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Trailer ¶ At Hells Gates PDF by Ë Monique Happy Talk about creepy and absorbing I very much enjoyed Shana Festa s Time of Death Induction, so whenever she approached me about reviewing this anthology I was all over it On top of that, the proceeds support a veterans charity No guilt buy, y all This is a completely random comment, but these stories were placed in a really well thought out way Whenever I was finished with one story, it was easy to flow right into the next one The stories range over a broad set of subgenres, and I enjoyed every single story Of course, my favorites were the zombie ones But I really cannot find a complaint about any story in this collection My TBR list has grown so much If you re a zombie fan like I am, you really need to pick up At Hell s Gates There are so many stories in this collection that you re bound to find a new favorite Just remember to keep the light on while reading this one I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.
I have always enjoyed reading these anthology s or collected work s of authors, but when some of my Fav authors I follow bring a collection together and for a cause, I am interested in the cause and then hope I enjoy most of the story s that have been selected, really you cant please meerr everyone All the time This collection really makes a great attempt at doing just that, I enjoyed this group of stories very much and even forgot my habitual skipping around and was reading the next story right after the last, and the best thing with collections like this is the introduction to some great new author s that you might follow in the future Also its kind of a way of keeping in touch again with some of your favorite author s Really as this collection goes 4.
5 and the cause 10 Thanks to All the author s This book is hard not to like First off, all the proceeds go to wounded veterans, which is a good reason to buy it on its own Second, it offers some top notch entertainment for the price Third, it expands on several popular zom poc universes that the reader will likely recognize.
At Hell s Gate is a new anthology of stories by a group of authors primarily known for their work with zombies for Permuted Press and edited by well known editor Monique Happy and James Crawford who also contributed a story to the anthology The editing is great, and I found very little that I could pick at As is usual, the stories run the gamut of tastes and styles, but I ll do my best to hit each one.
Black Crow Laughing by Devan Sagliani covers events in his Undead L.
A universe and recounts the events of two young kids in love as they try to survive trapped in a zombie surrounded shed The main character recounts how they came to find themselves there and then describes their eventual attempt to escape The story is good, providing both action and character development in equal draughts It s one downfall for some might be that it s the kind of zombie story you ve read before, but that is not going to be a bad thing for hardcore zombie fans.
The raucously titled Exploding Shit Zombies by Stephen Kozeniewski adds some flavor to the events in his novel The Ghoul Archipelago, and fans of that book will notice a few nods to it The story is fast paced and humorous in a way that I think many will enjoy It also makes an interesting point or two about zombie biology and how hordes of a different kind might form, which I liked It s a little short on character development, but it s too enjoyable for the reader to really care One of the top stories in the book for me.
No Shelter by Lesa and Matt Kinney delves into their own Dead, but Not for Long books and details a group of bikers and homeless people who try to protect themselves from a burgeoning zombie crisis I have not read this book series, so I cannot comment on what it adds to their lore, but as an outsider there were a lot of characters to follow I was not a big fan of the general writing style personally, though it is decently written The dialogue also did not work for me in whole, but I suspect that there are plenty of people who will like it The pacing and plot are good, but not quite distinct enough from the typical NotLD scenario to really grab me To a degree, you can t go into an anthology expecting to click with every story, but I try to remember that just because I did not like the story does not make it poorly written I ll give the authors some credit for subverting the usual trend of bikers as bad guys trope that we often see in zombie novels Further, the main character is far from infallible and as the reader I felt like he actually feels bad about some of the choices he made, which was an accomplishment for the writers I think.
Ollie Ollie Oxen Free by Shana Festa is an addition to the Time of Death universe and chronicles the attempts of one of Emma Rossi s nursing friends as she attempts to escape the growing zombie crisis The story is good and adds a bit to the lore of ToD, particularly since I had wondered what had happened to Ollie after reading Induction The pacing moves the story along at a good clip and the writing is entertaining The tone and style of writing are in keeping with ToD, which is good for those who liked it It s not quite my speed, but as I said, I liked the story all the same.
Nefarious by Stevie Kopas is the origin story of Moira from her Breadwinner Trilogy and her attempts to come to grips with the apocalypse Though I ve not read her books, this story was good The characters are sketched out well and those we re not supposed to like feel appropriately evil and detestable Overall, it was enjoyable as a standalone, and likely welcome for those who have read the series.
Home Defense By James Crawford expands on the Blood Soaked and Contagious series and follows two men as they attempt to protect their neighborhood from the unique and foul mouthed dead of those books While it s an entertaining and well written story, I m not sure that I got all I could out of it having not read the books Regardless, as a standalone, it was a fun read.
Stories From the Apocalypse by J Rudolph is an internal recounting of events by a young woman caught up in the zombie holocaust and her reconciling the decisions she s made Though connected to a book series that has not yet been released, which bears some problems as possibly spoiling some of the surprises contained therein, it is a well done character exploration that weightily conveys the mourning and regret the narrator s regret about some of the choices she s made If the whole book is as good as this book, it ought to do well.
Next is Journal of the Undead The Beginning by S.
G Lee, from his upcoming Journal of the Undead book It tells the tale of a young Army doctor sent to a secret military facility in the steamy jungles of South America As time goes on, though, he finds that things are than they seem I enjoyed this story the action and pacing were good, and the characters were likeable Not only that, but it brings a much appreciated change of scenery from suburban America as the backdrop for it s story I m a bit picky about military based stories, just because of my interests and reading on the subject, but this one does a decent job of getting a feel for it, though it might distract some There are a few times where the dialogue doesn t feel quite right, but they re easily overlooked.
Hour of the Beast by J.
M Martin has the distinction of being the first non zombie story of the bunch, and it retells the story of a young pregnant woman as she tries to find out why her once doting husband has become cold and angry towards her The writing on this one is good, and the medieval, fantasy tone of it is handled well Definitely worth a read.
The Err Apparent by Tim Marquitz follows the devil related monster hunter of Demon Squad fame as he attempts to hunt down a shadowy killer stalking around a small New Mexico town This one is great it has the horror and humor feel of the TV show Supernatural, and the action, pacing, and characters are all engaging This story did exactly what it set out to do it entertained, but also made me want to seek out the author s other work as well A top choice for me.
Cracked A Deadland Saga short story by Rachel Aukes tells of the remnants of an Army platoon attempting to escape Des Moines, Iowa after it s been overrun with the dead and before it gets bombed into dust As the title suggests this is connected to the Deadland Saga books This one did not quite do it for me not because it was badly written or unentertaining, but the characters as soldiers did not feel quite real I m certainly no expert on the subject, but it just did not feel right to me in terms of lingo and attitude There s not a bad story in the book, however, and I certainly did not feel cheated of my time to have read this one.
Undead Britain by Frank Tayell is a story in his The Evacuation world and tells of a woman s trials as she attempts to flee a zombie infested London with her family, and her determination to keep a promise to someone no matter the cost This is another decent story, and it s well written, but personally, it did not quite grab me and suck me in as some of the others did The characters are well defined, however, and for those who like a lower key less action y zombie tale, they ll like this one.
The Weight of Darkness by Sean T Smith occurs in his Wrath universe and covers the exploits of a small special forces unit trying to navigate through a disease and madness riddled Europe the Vatican in particular as it so happens Anyone who has read my reviews of the first two books in this series will not be surprised when I say I liked this story Lean, balanced, and enticing the reader with just enough information to want to read the next book in the series Anyone looking for a non zombie, non EMP apocalypse story should go right to this one like I did Then go read Objects of Wrath and Children of Wrath They re both worth it.
Jacqueline Druga finishes up with a trio of stories The Husband, Seth, and The Fertile Each is quite distinct from the other the first is a Tales From the Crypt type story of a fed up wife who kills her husband in a very unique way Seth is the story of a minor psychic who s asked to complete a task for a strange young man and reaps an unexpected rewards as a result Finally, The Fertile tells a story of a young adventurer trying to slip unnoticed through the realm of giant alien Gods in order to help his people Druga knows how to write characters, and for that she s become popular with many I tend not to get into her stories personally as they tend to fall into the drama vs action realm which I m drawn to That s not to say that the stories are bad though, and some readers will definitely enjoy that her stories are all a bit subdued than the zombie apocalypse or hunting demons.
All around it s worth the meager asking price particularly considering all the authors donated their time and talent to the anthology for nothing in return The stories are all entertaining in one form or another and many of them expand on universes that the reader may already be familiar with In a few cases it may spur them to check out something new.
Where do I begin First, I should tell you that I am of a paranormal romance urban fantasy kinda girl when it comes to books But with The Walking Dead still on hiatus and Halloween right around the corner, I needed a few zombies in my life I figured I couldn t go wrong with a horror anthology featuring seventeen different authors and their short stories for only 2.
99 Even if I ended up slightly disappointed with the content, which I wasn t, my three dollars would still be well spent since all the proceeds are for charity.
I was actually really pleased with my purchase so much so, that I may have found a few new authors and a new genre to sink my claws into Because there are so many stories involved in this anthology, I will just tell you a few that really caught my attention and tell you as spoiler free as possible why.
Time of Death Perspectives Ollie Ollie Oxen Free by Shana Festa is a story about a nursing student name Olivia, Ollie for short, trying to survive a sudden zombie outbreak while searching for her on again off again boyfriend Eddie It is hard to imagine myself in the world Ollie has been thrust into, but I found myself relating to Ollie s plight The twist at the end of this story waged a war in me The HEA girl in me and my darker side fought to reconcile with this tragic tale As a short story, this tale had an absolute ending Still, I was intrigued enough to add Mrs Festa to my list of authors to look for in the future Her writing pulled me in and I am willing to read about the world she has created even if Ollie might not have a part to play.
Nefarious by Stevie Kopas was another tale that brought out the evil in me Moira Eckhart is a privileged rich mother who seems to have lost all her marbles Set in the world of the undead, we actually see very little of the world outside of Moira s upscale suburban home Until the zombie apocalypse, Moria never seemed to notice her two children With the end of the world destroying her materialistic life, Moria finds comfort in a fantasy world where she isn t the terrible mother she has always been I found myself reading about Moira and, although I could never relate to her insanity, I loved how rational she was throughout the story Her twisted mind found some peace in caring for her babies, even if fulfilling their needs should have trigger some moral alarm As a short story, I found myself truly enjoying Moira s character, but I don t think I could read a whole novel inside of a mind as sick as hers Lucky for me, I read the info after the story and learned that Moira plays a small part in a much larger story I hope to read about her insanity and what other great characters this author can conjure up.
Journal of the Undead The Beginning by S.
G Lee is a rich tale about a young Lieutenant and soon to be doctor named George Mitchell George takes on a top secret assignment, his first assignment, deep in a rainforest where the military seems to be fighting some unknown enemy Kept in the dark, Dr Mitchell starts to learn about this unknown enemy and the truth is far worse than rebels with guns The dead are rising and no matter how many men leave the base to quell the rising numbers of infected, their efforts seem to be in vain I loved the world created by this exceptional author I felt all Dr Mitchell s emotions as he worked out the mystery beyond the walls of his camp He faced moral dilemmas and his intelligence proved to save his life than once When the story was over I wanted and I was pleased to learn Journal of the Undead The Beginning is the start of a new series which is scheduled to be released later this year.
The Hour of the Beast by J.
M Martin is quite a creepy tale I won t go into detail, except to say I could see this unusual short fitting right in with all those old Twilight Zone episodes The ending taunted me, leaving me with questions than answers and I do appreciate a good mystery to keep my mind spinning.
The Err Apparent by Tim Marquitz is much closer to my normal read A tale full of humor, magic, and demons, I found myself right at home within this story I loved the unexpected ending as well.
The Weight of Darkness by Sean T Smith stood out among the so many others, for me, because of the strong, badass Sonja Larson As a avid reader of Urban Fantasy, I love a tough warrior woman in my stories Sonja was definitely that, yet I still saw the softer side of her and got that tiny bit of romance I always crave in my books.
Jacqueline Druga proved an exceptional storyteller with her three very short stories which were all original and very well written Each story verified Druga as an author who has the potential to excel in various genres I intend to look for of her work in the future.
Welcome to Hell by Sharon Stevenson was another story which made me feel right at home within this anthology A strong, independent female who just happens to be a demon tracker yeah, I am in Of course, her brother seems to be the protagonist of the story and he is of a sidekick to his overachieving sister The dynamic between the siblings was fun and I do believe I will be looking into the series behind their short adventure Overall, this group of short stories has something for every fantasy reader gives readers a chance to meet an amazing group of authors Full disclosure I was contacted by one of the authors and received a free ebook from them in exchange for an honest review I don t normally post anything on Remembrance Day out of respect, but I thought this was the perfect book to review as all proceeds go to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund You can t pick out a worthy cause than that.
As you guys have probably picked up on by now, I m not a big anthology fan Usually there s one or two stories by authors I know and like and the rest aren t very interesting or are pretty poorly written There have been a few exceptions, but I generally try to avoid reading anthologies for just those reasons I was a little skeptical reading this anthology because I d never even heard of any of the authors, but the blurb intrigued me enough that I decided to give it a go This isn t just zombie fiction, after all it also includes stories with other horror elements like vampires and ghosts.
I have to say that I was just blown away by this anthology There were so many amazing stories in it that I find it hard to name all of my favourites And in all honesty, I don t think I could name a story that I actively disliked There were some that I felt were meh but none that I thought were bad and shouldn t have been included All of the stories were well written and well edited, so much so that I have added several new authors and books to my enormous to read list Sharon Stevenson s story Welcome to Hell and Seth by Jacqueline Druga in particular stood out to me.
At Hell s Gates is a very well edited anthology I think I caught maybe one typo in the whole thing, but it s than that The stories were very well put together so as to make the anthology flow There was a large variety of stories and the order was rotated so that you didn t have two intelligent zombie stories one after another or a run of three quasi military survival group stories Seeing as I read the whole anthology in one sitting, I particularly appreciated this attention to little details like making sure there was a wide variety of stories and that similar themes were spaced out well.
In this anthology there are intelligent zombies, traditional Voodoo zombies and modern Walking Dead esque zombies There s really something for everyone and even if you don t like zombies, there are plenty of stories that focus on other horrifying creatures like vampires and ghosts And you certainly can t deny that the anthology goes to a good cause.
So go out this Remembrance Day and get some excellent new reading material while supporting our troops.
I give this anthology 5 5 stars.

Anthology of Zombie apocalypseIts a good read for Zombie apocalypse fans The first few stories were a little similar but the book picks up a little during the second half.
I received this book to give an honest review.
I have to say I was impressed with how well written all the stories were Each story kept me wanting to read Now there were a few not many like two or three stories that I didn t quite enjoy as much as others.
At Hell s Gate there is a little something for everyone There is humor, death, and probably what some would call horror all mixed into this book.
While reading I came across a lot of different authors I have not heard about before and I will be looking into their works to see what else they have out there There are some zombie stories but not all of them are zombies, some deal with with vampires, demons and a little bit.
With each story you get great character building, the worlds that are created are very descriptive and you just end up wanting.
It was hard to pick my favorite story of all, but I have to say the one that literally sticks out to me is the story of Exploding Shit Zombies I think it is because I never once thought about zombies exploding, so now when I think of zombies I know that is going to go through my head.
Also another story that I am glad was put in this book is the story of Ollie She is a character in another book which I loved And we get to find out her fate, she was a minor character in the book Time of Death by Shana Festa so she is someone you may or may not have remembered.
Not only is this an amazing anthology, the proceeds are going to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund which I think is an awesome idea This is a great read for Halloween so get your copy now Lots of action, blood, gore and some really cool characters in worlds you can visit in a novel Some of these novels I ve read, and they were awesome Now there s a few I ll be adding to my list.
I liked the idea that the majority of the stories within are based on novels that are currently out, or within the same world The majority of them are zombie apocalypse based so as you imagine, there is a lot of action and mayhem But, not every story turned out the way I anticipated, which was fantastic.
My top five favorites were Nefarious by Stevie Kopas because it related to a trilogy that I d read by her and kind of showed a blow by blow of the disturbing state of mind that woman was in Home Defense by James Crawford because the characters were so sarcastic and fun they seemed so vibrant Exploding Shit Zombies by Stephen Kozeniewski I hope the title can speak for itself, but I found it to be just gross and funny all at the same time.
The Husband by Jacqueline Druga After loads of zombie apocalypse stories this took me off guard, and had me laughing Princess and the Flea by Paul Mannering stopped me cold It was twisted, engaging and was told from the simple viewpoint of a child I popped the book it was based on straight into my wishlist The transition from the child s view vs what we should be seeing was so subtle, and took me off guard.
CONCLUSIONI don t think you ll find many similar stories in here It s a great read and with all of the proceeds going to the The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, it makes it doubly worth it.
The forward is thought provoking and heart felt I adored the reason the charity was chosen.
At the end of each story is a little comment on the story, bio and a few words from the authors Personally I would have preferred the comment pre the story with the bio and word after, but that is editor s choice.
Apart from one story which was a little too gothic for my tastes this really is a top notch collection and what a great charity to be assisting The editors did very well to place the stories in such a fabulous order.
Black Crow by Devan Sagliani Poor Tyler, and his girlfriend Emily, he has literally run through Hell to be with her and now they are stuck in the woodshed They are also surrounded by what seems to be hundreds of crows.
As he flits in and out of a dream state in his exhaustion the reality and dream world mix to give a strange foray into a well known burger bar I loved the personality the author gives his characters and those around them, the perfect pre undead world that DS paints I really cared about these characters, felt I knew them.
Whilst there is no definitive ending, only mere suggestion at what might happen, which I usually really dislike in stories, I really enjoyed this opening tale Exploding Shit Zombies by Stephen Kozeniewski Jake likes to call the zombies sheeple , their gatherings often turning into clusterfucks His weird and wild descriptions of the zombie horde continue as Jake brings his motley survival crew together Jake is an interesting person with some grand illusions and intentions, which makes for some grin inducing reading until the explosions start to occur Vera and Chloe are witness the atomic explosions and the dead pan writing gives its own shudders as you think you know the death that awaits these two calm sisters who are enjoying a beer in their beach chairs.
When a swollen zombie explodes all over Chloe, Vera tries to explain the digestive system of a zombie, then lots zombies start to explode and the mental vision just made me start to giggle try explaining that to your non zombie reading Hubby When they make a run for it and end up at The House with the Senate in session, you can imagine the comment that ends this story No Shelter by Lesa Kinney Anders Matthew Kinney Derek is begging for money and food at the traffic lights when the zompoc starts Bikers Hawk and Snake are helping out at the shelter when Derek, freshly bitten, stumbles in As Bikers arrive to help and Derek turns it s not long before bedlam occurs within the Shelter When Snake finally manages to get hold of his policeman brother he gets the full low down on what is occurring The story continues but felt like the opening chapters to a longer book Whilst I was interested in the story it felt a little clich for me but the writing was faultless, just a lot of characters to try and keep up with in the melee of an apocalypse.
Ollie Ollie Oxen Free by Shana Festa Poor Nursing students Ollie and Emma experience their first patient death After returning home and having a relaxing night, the morning news blasts at Ollie about the living dead, cannibalisation and attacks she laughs this off as a mid October scare prank.
However when Muffin the cat brings home a zombie she changes her mind soon she is fighting for her life, minus some hair.
The descriptions of the zombies were suitably gross and the emotions and terror that SF has Ollie expressing all had a touch of reality to them As the slaughter carries on around her, the current storm protects her from the horrific happenings, but not us the reader as SF continues to describe in lurid details all those horrors.
Reaching her boyfriends office she comes to face to face with the dilemma of the bitten person that is still alive and the fear of those around them mob reaction seems to rule, but Karma is a bitch.
To say I really enjoyed the ending would be perverse but I would be very interested in reading from this author and the world she creates Nefarious by Stevie Kopas Moira and Samson have locked their dead, but screaming, children in their bedroom Moira s mind has yet to catch up to the reality of the situation as she tries desperately to care for them, feed them, but she needs her husband s help to really fulfil this task.
The disgusting disintegration of her mind, the feeding sessions and the final spousal conversation make for riveting reading.
Home Defense by James Crawford The zombies in this story have a sense of mischief and as Shawn and the narrator explain how they are shooting the invading party I could not help but giggle at the insanity of it.
When the zombies actually started verbally taunting back them I was totally gobsmacked A great short, short story packed with fun and mayhem.
Stories from the Apocalypse by J Rudolph Excerpts from a journal Cali it seems is guilt ridden from ex patients to families she has failed to help.
There were lots of fly by names which made for complex reading and as I never got the chance to get to know them it was hard to care, but for Cali I had some sympathy The writing was concise and I should imagine the longer book version would be quite a read as the emotions wrought were quite raw.
Journal of the Undead The Beginning by S.
G Lee Lt George Mitchell is on a top secret army base hospital and is literally thrown in at the deep end tending to wounded soldiers.
When one of his patients sits up after he has pronounced them dead he starts to suspect where he is and what the soldiers are fighting beyond those high walls Things get hinky when he not allowed to administer a special shot to a bitten soldier.
When the Major finally clues him on the situation Lt Mitchell can only gawp As weeks then months go by the situation, inevitably, worsens and soon they are over run A mix between military, guerrilla warfare, zombies and a personal diary it s all a rush of action until the end when a little secret is revealed Princess and the Flea by Paul Mannering At first I could not continue reading this as the animal cruelty described in the first paragraph made me feel sick, not from fiction but fact As I flicked through I noticed that not all is what it seems We are far in the future in this book and strange things are occurring The final few paragraphs spell it all out.
Well written, thought out and graphic glad I continued.
Hour of the Beast by J.
M Martin Vera is struggling with her pregnancy and at odds with her husband I did not really connect with the characters or the story as I found the world she lives in a little hard to follow in such a short story It was all a bit haunting and gothic, not my cup of tea at all The author does explain at the end it is a fantasy world but I felt it was too hard to enter in such a condensed way, also not really all that fitting for this anthology so far Shame really as it was well written just not the genre of story I would usually pick up The Err Apparent by Tim Marquitz Thrust straight into the middle of some Goth ritual involving chants, sacrifices and lots of black capes and make up, Frank is surprised when this group of wanna be teenagers manages to conjure up a demon.
When Calvin Hobbes from the FBI aka Frank from DRAC goes to investigate body no.
3 he is set upon by the local Reverend to ensure they snare that local cult Satanist Frank is all there with his usual sense of humour and gung ho attitude, until he is made aware that the demon is actually a Manitou, and it s on a deadly mission.
Lots of action, fun, killings, religious goings on and a few monsters, brilliant little short set in the Demon Squad series world.
Cracked A Deadland Saga short story by Rachel Aukes A little snippet of a zombie infested world from a military unit leaders PoV There is a lot of militarised speak and if you don t know the lingo its hard going.
Maz is trying to keep the final three of his thirty five original unit alive and get back to base The two final paragraphs are so sad This is a tiny section of a much larger series and whilst it gives you a great flavour of the writer s style of itself it s not really much of a story However, if you love the military aspect of Zompoc then you will love this.
Undead Britain by Frank Tayell A year into the zompoc and Charlotte is a scout for the larger group looking to hide out in the Castle in the undead world every noise is panic stations and the tension is palpable from the first sentence.
Flashback to the start of the zompoc and Charlotte, her husband and children are trying to prepare for the mayhem that ensues at the beginning News excerpts give us information on what is going on in the rest of the world, the horrors to come.
Week by week they slowly realise that life has changed and they are struggling to merely survive Eventually they make the decision to evacuate.
Told in minute detail the pain and trauma faced are excruciating, when the final kill comes it left me feeling bereft brilliant writing from this author, such skill in building emotion and tension.
The Weight of Darkness by Sean T Smith Sonja and her team, a post apocalyptic commando team called the Foxes, are hiding out in the Vatican The apocalypse was over twenty five years ago but the nuclear war was just starting.
Stuck in Europe having travelled by foot from Africa they are trying to reach home in Wyoming, USA The plague that surrounds them is a new twist on the zombie theme, highly interesting concept.
Having only known survival and not living Sonja is an interesting character that I look forward to following up in this authors series of novels.
The Husband by Jacqueline Druga Miriam s husband seems to have deteriorated and she wants to kill him She has focus, she has reasons, she has ideas and she has a best friend Short, snappy, funny and brilliantly written Fabulously wicked.
Seth by Jacqueline Druga Jena has a sort of second sight gift, not strong and not enough to earn a living by but enough Whilst waiting to read a local medic in a coffee shop she meets Seth.
With an enigmatic invite she is hooked During their discussion many strange things are said and done When Mrs Williams comes for a reading and she is told to hand over the envelope the story truly starts to unfold.
A sad happy ending with a little spooky feel.
The Fertile by Jacqueline Druga A strange little story that seemed to have no purpose other than to confuse and amuse, which it did very well I really like this author and hope to find of her work.
Welcome to Hell by Sharon Stevenson Vampire hunters on Halloween Shaun and Sarah, siblings that are chosen ones.
With all the normal vamp killing clich s in a supernatural nightclub called Haven, this was like a good Buffy episode.
I love this world the author has created and will be seeking this series out.
When Evil Overflows From The Deepest, Fiery Pits, The Battle Will Be At Hell S Gates Whether You Are A Zombie Aficionado, Or You Feed On Horror, There Is Something For Everyone We Ve Summoned Some Of The Top Zompoc Authors, Masters In Horror, And Even Some New Talent To Strike Fear Into Even The Most Jaded Soul Dare You Look, Let Alone Approach, The Dreaded Gates Each Skillfully Crafted Vignette Showcases Previously Created Worlds In The Individual Author S Works If You Ve Ever Yearned For Back Story Or Ached To Learn What Happened To A Peripheral Character Your Wait Is Over But, As They Say, Be Careful What You Wish For Once It Has Been Seen, You Cannot Go Back And Once Infected There Is No Cure This Collaboration Is In Honor Of The Brave Men And Women In Our Armed Services Who Willingly Lay Down Their Lives For Our Freedom Words Could Not Possibly Express Our Undying Gratitude, So We Have Banded Together, Doing What We Do Best, To Show Our Appreciation All Proceeds From The Sale Of This Anthology Will Go To The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, A Non Profit Organization Whose Sole Purpose Is To Serve Wounded Soldiers And Their Families This Is For You, Those Who Have Truly Been At Hell S GatesFor Information On This Release, Future Anthologies In The At Hell S Gates Series, And How To Get Involved With The Project, Visit Athellsgates For Information On The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, Visit FallenheroesfundStories From Seventeen Of Your Favorite Authors, And Set In The Worlds You Know Black Crow Laughing By Devan SaglianiTyler, A High School Student Living With His Family In Pasadena, Risks His Life During The Zombie Apocalypse To Find And Rescue His Girlfriend Emily Stuck Together In A Small Wooden Shack Behind Her Parents House They Wait For The Right Moment To Make A Break Away From The Hungry Hordes Pressing In And Threatening To Tear Them To Pieces At Any MomentBlack Crow Laughing Is Set In The Undead LA Universe Exploding Shit Zombies By Stephen KozeniewskiIn The Space Of A Hour Period, Stephen Kozeniewski Was Once Asked Can Zombies Poop , Would You Survive Your Own Zompocalypse , And Would You Be Willing To Reinvent The Zombie Yet Again In Answer To All Three He Is Proud To Present EXPLODING SHIT ZOMBIES, A Story Which Delivers Exactly What It Says On The Tin Outlining The Fate Of The Residents Of Kozeniewski S Current Home Harrisburg, PA, This Story Expands The Universe Of His Magnum Opus, THE GHOUL ARCHIPELAGONo Shelter By Lesa Kinney Anders And Matthew KinneyA Charity Mission At A Homeless Shelter Soon Becomes A Nightmare As The Dead Begin To Walk In Lansing, Michigan A Group Of Bikers Led By An Aging Vietnam Vet Makes A Stand As The Plague Spreads And The Reanimated Dead Fight To Get Inside The Carnage That Ensues Rocks The Foundation Of The Group S Beliefs, And They Begin To Question Their Purpose In The WorldOllie Ollie Oxen Free By Shana FestaAfter Dismissing Shocking News Coverage As Marketing For Southwest Florida S Upcoming Zombie Con, Ollie Laurence Wakes To Discover She Was Wrong Dead Wrong The Newly Risen Undead Are Knocking At Her DoorIn What Has Been The Most Asked Question From Fans Of The Time Of Death Series, Ollie Ollie Oxen Free Will Unlock The Mystery Of Ollie S Fate Will She Survive The Outbreak Or Will She Fall Victim To The Hordes, Only To Rise Again Nefarious By Stevie KopasMoira Eckhart Has Lost Everything, Including Her Mind Nefarious Tells The Story Of The Unraveling Of A Trophy Wife Thrust Into The Zombie Apocalypse, A Mother With An Undying Love For Her Children, And How She Will Do Anything To Ensure Those Children Remain Cared For, Despite The Apocalypse Unfolding Beyond Her Mansion Walls Remember The End Of The World Is Not Glamorous, Even For The Glamorous Moira EckhartSet In The World Of The Breadwinner Trilogy By Stevie Kopas, This Short Story Gives The Reader A Harrowing Glimpse Into The Unraveling Moments Of Book One S Most Detestable Character I Chose The World Of The Breadwinner And The Character Of Moira, Simply Because She Has One Of The Smallest Parts In The Book And Still Left One Of The Biggest Marks On My Readers I Wanted To Give Them I Wanted To Deliver Them The Moment During The Zombie Apocalypse Where Moira Officially Crosses The Point Of No Return Says Kopas, Of NefariousHome Defense By James CrawfordFrank And Shawn Are Characters From My Blood Soaked Series, Available On All E Pub Formats The Blood Soaked Novels Follow The Gruesome, Raunchy, Comedic, And Touching Moments Of His Community As They Cope With Life Beyond The Appearance Of ZombiesThis Short Story Takes Place Well Before The Events In My First Novel, Blood Soaked And Contagious, Available On All E Pub Formats, And Audible Frank Has Only Been A Member Of The Survivor S Community For A Month Or So, But Is Quickly Gaining Their Trust, And Making FriendsStories From The Apocalypse By J RudolphThese Entries Are An Example Of How Cali Viewed Surviving Life Following The End Of The World, And How She Continued To Try To Hold On To The Human Side Of Her Even Though Humanity Was Dying Out The Reanimates, The Series That Focuses On Cali S Story, Will Be Released By Permuted Press In Journal Of The Undead The Beginning By SG LeeDecades Prior To The Uprising In Littleville And The Outbreak In New York, Dr George E Mitchell Wrote, Journal Of The Undead A Survivor S Guide Before He Was Able To Write His Guide, He Had To Live ItPrincess And The Flea By Paul ManneringIn The World Of Tankbread, Where Intelligent Zombies Have Ruled For Years, A Stranger From A Distant Land Arrives On An Isolated Farm And Finds A Shocking SecretHour Of The Beast By Joe MartinThis Tale Explores Estrangement, Betrayal, Loss, And Isolation, All From The Perspective Of A Young Wife Heavy With Child, Whose World Crumbles As She Makes Dark Discoveries About A Husband Haunted By His MisdeedsThe Err Apparent By Tim MarquitzSent To Investigate A Satanic Cult Blamed For A Spate Of Brutal Murders, Frank Triggaltheron Trigg Finds Nothing Is What It Seems A Supernatural Creature Has Been Set Loose In The Woods Of Ruidoso, And It Won T Stop Until The Last Of Its Prey Is Dead Unfortunately For Frank, He S Been Added To The List Of VictimsCracked By Rachel AukesAs The World Succumbs To Insatiable Zombies, The Remnants Of The US Military Forces Switch Gears From Stopping The Spread Of Infection To Eradicating Infected Zones A National Guard Platoon, Led By Captain Tyler Maz Masden, Is Trapped In Des Moines And Has Ninety Minutes To Escape The City Before The Air Force Rains H Hellfire Upon Their Heads Undead Britain Surviving The Evacuation By Frank TayellOne By One Nations Fell In Britain, The Press Was Nationalised And Broadcast The Message There Are No Reported Outbreaks In The UK Martial Law, Rationing And Curfews Were Implemented It Was Not Enough The Inland Cities Of Britain Were To Be Evacuated To The Defensible, And Easily Supplied Coast Charlotte And Trevor Decided Not To Take Their Children On The Evacuation They Thought They Would Be Safe When Their Food Runs Out They Are Forced To Scavenge For Scraps Left Behind After Weeks Of Rationing, They Find Out How Wrong They Were The Emergency Broadcast Lied Zombies Stalk The Streets Of Britain Nowhere Is Safe From The UndeadThe Weight Of Darkness By Sean T SmithSet In The Smashed World Of The WRATH Trilogy, This Story Belongs To Sonja Larson, A Battle Hardened Soldier Fighting To Survive One Night And One Day In The Vatican While THE WEIGHT OF DARKNESS Crushes InSeth By Jacqueline DrugaWhen A Mysterious Stranger Appears At A Coffee Shop, Psychic Jena Believes She She Merely Helping Out A Man In Need There Is Than Meets The Eye And The Deeper She Digs, The Darker Things GetFertile Land By Jacqueline DrugaOn The Other Side Of The Yellow Zone, Lies A Forbidden World That Was At One Time Peaceful Until The Giants Took Over Now A Young Warrior, His Tribe Starving, Must Brave The Dangerous World Of Nam To Find Fertile Land For His TribeThe Wife By Jacqueline DrugaMariam Was Fed Up Her Perfect Life Just Wasn T Perfect For Her And With Years Of Pent Up Frustration, She Reclaims Her LifeWelcome To Hell By Sharon StevensonIt S Halloween And Twin Demon Trackers Shaun Sarah Gallows Are Sent To Take Care Of A Vampire Problem In White Oaks It S A Busy Friday Night And Shaun Would Rather Be Sleeping, But There S No Rest For The Wicked When Sarah S In Charge This Story Is Set Before The First Novel In My Gallows Modern Fantasy Series And Follows The Twins On Their First Job After Shaun S Near Fatal Encounter With A Vicious Pack Of Wolves I Wanted To Write It As An Introduction To The Characters For Those Who Haven T Met Them And As A Little Extra Adventure For Those Who Have