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[Marko Kloos] è Ballistic (The Palladium Wars #2) [atlases PDF] Read Online è Best E Book, Ballistic The Palladium Wars 2 By Marko Kloos This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Ballistic The Palladium Wars 2 , Essay By Marko Kloos Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You This is a safe bet from an experienced author As usual, it s an imaginative tale with well drawn characters and good action I m not a big fan of cliffhangers which the author is fond of Otherwise, this is nicely done.
Thanks very much for the review copy One thing is certain Marko Kloos knows how to write a sci fi story Just like in the first book in the series he once again leaves us on another cliff hanger I can even hear his evil, maniacal laughter as he types the ending He builds and builds the story and just when it is ramping up to its climax he ends it and just leaves you hanging Sigh I seriously wasn t ready for the story to end.
Ballistic begins a few months after the events of the first book and once again we follow the stories of Aden, Dunstan, Idina, and Solvieg Aden and his crew mates agree to transport an item no questions asked But Aden is smart and starts asking questions Dunstan and his crew answer the distress call of a completely destroyed ship, but also answers another call from a familiar ship Idina and her Gretian police partner investigate a man with an unauthorized weapon that leads to unattended consequences While Solvieg starts exerting a little independence from her father and receives an opportunity to visit the planet Acheron for the first time.
Even though I really enjoyed everyone s story in Aftershocks, I couldn t quite get into Idina s storyline as much as the others In Ballistic, my appreciation toward this character grew quite a bit while Aden s story will always feel like the main one and Dunstan is my personal favorite, I found Idina s story much engaging and followed her and Dahl s police investigative work very closely I also loved how Solvieg started making strides to becoming her own woman against her father wishes Anything she does to irritate her father and break away from his control I am definitely for.
I enjoy the world Marko Kloos has created in this series The characters, the societies, the planets All the worlds have their own style and personalities and in Ballistic we get to take a closer look at them than in the first book Here we get to see how the planet s society has adapted to the planet s atmosphere.
Overall, if you love space opera and military science fiction then this is definitely a science fiction book to recommend.
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After the unexpected hit Aftershocks the first volume of this series review here , which made my top 5 last year, Ballistic went straight to the top of my 2020 wanted books and luckily I got an advanced copy in early January The novel starts a few months after the end of Aftershocks to give a little breathing space for the characters to settle and continues the 4 way viewpoints from space travel Aden , space military Dunstan , police work on Gretia and the budding insurgency Idina and the corporate world of Gretia Solveig this time there is a lot of balance as Solveig who in Aftershocks was of a secondary character as her viewpoint had fewest pages and was fairly passive becomes important and finally, she and of course us finds out why Aden left the family so dramatically 17 years ago another cool tidbit is that in the local Gaia calendar it is now year 923 as Solveig is 23 and was born in 900 per Aden s reminiscences while the 4 year war took place 5 years back so 914 918 We get to see Pallas and Acheron this time at least the station Pallas 1 and Coriolis City on Acheron and of course, a lot happens in Sandvik the capital of Gretia and still largest city in the system , while in the last volume we saw Oceana and some of Rhodia, so only Hades which is far away, near the Sun, so accessible only by specially built ships with lots of shielding and redundancy is the one planet we just have heard of so far.
The story is as absorbing as in the first volume and the book impossible to put down while many things happen the ending while not quite on a literal cliffhanger is at a very dramatic point and volume 3 promises a lot there is action and even space battles, while Aden finally gets to use his linguistic skills in an essential way of the secondary characters, the most interesting are the unflappable Gretian police captain Dahl whom we find out that she is 52 and three years from retirement but still loves patrolling the streets of Sandvik, the Oceanian ship doctor Tristan, also in his 50 s and a veteran spacer with an interesting past from what we infer from his interactions with Aden, and of course Falk Ragnar who is still the tough big boss despite being in his 70 s and officially banned from his company by the peace treaty, though Solveig finally starts being openly independent rather than always humoring him and just trying to elude her minders who report all her actions to her fatherOverall a great sequel bringing enough new stuff but also lots of continuity and balance, the storyline goes up one notch and the ending is quite dramatic so volume 3 is another huge asap highly recommended though of course, one should start with AftershocksHere is a small fragment from Idina s pov that I quite enjoyed and has no spoilers We have put in a request for a detention order But the Hall of Justice is not working off its backlog very quickly They expect to have an order ready by the end of the week The guy is converting illegal military weapons for the black market, and the Hall of Justice thinks that s not an urgent enough matter, Idina summarized That s not very efficient They issue the detention orders, Dahl said We have to wait for one before we can search his place That is the way the system works If I start searching homes without judicial consent, the system is no longer in place Without the system, I am not a police officer any Just someone with a weapon and a meaningless word written on my armor And then can claim the right to search my place, too, as long as he brings a bigger gun Idina felt a pang of irritation at Dahl s calm and matter of fact chastening Every day, the woman confirmed some of her prejudices about Gretians and then completely dispelled them again.
Very enjoyable read This book will be very familiar if you read book one in this series The story follows the same characters in the same fashion as the first The book starts off somewhat slow but builds up as the story moves along, also much like the first book The author is very talented you notice a lot of attention to detail every aspect of the story is realized in full detail and wonderful color It s only a shame that we have to wait so long until the next installment arrives I have to say I really like how the book spent next to zero time rehashing events that took place in book one.