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✓ Read ↠´ Pardon My French by Catherine Hapka ↠´ Seventeen Year Old Nicole Dreams Of Spending The Rest Of Her Life With Her Boyfriend Nate So When She Finds Herself On Her Way To Paris To Study Abroad Without Him, She S Less Than Thrilled Paris Is Filled With Cars That Move At The Speed Of Light, Edible Snails, And A Language That Nicole Can T Speak Or read Worst Of All, Nicole Feels Lost Without Nate She S Not Sure She S Capable Of Finding Joie De Vivre On Her Own, But With The Help Of Some New Friends And A Certain Handsome Frenchman Nicole Might Find Paris As Sweet As A Caf Au Lait After All A cute read Nothing mind blowing, but I liked watching Nicole becomesure of herself as the story progressed I m really excited to read the sequel, which is a Christmas themed romance Yes, I realize these books are basically brain candy But I like my brain candy to at least be entertaining Pardon My French wasn t very entertaining I wasinterested in the main characters new friends than in the character herself Never a good sign This author wrote a few other S.
S books that I have really enjoyed, so this was a disappointment The plot was predictable, although I give the author props for not falling exactly in line at the end Hence, the two stars instead of one.
In the beginning, I wanted to slap Nicole She was so lucky that her parents could pay for her to go to Paris Instead, she complains about it What a brat In the end, she obviously repented in some way She was nice to Luc and appreciated Paris much .
Luc was so cute Even though he flirted with every girl he saw, it was just like his way of saying, hi In the book, he said that he kissed Nicole because he wanted to and he never explained himself.
In the beginning, I loved Nate He seemed so cute But then I realized he was popular I was thinking someone would steal him before Nicole could get back home Instead, he snagged another girl and cheated on Nicole I was proud when Nicole dumped him.
Pardon My French was a really good book It was very emotional and detailed The book is very romantic and fun It was sort of confusing but still good I enjoyed the book a lot I found it really cool how she used emails to contact her friends back in America Nicole the main character goes to France and some new things come into play She gets stuck between two guys and one big change happened She thought her life was ruined but her friends were there to comfort her I recommend this book only to girls because it is very loving and sweet If a guy wants to read it go right ahead but it is mostly a girly book I would read it again and again It was such a great book Good thing there arein the series.
Pretty fun to read, but not well written Kind of fluffy even for something you know is going to be YA fluff, and the protagonist is unlikeable for a very long time I started to sympathize with her and get into the story by the end, but then it started ramming the lesson down the reader s throat instead of revealing it in the characters Of course, if the actual teen readers out there are anything like the protagonist, the sledgehammer approach is probably necessary this book opens my brain for internatonal themes Currently, I want to reach into this book and slap this girl I was curious about the series and decided to read this one about a girl in Paris for a semester, because I have first hand knowledge about the topic Still reading Updated I guess I have just never been a fan of the self obsessed teenage girl genre The main character whined and fretted so much about her boyfriend Nate that I could understand why her parents wanted to ship her off for a semester As much as I admire the Naylor s Alice series, I have never really enjoyed reading those books Listening to unceasing internal angst of teenager girls is too much for me For a better book on what it is like to travel in Europe, 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson is leaps and bounds above this offering.
This book follows a junior girl in high school who travels to France for a semester She is reluctant to go and the book follows her adjustment The character displays lots of negativity towards new experiences, so it s kinda hard to like her The premise is kinda cool the characters are not very deep fast read.