Trailer ¹ Her Stolen Son (Harlequin Intrigue #1290) PDF by ë Rita Herron

Trailer ¹ Her Stolen Son (Harlequin Intrigue #1290) PDF by ë Rita Herron Not a fanThis is the first book I read from this author, I found myself skipping pages just to finish the book Yes it had some good parts but mostly drawn out Not a fan not going to be getting any books from this author It might be just me We all have our own likes But this author is not for me.
Serena has been charged with the murder of a man she just went out with to get her friend off her back Is the man even dead There is blood all over his apartment but she couldn t have gotten rid of him that easy Petey hires Detective Colt to help his mother but he disappears before they can even get her out of jail Lot of questions and not too many answers until the last part.
Detective Colt Mason s newest client was only five years old and impossible to resist Bringing in his piggy bank and his teary eyed pleas for help proving his mother is innocent of murder, tugged at his heartstrings Unfortunately, before he could initiate an investigation, the little boy was abducted from his bed Now, with Serena Stover desperate to find her son and clear her name, Colt took one look at the gorgeous widow and knew this family would change his life forever Unearthing a conspiracy, Colt became even determined than ever to solve the case and keep his promise to a little boy banking on him to rescue them all.
Another fast paced, adventure packed installment to the Guardian Angel Investigations series.
Love this series

Excellent story this was.
This book was actually pretty good I read it during an extremely boring trip to and from montreal from quebec and found that the ride went by fairly quickly because the story was interesting Great read.
A Little Boy Hired A Brooding Detective To Bring His Mother Homeand Then The Child DisappearedDetective Colt Mason S Latest Client Was Impossible To Resist Not Only Was He Just Five Years Old, His Teary Eyed Pleas To Prove His Mother Was Innocent Of Murder Pulled At Colt S Hard To Reach Heartstrings But Before He Could Investigate, The Child Disappeared Without A Trace Now, With Serena Stover Desperate To Find Herson And Clear Her Name, Colt Took One Look At The Beautiful Widow And Knew This Little Family Would Change His Life Forever As The Search Intensified, Colt Unearthed A Far Reaching And Deadly Conspiracy, Making Him Determined Than Ever To Solve This Case And Keep His Promise That Serena S Smile Would Return When She Was Reunited With Her Little Boy