¼ Cradle of Solitude ☆ Download by ¼ Alex Archer

¼ Cradle of Solitude ☆ Download by ¼ Alex Archer OK, but only OK This series is written by several authors, using the Archer name, as with Franklin W Dixon and Carolyn Keene This was fairly exciting, but it repeated some of the previous books an alligator in stead of a shark, but the same action , and had a deus ex machina ending.
Thirty third in the Rogue Angel urban fantasy series about a sword wielding archeologist who rights the wrongs This installment starts in Paris and includes Garin Braden.
My TakeIt s the usual for Annja Creed violence and mayhem, but with an extra dose of brutality and viciousness from the major bad guy We do discover how Braden has been keeping such excellent track of Annja it s both a blessing and a curse.
There s always a bit of tension with Garin as you never know if he ll try to kill Annja or help her In the meantime, there are cryptic clues to solve and a bad guy to elude.
This particular installment was rather irritating in its ending Too unfinished I m hoping there might be some clues as to whether or not anything was found in the next story in the series, Labyrinth.
The StoryA Confederate captain s skeleton is found in a Parisian catacomb and Annja teams up with the good and the sometimes good to discover the mystery behind his death It doesn t take long before another interested party blasts their way into the case and Annja is on the run Nor is it just her life that is threatened The FotS is after Annja and the professor and they are a long time foe of Garin s Blaine Michaels leads them and he s a vicious bastard He kills without thought, but Annja thwarts him, naturally.
The CharactersAnnja Creed is both an archeologist and a television show host Chasing History s Monsters who just happened to bring together the shards of Joan of Arc s sword It seems Annja may well be an ancestor of Joan s and the sword believes it belongs to her It certainly does influence Annja in terms of going after the bad guys, providing Annja with strength, and definitely with faster healing Doug Morrell is Annja s producer on the TV show and interested in sensationalism than fact Professor Bernard Reinhardt is an old friend of Annja s and works at the Museum of Natural History in Paris.
Garin Braden was a squire to the knight in charge of protecting Jeanne d Arc When Joan was burned at the stake and her sword broken, a metaphysical event prevented Garin and Roux from dying Essentially, they are both immortal Both have put the ensuing centuries to good use building up their fortunes Now, Garin takes an interest in Annja s adventures, but Annja is never sure if he ll help or hurt for Garin is much too intent upon gaining the sword for himself Matthew Griggs is a senior operative with Dragontech Security who works for Garin.
Commissaire Laroche of the Police Nationale brings Annja onto the case with Billy Garrison s recommendation Abbot Deschanel is in charge of the Berceau de Solitude, a Benedictine monastery in the mountains in France Where the first clue is located.
Captain William Parker was in charge of rescuing the Confederacy s treasury when Sherman was about to enter Richmond during the Civil War Catherine Daley is the real estate agent showing the Chennault plantation Jimmy Mitchell rents out his boat for their diving expedition in the Savannah River.
Blaine Michaels is a vicious, brutal sociopath and the current head of the Friends of the South FotS and interested to an excessive degree in protecting its secrets The CoverThe cover is a collage of the buildings and objects that Annja encounters Annja is wearing her usual long pants, boots, and a tank top as she holds her sword upright in her right hand and plays a flashlight towards us in her left Hey, it s dark in the catacombs The Cradle of Solitude is a monastery up in the French mountains, but plays a very small part in the story.
It Was Dumb Luck That Archaeologist Annja Creed Happened To Be In Paris When The Skeletal Remains Of A Confederate Soldier Were Discovered This Was No Ordinary Soldier, But The Keeper Of A Treasure That Could Have Affected The Outcome Of The War Annja Is Unraveling A Year Old Mystery And A Trail Of Clues To The Treasure But She S Not The Only One original Fantastic I love this woman and her conspirators There s nothing they can t achieve together The Cradle of Solitude is basically a heist novel The body of a Confederate soldier who was involved in smuggling the CSA treasury to safety is found in the catacombs under Paris Anja, who is in town, gets pulled in to examine the body, and ends up an the hunt to find the treasure before a secret organization that was behind the long dead Captain s death can get to it.
All in all, I had a lot of fun with this book I just had one minor quibble One assumes that the Captain died not long after the Civil War, although a man pretending to be him died at the age of 70 One of the clues left by the Captain to lead his friend to the treasure left before he died says to dig up a chest buried in his doppleganger s grave, with a clue to where that grave would be How he managed to arrange that the chest would be buried in the grave, and where the grave would be, when presumably the other man died years, if not decades, after him, isn t stated As well, what if the person the clues were addressed to got them before the doppleganger even died It was the books Rosebud moment in Citizen Kane, the man dies alone in a room, so how does anyone know what his last word the driving point of the movie is I also had to wonder just how Anja got out of trouble with the cops after the events of the book and by this point she should be flagged by every country she has entered, considering how often she ends up in trouble that involves dead bodies.
Still, a fun summer read.
Genre Science Fiction, Fantasy Rating 3.
5 Review Cradle of Solitude finds our heroine Annya Creed on a lost treasure hunt While in Paris on what seems to be yet another vacation, Annya is asked by the local police to consult in an urgent matter The locals, it seems, have found the skeletal remains of a Confederate States of America CSA Captain by the name of William Parker Parker somehow ended up dead in an underground catacomb under the streets of Paris and the police want to know how As the flashback indicates, Capt Parker was tasked by President Jefferson Davis in the year 1865 to find a hiding place for the Souths treasure of 700,000 so it didn t fall into the North s hands The North by this time, had pretty much won the war, and was moving quickly to surround Richmond, Virginia How Parker ended up in Paris is part of the mystery and conspiracy that leads Annya from France to Georgia, to Antietam and Gettysburg Annya is not alone in her determination to find the missing treasure There is an infamous organization called Order of the Golden Phoenix lead by Blaine Michaels, that will do anything to keep the treasure a secret and ensure that nobody knows what really happened to Captain Parker That means eliminating anyone who comes in contact with it s knowledge and secrets.
Annya once again finds herself deep in mystery, suspense and bloodshed as those she meets along the way, fall by the wayside due to Michaels brutality Her one companion in this search just happens to be someone that Annya doesn t quite trust Garin Braden Garin always seems to find a way to beat Annya to the treasure, and this time is no different Garin also reveals a secret that Annya has been wondering about for years How in the hell does he know where I am all the time I can t believe I ve read 30 plus books in this series and I m STILL not caught up with the series This book was interesting and fun than previous installments I have been a history buff since a very small age, and when it comes to the Civil War, I m an addict pure and simple It s not because I liked the war or the devastation it caused It s because it shows that this country has come a very long way since it s founding and we still have problems to deal with.
I like the fact that this particular author didn t try to sugar coat the war between the states I like the fact that this author also uses historical characters like President Jefferson Davis of the CSA, and many of this officers in order to tell the tale.
I liked the revelation that the Order, or Friends of the South, was actually planning on betraying the South and making it one of their colonies in order to have easy access to cotton If you allow your imagination to roam freely, you can really see that point of view happening The only surprise is the fact that, to my knowledge, neither England nor France tried to invade the US during this brutal war in an effort to take back their colonies or territories.
I read this series because it s a cross between National Treasure, and Indiana Jones The series is about a character is given the opportunity by fate to be a change for good, instead of evil Annya still has issues and is still not sure of who to trust including Gavin Braden who once again appears in the story only to steal the spotlight away from Annya.
I read this series hoping that Annya will finally come to the realization that she can t go running around the world any longer hoping that she won t be recognized as the holder of Joan of Arc s legendary sword How can she She s front and center of Chasing History s Monsters, and she gets in trouble each and every time she tries to dig up the truth behind missing secrets.
Next in the series Labyrinth Rogue Angel 34 I stumbled across this book while looking for an ebook to check out from the library, and it was billed as sort of Indiana Jones or Laura Croft adventure It sounded fun After reading it, I would say it is a National Treasure Extra Light There is only one riddle in the book to solve although the protagonist draws it out by breaking in down into sections , and I feel certain Indiana Jones would have solved it in just under an hour especially with the use of the Internet I also found this book to be extremely violent I suppose the Indiana Jones movies are violent, too, but the descriptions of the incredibly frequent fights here go on for pages I mostly skipped them I didn t need a play by play especially as I knew our protagonist would survive I didn t hate this book it was light, easy, fast, and mindless, and occasionally one needs just such book like when flying, for example However, I didn t find it mentally stimulating at all, so I probably won t read another.

Cradle of Solitude is fun, light adventure fare It has a great deal in common with pulp adventure, and the parallels to Lara Croft are obvious There is an element of fantasy Annja has a magic sword but in this book, its importance is limited and everything else about the story is straight up contemporary adventure think National Treasure with a body count I d probably enjoy the series without the fantasy element, but it s so minor that it didn t ruin the story for me This isn t the sort of book that will ever win critical acclaim, but if a light adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones, National Treasure, Tomb Raider, and Doc Savage is what you re looking for, you ll find Cradle of Solitude an amusing diversion The one negative is the ending, which feels unfinished I won t spoil it, but it s almost as if the editor told the author, We need to cut 5,000 words off this book Let s chop out the last two chapters and end it with a quick wrap up Otherwise, a fun book.
My fifth Rogue Angel so glad they dont have to be read in order Got my dad hooked with the tie in to American history 3 stars.
Yay Garin is back and this time he and Annja are after a long lost Confederate treasure and of course, the bad guys are after it as well We get to learn some of the history of the Civil War, especially the days towards the end view spoiler I don t quite understand why Garin didn t have his people with him Getting captured and being used as a hostage against Annja is a bit of a stretch, I think hide spoiler