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comDelk Sinclair can t wait to get as far away from Nashville, Tennessee, as she can Her mother passed away two years ago, and her father has remarried someone that is only ten years older than she is And her new stepmother is going to have a baby On top of that, it s almost time to start presenting to society Without her mom by her side, the last thing Delk wants to do is go through the frenzy of debutante preparations So Delk finds herself in Ireland for the S.
S Students Across the Seven Seas program at Tremain Castle Along with twenty four fellow students, she will be immersed in Irish culture for the semester Thus, she will avoid everything at home Within the first twenty four hours in Ireland, she befriends Iris, Lucy, Latreece, Trent, Brent, and, most importantly, Pather Pather is the local farmer s son, and can relate to the loss of a mother Delk and Pather form an instant connection and their friendship grows While in Ireland, Delk learns a lot about herself that she never knew Slowly, by letting her new friends in, Delk realizes that they like her for who she is She begins to accept that her father is happy with his new wife And she acknowledges that Paige isn t trying to replace her mother, but to help her heal Ms Supplee writes a novel that fits the S.
S series perfectly A young student wants to leave their own home for some reason And while on their own in a foreign country, they will come to learn much about themselves When Irish Guys Are Smiling is a sweet addition to the series Ms Supplee paints a beautiful portrait of the lush landscape that is Ireland The setting is realistic with the damp cold that the country can be known for And the reader can get a taste of the drafty castle when the fire goes out But even with the dreary weather, the reader falls in love with the Emerald Isle and becomes envious of what Delk gets to experience.
Starting with the title, I picked this book because it had the words Irish, guys, and smiles I have a feeling that it intrigued me because of the recent One Direction outburst that has captured the world Anyway This book is a contemporary young adult fiction I will say ahead of time that I m not quite the fan of contemporary young adult, however, this book was interesting It s mainly about a teenage girl Delk Sinclair in hopes of running away from her past by studying abroad to Ireland Throughout this book, the reader follows Delk s journey across the Irish countryside as she makes new friends, new experiences, and finds a bit of love Overall, I would say that I enjoyed this book It was very cute and entertaining What I really liked about this book was the fact that, at some points, I actually learned some Irish slang and traditions There s not a lot mentioned, but I m glad to say that I finally learned what craic meant or at least I hoped I did Character development was decent Each character had different personalities that seemed noticeable The setting was decent as well meaning that the author was descriptive of the areas the characters came across I m going to be completely honest The setting and the Irish slang made me want to seriously go to Ireland What I didn t like about this book was how quickly the story progressed, some of the character development, conflict, and the dialogue As I was reading, all I thought was how some of the main points felt a bit rushed such as the chemistry between the main character and her love interest It s almost like a love at first sight type that I m not a big fan of Delk s character seemed a bit too perfect in my opinion She did have flaws such as being ashamed of her life at home, but some of her actions kept making me think that she wasperfect than normal I don t know if this is weird, but I try to make sure that there is a form of conflict within the plot and if it s follows well with the plot and the characters Here, the main conflict was all the problems that Delk wanted to run away from I do not want to spoil much That conflict was decent, however, didn t seem like a strong obstacle Dialogue wise, I didn t like how most phrases sounded unnatural With connection with the Irish slang, the author included words to emphasize the Irish accent, but sounded slightly forced Long story short, this is a decent book Setting is pretty well descriptive Writing is pretty well written Adorable story I would give this book 3.
5 out of 5 stars rounded I would recommend this book to those who want to read a cute love story, learn a bit of culture, and people who are fans of One Direction s Niall Horan Reviewed from my book blog The Never Ending bookshelf Full Review on The Candid CoverWhen Irish Guys Are Smiling by Suzanne Supplee is an entertaining read about travel, friendship, and self discovery The main character is realistic, and the setting is described beautifully I haven t read very many books set in Ireland, but I am definitely interested in reading .
This book tells the story of a girl who sets off to study abroad in Ireland to escape her life at home Her father has just remarried, and her new stepmom is young and pregnant The book is both cute and serious at times, and reading about the characters travels is so entertaining There is a mix of both academics and sightseeing which provide a nice balance and make the storybelievable I also enjoyed the theme of friendship and the connections Delk makes during her travels I would recommend this one to those looking for something short and sweet CAPTIVATING CHARACTERI enjoyed Delk s character, and she truly grows as it progresses She can be herself in Ireland, and she is able to learn a lot about both the world and herself as a person Her narration is also realistic, and she has a captivating voice I just wish there was some information on the meaning and origins of her name, as I have never seen the name Delk before and I am intrigued GORGEOUS SETTINGOne of my favourite aspects of this book has to be the setting As the book takes place in Ireland, there are many descriptions of the gorgeous landscapes and cultural traditions The characters get to stay in an actual castle, and they participate in activities like sheep sheering I definitely learned a lot while I was reading After seeing Ireland through Delk s eyes, I am dying to go myself.
When Irish Guys Are Smiling is a lovable story about travel and friendship I enjoyed the main character and her transformation, and the setting is picturesque This is a great read for Saint Patrick s Day.
Since my boyfriend told me there s a great chance for us to pack our bags and move to Ireland in about a year, I need something to set a mental picture in my mind, just so I could imagine how it would be like living there 1 Why did you decide to read this book It was recommended to me from a girl in my intermediate and the cover looked very appealing.
2 Which category on the bingo board does this complete A book written by a female author.
3 Favourite quote of the book One thing about stern teachers is that if you ever actually get a compliment out of them, it truly means something 4 Something new I learned from this book is Getting away from people and troubles in a new atmosphere or country can make everything heaps better, and to work hard because then you get a great outcome and the hard work is worth it.
5 A character or setting in this book was interesting and why Delk she had been through something very tough in her life and she brang herself to get over it, she is very determined, and has a kind heart.
I read this book partly because it sounded interesting Partly because I wanted to go back to realistic fiction and partly because I want to say I ve read all of Supplee s books to date Our protagonist, Delk, has lost her mother So to escape her life back in Nashville, Tennesse were her new step mother who is now pregnant and redecorating her house, Delk decides to spend a semester in Ireland I expected this to be light and fun It was for the most part And Delk grieving for her mother is supposed to put some substance into the story key words supposed to The deal is that the fun parts where Delk is exploring Ireland and meeting new people is good but once Delk gets upset remembering about her mother it just feltforced I wasn t really convinced Delk made it this big deal that she was going to keep her mother s death a secret and then a few days in she just blabs it to her teacher and Pather two complete strangers The mother s death felt like it was put there just to add some drama in the book.
Aside from this I liked the book There are sub plots that are interesting so it wasn t focused only on Delk and her problems The description of Ireland is good From the costumes to the scenery Ireland seems like a cold but beautiful place It was nice to read just a little disappointing since Supplee s other books seem so much better.
For Seventeen Year Old Delk Sinclair, Studying Abroad In Ireland Means One Thing Escape Delk Is Tired Of Hearing About Her Friends Debutante Parties, Watching Her Pregnant Stepmother Redecorate Her Mother S House, And Having To Smile Sweetly Even Though She Doesn T Think She Ll Ever Get Over Losing Her Mother Ireland Is Delk S Chance To Be Happy With The Stunning Green Landscape As Backdrop, Delk Revels In All Things Irish, From Living In A Real Irish Castle, To Celebrating St Paddy S Day In Galway, To Enjoying Irish Music And Dance, To Studying Yeats And Shearing A Sheep So When Delk Begins To Fall For A Very Handsome Irishman, She Wonders If There S To The Emerald Isle Than It First Seemed It Is Fun, To Be Sure, But Will Those Smiling Irish Eyes Really Be Able To Heal Her Broken Heart Seeking to get away from debutante balls and her pregnant young stepmother in Nashville, seventeen year old Delk Sinclair goes to Connemara, Ireland, for a semester of study, where she falls for a handsome young Irishman and finally begins to recover from the death of her mother.
Who hasn t fantasized as a teen to take a trip somewhere far away or study abroad and meet a cute guy One question that came to my mind as I begun, what kind of a name is Delk Never heard or read of it before.
This series continues to be really cute and fun and fluffy.
Not sure why I read thisit was terrible.