✓ Selected Political Writings é Download by ✓ Mahatma Gandhi

✓ Selected Political Writings é Download by ✓ Mahatma Gandhi This is one of the best books I ve ever read.
The First Collection Of Gandhi S Writings To Be Based On The Complete Edition Of His Works, This New Volume Presents Gandhi S Most Important Political Writings Arranged Around The Two Central Themes Of His Political Teachings Satyagraha The Power Of Nonviolence And Swaraj Freedom Dennis Dalton S General Introduction And Headnotes Highlight The Life Of Gandhi, Set The Readings In Historical Context, And Provide Insight Into The Conceptual Framework Of Gandhi S Political Theory Complete With Bibliography, Glossary, And Index All Americans should read this book right now.
Summer 2014 Rarely have I read such a clear philosophical treatise on the unity of swaraj freedom, independence, liberation as necessarily both a political and a personal spiritual agenda what I call, working on the self, working on the world The main ingredients of satyagraha are 1 a shared perception of an extreme injustice, 2 a shared conviction that civil disobedience offers a remedy, and 3 a community s willingness to overcome fear and recover self respect through collective, nonviolent, direct action.

I read this book along with Ronald Tercheck s Gandhi Struggle for Autonomy Tercheck was my professor at the University of Maryland and he has done the legwork for the layman reader by sifting through the many writings of Gandhi to find the patterns and the many challenges that lead to the writings To the western reader the notion of spinning our own clothes may seem outdated and even backwards but when we educate ourselves as to what was happening in India at that time the idea doesn t seem so outdated Much of what Gandhi is warning the reader of about modernity has been magnified with the emergence of free trade especially as we see the exploitation of the third world exemplified even profoundly in the world around us today Gandhi was ahead of his time and his insights are very useful to us as we look not only at the problems facing the world, but also the problem of individual autonomy within the current political and economic systems Gandhi had a great deal of wisdom and much of it is contained in these selected readings This is a must read for anyone feeling that materialism is the most prolific threat to the self He offers power to the personal truth as he challenges both tradition and modernity read it along with Tercheck s book If you can t find it, I will loan it to you.
A very good book Very easy to read, and it clearly explains some key and surprisingly subtle notions in Gandhi s political thought and rationales undergirding his civil disobedience Before reading this book, I both 1 thought that Gandhi s thought was politically unsophisticated, and 2 that 1 was almost certainly incorrect This book confirmed that Gandhi s thought is quite nuanced and much defensible than I expected I have thought at various times Oh This reminds me of what Rawls Lenin Rousseau said The consequence is that having read the book, I have a lot of questions does his thought constitute a comprehensive doctrine is his insistence that all religions share certain core tenets analogous to Rawls reasonableness how deeply do his differences from Lenin really lie is his insistence on strength and discipline analogous to what virtue ethicists and republicans advocate Etc.
The book is really short, and since I m not a Gandhi expert, I have no idea if it covers an appropriate range of his thought.