, because we all want something in life and there are always people trying to get in your way, or people that are plotting against you I would recommend this book to everyone, and to teenagers that are thinking on giving up their dreams, so that they could see how this one girl kept on believing even when their was only a little piece of hope.
Some good info in here about Nzingha and her life in the 1590s in Africa It was interesting to read about her culture and how African royalty is formed under the chief, the Ngola However, it didn t bother me so much that I didn t like this book overall, because it s so extremely short It also reveals a twist that is then taken back almost immediately This one s good for the cultural and historical info, but lacking for a compelling story in the fiction department.
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This book is a great glimpse at African culture during the late 1500s The idea of a warrior princess queen is fascinating, and I think the author handled the telling of Nzingha s story quite well I especially appreciated the in depth historical note that followed the fictionalized story It got me even interested in learning about this Matamban warrior queen.
Rating 4 starsReasons African culture rituals that include spiritual readings and sacrifices to ancestors sacrificing spoken of but not in great detail nor seen I was not compensated for my honest review.
In , Nzingha Is The Strong, Intelligent Daughter Of The Ngola Leader Of The Mbundu People Of Ndongo In Modern Day Angola , Loyal To Her People And Willing To Fight For Them Unfortunately, Because She Is A Girl, Her Brother Is The Favored Child, In Training To Become The Next Ngola, Even Though He Is Whiny, Stupid, And Slow According To Nzingha But Ajala, A Respected Seer, Believes That Nzingha Is Destined To Be The Leader Of Ndongo, And Begins Preparing Her For This Future Nzingha S Father Fights To Keep The Portuguese From Taking Over Their Homeland, Yet It Is Nzingha, Ultimately, Who Acts As The Go Between For Her People And The Portuguese, Negotiating Acceptable Relations In Order To Keep Peace And Power For The Mbundu Based On True Historical Events, Places, People, And Customs, This Novel Portrays The Fascinating Details Of A Remarkable Young Woman S Strength And Courage In Defending Her World Against Subterfuge, Spies, And The Onslaught Of The Portuguese Historical Notes, Photos, Illustrations, Maps, The Ngola Family Tree, And A Glossary And Pronunciation Guide Are Included For A Comprehensive Understanding Of A Complex Era Patricia McKissack Is The Well Respected And Award Winning Author Of Over Children S books And Historical Novels, Including The Newbery Honor Book The Dark Thirty Southern Tales Of The Supernaturaland Color Me Dark The Diary Of Nellie Lee Love From The Dear America Series Ages To Emilie Coulter