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[Diane Stanley] í Joan of Arc [central-african-republic PDF] Ebook Epub Download í Presents The Biography Of The Fifteenth Century Peasant Girl Who Led A French Army To Victory Against The English, Was Burned At The Stake For Witchcraft, And Five Centuries Later Was Declared A Saint An ALA Notable Book Reprint Great informative book We bought for a book report I think kids were not as interested but had to read it It s a good reference on Joan s life Interesting facts accounts Based on actual trial transcripts from her trial that are still in existence.
Our granddaughter, age 8, has become very interested in Joan of Arc I purchased this book because of recommendations I read on , and I was not disappointed It is clear and concise and the illustrations are beautiful We only just gave it to our granddaughter, so I will have to check back with her and see what she thinks, but I am pleased.
Great for children Traveling to France and this is a wonderful book to introduce them to a part of the history of France I also have three daughters so this was a fun story to introduce them too My son asked me if there had been any female knights I thought of Joan of Arc and ordered this book He was 5 at the time I purchased it and it held his interest all the way through The illustrations were beautiful and there was just the right level of information detail There were some spots where it was tough for me, as I was reading it aloud, to keep track of the timing as far as how many years this was all taking place through, but I think for the intended audience, that is fine, and we can delve further into it withmature works as the kids get older All in all, an excellent introduction to Joan of Arc.