ô Spain or Shine ☆ Download by ô Michelle Jellen

ô Spain or Shine ☆ Download by ô Michelle Jellen Muchlike it I mean, the last book I read in the series Pardon my French was just so unParisian Now, Elena Holloway experiences a great time in San Sebastian, Spain It had so much Spanish and detail about Spanish food, Spanish tradition etc.
Pardon My French by Cathy Hapka was pretty much a normal time in Paris like a day with a teenage girl like all the boring boyfriend business and all the bias I mean, some people like crepes, and according to her, crepes taste awful, which is pretty much to only some people.
Spain or Shine had her experience around Spain, except for the theatre, yet she was to study it However, Miguel wasn t a very fun part to read Especially the last part.
I wouldn t exactly recommend it cause I still didn t find it like Heart and Salsa.
3 s I found this book to be much too predictable, with Elena coming to Spain, finding a boy, falling for him, and writing a play, which, as we all knew, would be successful I didn t feel as though the characters were developed enough, with most of them only being mentioned in passing I wish that this book would have delved further into Elena s relationship with Miguel, or her past with playwriting acting Let s hope there is a sequel which will detailof Elena s future after her time in Spain.
Elena Is Lost In The Shuffle Between Her Three Overachieving Siblings But Now That She S On Her Own For A Whole Semester, She Intends To Keep The Spotlight On Herself And Spain Is Just The Place To Do It Once She Starts Living It Up In Tapas Bars, Lying Out On The Beach Even Though It S November , And Having A Nice, Long Siesta Smack Dab In The Middle Of Every Day, Elena Finds That Spain Is Everything She Hoped It Would Be She S Even Met A To Fawn Over Spaniard, Miguel But Elena Has Always Been Comfortable Writing Plays Than Starring In Them, And She S Beginning To Realize That Keeping Out Of The Spotlight Has Its Perks Too This novel was alright Really It kind of fell into the perfectly good way to spend a few hours, but it didn t really leave me all that impressed by the end of the book like other novels in this series did.
The characters were all pleasant, but not super memorable I must give credit to the fact that Elena s journey isa finding myself kind of deal as opposed to the typical for this series which tends to be some juvenile or selish thing that turns into real life lessons by accident That I found refreshing I was however dissapointed that unlike the rest of the series we were not really given any clue as to Elena s future.
Not bad I wouldn t really give this one a recommendation, but I certainly wouldn t tell anyone to give it a pass.
I like it, sounds familiar to youth s problem But there is too many good ending, haha Being admired of her confidence and special talent of playwriting of the main character now.
amazing book.
i so love the series and i hope i get the opportunity to read them all This book is totally recommended to everyone as its a great bookElena learns soo much and makes great friends Being apart from her family taught her that her family was not her competitionthey were her support system DD I had fun reading this despite the low rating I couldn t agreeof a better idea than doing this story an open ending rather than the typically closed endings most would set it out to be.

Pros Elena takes an exciting opportunity to study for a semester in San Sebastian, Spain I found it unique that her inspiration to go was mainly to do something that her siblings had not already done and set herself apart from them She feels like she is constantly in the shadow of her very intelligent siblings and in the story she finds that her creativity is what makes her exquisite in her own way Elena finds that her new friends and family, including great aunt Elena, best friend Jenna, guy best friend Alex, and love interest Miguel, are willing to help her express her passion of play writing There also is a classic opposites attract friendship between Elena and Jenna Elena is very quiet and reserved around everyone, whereas Jenna is muchoutgoing and flirtatious Elena becomesopen to exotic and new things because of how much Jenna rubbed off on her and they do a bunch of fun things together like going to tapas bars, watching flamenco dancers, going to a bull fight, and even taking an adventurous trip to Madrid for a weekend In the end, Elena finds out who she is while in Spain, just as she had wanted all along, and she realizes that she is talented and wonderful in her own way Cons Like in many stories, there is love interest drama between Elena and Miguel and it is quite predictable and dull They go through the classic stages of does he she like me, I think they feel the same way, and then the well known misunderstanding leading to confusion Of course it ends in Elena and Miguel falling for each other and telling how they feel creating a relationship, only to have to say goodbye the next day, and possibly never see each other again Another bizarre relationship in the story was the one between Elena and Alex They meet each other and instantaneously become friends because they live in a similar area of California and both also have a passion for play writing, acting, and directing They have small instances during the trip where they seem to bethan friends or are just acting out of character towards each other, which makes the story seem choppy and like it had not been looked over thoroughly.
Recommendation In this story I got to learn a lot about the culture of Spain, as well as their gorgeous art and architecture So if anyone is the slightest bit interested about what it would be like to live there for a semester abroad they should absolutely read this book It helps people learn about the food, architecture, and how it would be to live with a kind host family, which often seems intimidating but this book gives a nice viewpoint of how that could be I found that the lifestyle there is very intriguing because it is easy going and not rushed, unlike the lifestyle in the US of constantly being in hasty just to get to the next thing The tapas bars, cafes, boating, and relaxing on the beaches seem very welcoming and made me interested in to hopefully going to Spain one day myself Overall it is a nice book for anyone interested in a leisurely read or who loves learning about other cultures and lifestyles I would absolutely recommend this book.
This is my third book from this series, and I m wondering if anyone goes into the program because they actually want to learn and go to a different country Not because they wanna meet cute boys and party, and in this case, also because she s trying to one up her overachieving siblings If that s the case, it s going to get incredibly tiring reading this same plot in every book.
Elena was a relatable character and overall pretty likable If she was unsure of something, she thought it was best to stay quiet She wasn t open about her crushes Gwen was cool and rational, while Elena s world was colored by her emotions.
I could identify with Elena in that even though Miguel had flirted with her, she had trouble believing he was interested in her She was used to guys liking her sister Gwen and Jenna and that comparing herself to her sister meant she hadn t looked at herself the way Miguel might.
Elena counted on Gwen to absorb the attention and her brothers to entertain everyone It was a heavy burden being the center of attention for someone who spent so much time living in her own head.
Elena was shy and didn t speak up in class unless she was called on.
I thought it was cool that they consider you fluent in a language when you dream in that language.
I loved learning about Spain, but this ended up being the least educational book out of the three I ve read I felt like I didn t learn enough about it There could have beenSpanish words used, andsite seeing.
Bars have an honor system where you grab what you want and tell the bartender later Spanish men don t show emotion, like when Miguel s mom died, so he rarely talked about her.
The siesta custom is mentioned in here, where shops shut down their businesses to eat lunch and take naps I had heard of that in a recent travel channel giveaway question.
Spanish people dressed up to go out, even if it was just a cafe.
Spanish people take at least a month for holiday.
They celebrate Todos los Santos there, or All Saints Day, on Nov 1, where they place flowers in the graveyards of their ancestors to show respect for the dead I didn t like that the book skipped over the holiday I would have liked to read about it.
Trains were the way to travel in Spain German trains were on time, but the Spanish didn t stress as much Miguel said what did five, ten minutes here and there matter over a lifetime I wish Americans could adopt a laid back attitude like that.
When they asked if you wanted water with gas they meant water with bubbles.
It was a lil odd comparing seeing an attractive boy to stumbling upon a treasure at a yard sale Jenna was annoying the way she d flirt with boys who were around Elena Alex and her were just friends, but Jenna didn t know that Alex says hey to her and then Jenna turns the flirt on Elena is clearly talking to Miguel and she buts in and steals his attention Although if he s gonna let himself get distracted by another girl when he came over to talk to Elena, then he isn t worth it That was not a good first impression for Miguel.
I liked the wisdom of if you re going to attempt something, no matter what it is, it s worth taking a look at the best in that field Of course Elena was held after class and Ms B told her her writing abilities exceed most people her age, so she ended up doing better than the know it all Dylan in the class When Miguel asked if she was Spanish, and saying they d have to work on her Spanish, it totally reminded me of Kostas and Lena in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
It annoys me when side characters don t listen to the MC, and disregard what she says as if she doesn t know what she s talking about When she tells Gwen that she was talking to Miguel and Jenna walks up and she practically disappeared, because Miguel was focused on her, Gwen says it sounds like Jenna is a flirt And then how he kept finding reasons to touch her arm and waist while helping her up the stairs, Gwen says maybe Jenna needed help If Miguel didn t like Jenna, then why was he acting like that He sure acted like he liked her The time frame wasn t working in the book All of a sudden she d been there for three months when it felt like a few weeks Nothing had happened All she did was go to school, the beach, back to the Cruz apartment, hanging out at tapas bars with her friends.
And then all of a sudden she could speak fluent Spanish, and understood others speaking Spanish.
I liked that Elena was tired of living in her fantasies, and wanted something real She knew she d have to make the next move with Miguel.
An acting technique for stage fright was to imagine a fourth wall in place of the audience to make it seem like you re in an intimate setting Imagine a wall from a familiar, comforting place Stage fright was really audience fright, the awareness of people watching you that makes you lock up If you get rid of the audience in your mind, you ll get rid of the fear.
Acting was the ultimate exercise in imagination I had never thought of it like that before I have heard that some of the best actors are introverts.
I thought the overachiever classmate Dylan would play a bigger role We don t even get to hear what their play was about and if it was good Although she does realize she didn t have to be like Dylan, or have her as a partner to be great She could be great by being herself That was a good lesson for her.
Elena realized she didn t have to be away from her family to do something big Now that she knew she was capable of doing big things, she wanted her siblings around to share them with her They weren t her competition they were her support system Elena learned some good lessons in here.
The romance in here was just pointless She likes Miguel, Miguel likes her He flirted with her once By the time she makes a move it s right before she has to leave, and it s to invite him to the play I couldn t believe he thought she liked Alex, and wondered why she brought him to the play to kiss another boy I was thinking she hasn t even kissed Miguel, and her one kiss was with a guy she s friends with Even Jenna and Alex s romance was pointless It could have developed from the beginning, but it never went anywhere even though they both liked each other When Elena says she was happy to see that Jenna had eventually given in to her oblivious feelings for Alex I was like are you kidding me The night before they leave I wonder if there s really a green flash as the sun sets on the ocean like Miguel mentioned.
When they went boating and she finds out Miguel s mom died, she says he wasn t the perfect guy born from her imagination, but a real person with sadness and flaws I wondered what flaws because she doesn t know him At the end, she says Elena said Miguel was a guy with insecurities, and faults but what were they She doesn t know his insecurities, faults, or flaws.
I had a feeling the book would end with her dreaming in Spanish, so I was glad when it did.
Although the ending had a feeling of sadness and depression to it It was their last night there, and we knew nothing was gonna happen with her and Miguel.
Miguel wakes her up to see the sunrise and they don t even wake up her friends to see it, or have any dialogue Majorly disappointing.
Out of the three I ve read from this series, this was the most disappointing It was mostly boring, with nothing exciting happening, and barely anything going on at all Just her going to school, hanging out with friends, going to the beach And the romance was barely there.
I wish these books hadromance to them And that the couples actually ended up together and had an HEA, where the MC plans to return and live there with the guy.
These books are pretty lacking in romance, so if you like yours books heavier on romance, and a HEA, then these probably won t work for you I think I would have liked these a lotwhen I was young.
I kept waiting for the male lead to show up, and he didn t make an appearance until page 69 and the book is short anyway He says they d work on her Spanish but then he didn t teach her anything or speak Spanish with her The synopsis is misleading Her siblings are overachievers but how are they Are they really smart But she s obviously smart to be in SASS I expected them to be mean but they were nice and supportive The author told us they were overachievers but didn t show us how they were.
This was just ok I like that it didn t have drama like the other two I ve read, and there was no annoying love triangle thing where the MC picks the bad guy first, spends too much time with him, and then realizes he s the wrong choice I liked that Alex was just a friend, and I liked the other characters too It was a nice group of friends, who were supportive and had fun together, although Jenna could be annoying However, this was probably the worst in terms of romance I can t remember exactly how the romance was in Getting the Boot, but that one was lacking too They might be equally lacking, I don t know.
There were some good lessons in here that Elena learned, and I liked the character growth When she was late to class and forgot to do a Spanish assignment, I was like oh no, but thankfully that didn t end up being a problem She was a good student and didn t slack off when she got to Spain.
After being a little disappointed with the first S.
S book I read, I found this one to be quite a nice surprise I m not sure it s quite meaty enough for 4 stars but I d give it 3 1 2 if I could.
It is the basic tale of a shy girl who comes out of her shell after discovering her passion and getting chance to develop her talents Oh, and being thrown into a new setting thousands of miles from home helps, too Elena is a character I warmed up to right away, and I enjoyed the group of friends she accumulated once she arrived in Spain There were no real villains in this story, but somehow there was still enough of a plot to keep me engaged.
This was especially fun for me since I spent a summer studying in Spain, though I never made it to San Sebastian where this story takes place.