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[Philip Pullman] é Northern Lights (His Dark Materials) [zambia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ This book seems to be written for a younger audience, and I have no doubt that preteens and up could read it without difficulty, but at the same time I feel that a lot of the themes and the nuance could go over the heads of younger readers The use of accents, speech patterns, dress, and behavior to denote class, the writing of younger characters to think and behave as young people would and do while still keeping things moving forward at a good pace and keeping things both exciting and logical, the politics and relationships between adult characters these things may be appreciated much by adult readers than their younger counterparts This is definitely a book which can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages Twists and turns are difficult puzzles, but there are enough clues that a younger detective could still see what s coming if they re paying attention The plot is thrilling, often intense, moving, and fascinating The cultural standards surrounding daemons alone could make up their own encyclopedia Some have claimed this book to be religious in nature, but while it does deal with religion quite a bit, I do not find it to be in any way advocating for any particular faith If anything it warns against the nature of organized religion to become corrupt without demonizing the religion itself If you are concerned about the nature of the daemon characters, be aware that the term is used in the old Greek sense so than the different spelling for demon sense a supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans They are loosely intended to be an external version of the soul or spirit, not anything evil or bad Be warned, though this book does include terrible things happening to children, and several deaths Younger children may find it frightening or upsetting If you give this to your child be prepared to sit down with them and discuss the book when they are finished reading.
Without This Child, We Shall All Die Lyra Belacqua And Her Animal Daemon Live Half Wild And Carefree Among Scholars Of Jordan College, Oxford The Destiny That Awaits Her Will Take Her To The Frozen Lands Of The Arctic, Where Witch Clans Reign And Ice Bears Fight Her Extraordinary Journey Will Have Immeasurable Consequences Far Beyond Her Own World This book and this series is exceptional in so many ways I give it five stars, and my 9 year old son is reading the series as I re read it with him.
Here are three things I love about this book 1 The main character is a strong girl Lyra with incredible willpower as well as a pre ordained important role to play in the world She is funny, scrappy, and a very likable and relatable main character The fate of the world is literally in her hands, but she doesn t realize that.
2 The world building here is so creative and so different from other fantasy novels After reading a lot of fantasy novels with my son, at some point I get bored of the traditional storyline of wizard fights some sort of evil and prevails In this world, every person is born joined to a Daemon, which is an animal who talks and basically always stays within ten feet of the person They are bonded forever, and part of being a whole human is being bonded from birth to death with this talking animal There s also a huge theme here about physics, which they call Dark Matter or Dust that creates mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the book There are also such creative creatures, including ard polar bears who talk and are mercenaries for hire There are witches, who live for thousands of years and exist within clans And the Daemons are fascinating They can change shape at will into any animal basically until their human hits puberty, at which point they pick one animal shape to maintain for the rest of their lives.
3 The settings are interesting, and also related to parts of the earth For instance, the story starts in Oxford in England where Lyra grows up as a part of a college She is a little girl among scholars, who mainly runs around and does what she wants throughout the town She s proud of her mastery of the spaces around her, and becomes the center of most groups of kids, who follow her from her best friend who is the son of a kitchen worker at the college to her friends the Gyptians who live on boats Then the story moves to the Arctic, where there are detailed descriptions of auroras and vivid explanations of the cold My son got interested in the Arctic here, and found himself exploring the science in the science fiction That s an exciting advantage of a book like this Notes for parents raising kids in a religious tradition The church is evil in this book and in this series And the church uses names and terms like many real religious traditions clergy, magisterium, priests, etc The church is funding an evil plot to try to harness energy by physically harming children in the Arctic Phillip Pullman is unapologetic about the church being evil in this series, and even extrapolates later in the second book to make statements about churches always being on the wrong side of things.
The book is just so, so good, so I didn t want that to be a reason not to share it with my son who loves fantasy and science fiction But I did want to read it with him and talk about it throughout the book We talked about how worlds are different from each other in fantasy and real life We ve also spent time talking about how church is an institution, and institutions make mistakes and have done things that are wrong or even evil and how to square that with being confirmed in a church literally this year.
If you are a parent of a child being raised in a religious tradition, I strongly recommend reading this series together with your child.
His Dark Materials has been on my to read list for many years I saw the film and was underwhelmed despite the excellent casting However, the imminent release of a new book in the series spurred me to try it, and I read the entire trilogy in two days.
Lyra is a wild girl who lives at Jordan College with scholars, in a world that is familiar but also very different from ours Her world has a steampunk quality to it, not as advanced as our world, but it also has magic Here, each person is paired with a daemon , a kind of animal familiar that is connected to them When Lyra and her daemon Pan overhear a discussion between her Uncle Asriel and the scholars about Dust capital D , it will set her on the adventure of a lifetime For Dust is directly connected with the Gobblers evil people who are stealing children for some sinister purpose And the Gobblers have taken her friend Roger.
As is common in fantasy, much of the trilogy is spent on a quest or on the run When Lyra is taken from the college by the beautiful but deadly Mrs Coulter, the Master of Jordan gives her the titular golden compass an alethiometer The device reveals the truth to those who know how to read it and Lyra is inexplicably able to do so without the necessary books or training She goes on the run after learning that Mrs Coulter is working with the Gobblers It will be up to Lyra to save the missing children, with the help of an unlikely crew.
Overall, I thought this book was brilliant I loved how Pullman wove his story with concepts of theoretical physics and very subtle religious allegory The world building is downright exquisite Lyra is a likeable, if somewhat clich, protagonist We ve all met her ilk in other YA fiction, but her world helps her to stand out In this world, the difference between children and adults will change the course of the universe.

Ottimo libro, il migliore e ancora meglio letto in lingua originale Lo consiglio vivamente a tutti un libro davvero eccezionale Good book