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[Peter Doyle] ☆ World War II in Numbers [drinking PDF] Ebook Epub Download µ This is a reference book not a novel If you need to find information on a subject in WWII this is going to give you production figures and the like Not for the casual reader.
The graphics were confusing, uninformative and violated most principles of good design A big disappointment Many are totally unintelligible A triumph of pretty over conveying complicated data simply For anyone who likes numbers and the quantification of places, people, and events, this is a wonderful compilation especially if you are also a history buff Though it has an obvious British slant on World War II, it is a worthy addition to my library Highly recommended.

This should be a desk reference than anything else The presentation of technical, logistical and quantative data in graphical form makes for a fascinating read This is one book that will be opened again and again.
World War Two Was The Most Terrible War That Europe, And Indeed The World, Had Ever Seen Discover The Truth Behind The Propaganda With This Brilliantly Informative, Infographic Guide To The Real Statistics Behind WWII How Many Soldiers Went To War How Many Came Home How Many Civilians Were Made Homeless How Many Bombs Were Dropped, And Where Did They Land With Over Nations Fighting The Second World War On Four Different Continents The Numbers Were Staggering Covering A Huge Amount Of Content World War II in Numbers Brings These Staggering Statistics To Life With Easily Digestible Graphics Depicting The Conflict, Casualties, Weaponry, Cost And Technology, Clearly Illustrating The War S Impact On Individuals, Whole Countries, And The Global Social And Economic Effects That Would Last Long Into Peacetime