↠´ The Finnish Line à Download by à Linda Gerber

↠´ The Finnish Line à Download by à Linda Gerber This book was on my wishlist for ages I finally broke down and bought it myself when it fit a challenge so perfectly I m so glad I did It is designed for teens, but it was a fun and fast read for me I loved all the little cultural bits about Finland, the little snippets of the Finnish language which I was so happy I remembered most of the words in this book from my brief period of studying it and plus it had romance and priorities and discrimination and competition somedifficult topics to address amid the fun and the fluff.
I m really torn on whether to get other books in this series On the one hand, I love the idea of these books But on the other hand, the series has many different authors, and it seems like the quality varies quite a lot based on the reviews I see here I may give a few a try, we ll see.
EDIT On 9 16 2018, Linda Gerber replied to my email about the use of the slur against the Romani people As expected, she was very understanding and kind I have to hand it to her for acknowledging her mistake, which is something not everybody would do I have obtained her permission for me to reproduce her words here Thank you for your email Ignorance is no excuse, but as you guessed, at the time the book was written I did not understand the background of the word gypsy Certainly no offense was intended I agree that it s a term many people are unaware of its use as a racial slur as I was I do appreciate your concern Please be assured that it is a term I no longer use Your note was a good reminder, however, to be mindful of all language we use especially in print So thank you again Okay, let s get this out in the open We all judge books by their covers And I judged this book by its cover, and I was wrong The cover irritated me I didn t like her makeup I didn t like her perfect hair Iactually just didn t like her face in general She was too pretty Too doll like She didn t look like a character she looked like a caricature The art is good But I just didn t like the design.
The summary didn t sound like anything I d be interested in A typical girl meets boy story, only with sports Ugh.
But I actually found I liked The Finnish Line It was fun learning about Finland in 2007 instead of Finland in 1980, which was when the Finnish language book I checked out from the library was published It was fun reading about a girl who wasn t much younger than I was in 2007 I was 21, she s around 16 Further, she is actually the kind of girl I aspire to be Let me explain.
I am a crabby woman When people are mean to me or sometimes when they even just disagree it s hard for me to not take it personally It s hard for me to not say something mean right back to them, or clamp up and speak coldly to them I want to be able to handle my adversaries with grace and not stoop to their level And I m trying to work on that.
Mo Clark has flaws She pushes away her clingy but well meaning family She focuseson her ski jumping than on her studying, to an extent that she almost gets kicked off the team She even lies to her host family about where she s spending her after school time But she has a good heart, and she never does anything out of maliciousness, nor does she twist the knife when she wounds someone And when someone lies spreads a bad rumor about her to try and sabotage her budding relationship with Leevi Patrin, she turns down any opportunity to get back at them She does something else that s very noble and ultimately rewarding , but I m not going to spoil that for you However, I can t quite write a perfectly glowing review about this book There s a big problem here, and it starts with a G.
Leevi Patrin is Romani Now, I applaud the author for bringing anti Romani prejudice to light, because many people in the U.
S are unaware that it even exists Romani are often misrepresented in works of fiction they re portrayed as thieves, drunks, lawless Romani women are typically sexualized, even in children s films, like The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Romani people are portrayed as wandering because they re free spirits, rather than because they have historically been used as scapegoats and run out of their homelands.
But this book uses the G word to describe Leevi and the other Romani I understand that some Romani do choose to identify that way, and I also admit that it s mostly prejudiced non Romani Finns who use that term However, I think it might have been better if that word had been left out altogether After all, the Romani still face prejudice whether or not that word is used Fortunately, the words romani in Finnish and Roma in English are also used.
Of course, I can t speak with 100% authority I m not Romani, and for all I know, perhaps the author is Or maybe she felt she drew a hard enough line between those who used the slur and those who didn t.
I m also unsure on how good a portrayal of a Romani youth Leevi was He was obviously meant to have a bad boy appeal, but he wasn t actually bad, just a little wary of his classmates and of the exchange students, which was understandable, given how he and his family had been treated But the rebel Romani boy trope is overdone, although not as much as the sexy Romani girl woman What is this, Wuthering Heights There s nothing else negative for me to say about The Finnish Line I only gave it four stars because I didn t adore it like my five star books But it was still a very good book I learned a lot about ski jumping and also about, well, skis Most of the characters were likable, especially Riia, who doesn t speak English too well but has a very kind heart and a bubbly personality There are no villains, either even antagonistic characters are complex and are not without understandable, if not always justifiable, motive.
It was an easy read, and a comforting read, at that It was nice to read a story where misunderstandings don t ruin live I would definitely suggest that anyone who likes to read about other countries or sports give this one a try.
i didnt like this book as much as some of the others, but i still really liked it I dont like much of the sports stuff but i did find this one pretty cool i liked learning a little bit about ski jumping.
One of my favorite book in the S.
S Series It is unique from the other stories.
I loved this cute story Mo is a nordic ski jumper and travels to Finland there an exchange program She is going to train with a team there and makes new friends She stay there the whole year and eventually falls in love with a boy she skis with She has to deal with improving her ski jumping, drama, and her new school.
Oh the drama Mo has a lot of problems, most she brings upon herself But she is a teenager so I can forgive her of most things I wish there was about 50pages in this book so I could get a better sense of who the characters were and could learnof their inner thoughts Instead everything seemed a bit to easily solved I don t know that we even really got a description of most characters I just wanted depth so I could enjoy the fluffy parts .
When Nordic Ski Jumper Maureen Mo Clark Set Foot In Finland, She Breathed A Sigh Of Relief Finally, Escape From Her Famous Skier Father S Shadow And A Chance To Jump In The Renowned Lahti Ski Games But Mo Quickly Realizes That Balancing Practice And Classes Is Challenging Than She Expected So When A Gorgeous Bad Boy Teammate Offers Coaching Assistance For A Little Publicity In Return How Can She Refuse Surely She Can Work In A Few Extra Practices Somewhere Between Studying For Calculus And Sightseeing In Finland Amid Snowmobiling And Dog Sledding, Ice Hotels And Northern Lights, Mo Begins To Discover What Strength And Perseverance The Finnish Sisu Is All About Now It S Up To Her To Take That Final Jump And Cross The Finish Line In Style Temporary short review by far the best and most substantive of the S.
S comedies I ve read so far.
Review to come Mo Clark set foot to Finland for the Scholar and Athlete Exchange to work on ski jumps Also, to escape from the shadow of his well known family, especially her dad She is very excited to join the Olympics Though women athletes are not allowed to play for the Olympics which I didn t know until I read this book , Mo works really hard for the women to be recognized.
Her host family is very nice and accommodating except their daughter and Mo s roommate, Kirsti She somehow took care of Mo because they have a responsibility to look after her They had sauna together, ran outside, rolled in the snow naked These things made them somehow close to each other.
Mo is very excited to jump in the Lahti Ski Games She s a good ski jumper back in Utah but of course she has to practice her jumps in a new environment She is not very interested in her classes because she always thinks about the practice after class , her jumps, her progress Good thing she has friends Riia and Tapio who didn t know they have mutual feelings until the last chapters of the story to help her in translating their professors s instructions they talk Finnish in school.
And then she met Leevi, a bad looking guy who is one of the best ski jumpers in their school but mostly ignored by other students because he is a Gypsy Though always alone, he doesn t look lonely He is the kind of guy who seems to not minding other people as well He is cute, too Mo kind of likes him but the people around her said she must not talk to Gypsies because they have bad reputation in the place.
Mo didn t mind that One time, Leevi caught Mo s attention since she has not been doing well in their practice He offered her a service in which he will teach him how to focusand some techniques to jump and not jump short Mo agreed on that.
Since then they meet before their practice but everyone doesn t know about it Except Kirsti but she acts like she didn t know about it Mo and Leevi slowly have feelings for each other A lot of things happened especially when they have their field trip in Kemi, northern part of Finland But in the end it ended so well.
During the Lahti Ski Games, Mo got to the top three Kirsti got the first place Things between Mo and Kirsti are now okay Also, Riia and Tapio finally knew they re feelings for each other thanks to Mo and of course, Mo and Leevi kissed and made up.
Now that things are doing pretty well, Mo had to leave for Utah Now that she got used to Leevi, she had to leave him behind But Leevi said, There are no endings, only beginnings Mo rode a plane going home to Utah when she saw a letter in her pocket that says Just wanted to let you know I got a scholarship to the Colorado Mountain College so I ll be training for Steamboat Springs See you on the circuit That made her smile Truly, that was just the beginning The story is so cute I honestly fell in love with it that I shouted at the last part because it was just so cute Hahaha So much for the love story, this book is an eyeopener I learned some facts about Finland and Ski jumping Also, some facts about Gandalf of Lord Of The Rings But you have to read the book if you want to know about it This book is definitely a good read