Ä Measuring What Counts: The Global Movement for Well-Being ✓ Download by ë Joseph E Stiglitz

Ä Measuring What Counts: The Global Movement for Well-Being ✓ Download by ë Joseph E Stiglitz A Bold Agenda For A Better Way To Assess Societal Well Being, By Three Of The World S Leading Economists And Statisticians If We Want To Put People First, We Have To Know What Matters To Them, What Improves Their Well Being, And How We Can Supply Of Whatever That Is Joseph E Stiglitz In , A Group Of Economists Led By Nobel Laureate Joseph E Stiglitz, French Economist Jean Paul Fitoussi, And Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen Issued A Report Challenging Gross Domestic Product GDP As A Measure Of Progress And Well Being Published As Mismeasuring Our Lives By The New Press, The Book Sparked A Global Conversation About GDP And A Major Movement Among Scholars, Policy Makers, And Activists To Change The Way We Measure Our EconomiesNow, In Measuring What Counts, Stiglitz, Fitoussi, And Martine Durand Summarizing The Deliberations Of A Panel Of Experts On The Measurement Of Economic Performance And Social Progress Hosted At The OECD, The International Organization Incorporating The Most Economically Advanced Countries Propose A New, Beyond GDP Agenda This Book Provides An Accessible Overview Of The Last Decade S Global Movement, Sparked By The original Critique Of GDP, And Proposes A New Dashboard Of Metrics To Assess A Society S Health, Including Measures Of Inequality And Economic Vulnerability, Whether Growth Is Environmentally Sustainable, And How People Feel About Their Lives Essential Reading For Our Time, It Also Serves As A Guide For Policy Makers And Others On How To Use These New Tools To Fundamentally Change The Way We Measure Our Lives And To Plot A Radically New Path Forward To help me write my book

Stiglitz and others talk about the difficulties of our societies to have a sure approach to the several situations It looks like that a certain solution doesn t exist So we must use the possibility to know certain trends , how we can read better the reality The stathistics could become useful by theoretical aspects.
It was a nice book to understand the GDP as an economic indicator and its flaws and disadvantages I understood that GDP is not a good indicator to measure the health of economics of a single household.