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5 of 5 Stars Reviewed by request for Dark Sins Desert Sands, Ray is a soldier, escaped from prison and torture in the middle east Ray had been accused of being a terrorist and seeks revenge on the people who wrongly accused and tortured him Ray is not the same after his time in prison, while there, he was changed He now has special powers, powers that he will use in his quest for justice His primary target is the psychologist who mercilessly questioned him, Layla Layla is living in Las Vegas and working as a psychologist She has no memories whatsoever of her life before the last 2 years She is a blank slate, and she can t enjoy emotions or experiences When Ray finds her, he makes her start to remember, but Layla is not sure if she really wants to remember her past.
Mythology and the modern age converge in Stephanie Draven s Dark Sins Desert Sands, and engaging new paranormal romance read.
I enjoyed reading Dark Sins Desert Sands, the mythology in the book is clever, modern, and very intriguing Former Gods roam the earth with lessened powers, living among humanity In Dark Sins Desert Sands, Stephanie Draven combines Egyptian mythology and gods with greek as well as south american gods This combination of deities gives the story that extra something , and I was curious to figure out who and what each person was, and where they came from.
As to the characters, I liked Ray a lot I could sympathize with him and his situation He is a good man, a good soldier, wrongly accused Because of that betrayal, he was tortured and completely changed Once he escapes from that torture, he seeks revenge I can understand that, and I understood the emotional upheaval that he was suffering with As for Layla, I am not the biggest fan She had no memories, but once Ray showed up, the woman was a hot mess In one paragraph, she would start to trust Ray, and kiss him One sentence later, she is accusing him of being a terrorist and making her a slut She was beyond frustrating The back and forth she went through dragged on for most of the book As the story goes on, that does get better, but she s still not my favorite heroine.
Dark Sins Desert Sands is book 5 in the series, but it is easily a stand alone novel I have not read the earlier books in the series, and I had no trouble picking up the story The paranormal world and elements in the story are unique and interesting I love mythology, and the mixture of gods, goddesses, and mythological beings in this novel are very entertaining The story is well developed, and fast paced I was never bored with this story, there is always something new going on, something different to uncover While I did not love the heroine, Dark Sins Desert Sands is a good read I will read books by Stephanie Draven in the future, I am curious and looking forward to books in this series.
My reviewer Kellie s Thoughts Let me start by saying I read and listened to this book at every opportunity until it was read I listened in the car while running errands, read between chores and I feel asleep while trying to get in one chapter Dark Sins and Desert Sands is a love story with a twist a love story that overcomes the worst betrayal and the powers of Gods When you re meant to be together no unworldly powers can t stop it.
Ray and Layla fight others, each other and then fight together against others You will fall for the hero, you will hate the heroine but through the twists and turns of self discovery you will love them both by the end Given the length of the book some details are lacking but the heart is retained and you will continue to turn the pages as you cheer on the good guys read and enjoy as you discover there s to the reality than can be seen with your eyes.
Escaping A Hellish Syrian Prison, US Serviceman Ray Stavrakis Emerged With Uncanny Mind Control Powers And An Eerie Ability To Morph Into A Mythical Minotaur As A Half Man, Half Bull, Ray Had Legendary Power, But Only One Woman Could Prove His Innocence The Woman Who D Driven Him To The Brink Of Insanity With Her Cool Eyed Interrogation And Her Hot Blooded SensualityBut Vegas Psychologist Layla Bahset Had No Memory Of Ray Or Her Past Only A Feeling Of Being Stalked By A Nonhuman Predator Was It Ray Whose Eyes Condemned Her Soul Even As His Hands Ignited Her Body Or Was Another Evil Force At Work But Nothing Could Stop Layla From Remembering What She Was And What Her Evil Creator Had Planned For Her And Her Soldier LoverBook In The Harlequin Nocturnes Dark Sins and Desert SandsAfter spending two years locked in a Syrian prison s torture chamber for a crime he didn t commit, Rayhan Stavrakis, has only one plan once he escapes.
To make everyone that tortured him pay especially Dr Layla Bahset.
The sexy Dr Bahset spent hours questioning him and messing with his head, while her cohorts did things to him that forced him into becoming everyone s worse nightmare a Minotaur capable of controlling the minds of others and trapping them in their own mental labyrinth Ray plans on finding the doctor and not only making her prove his innocence, but using those same powers to make her pay however he sees fit After all, she made him trust her and believe that she reciprocated his feelings only to continually turn him over to be tortured both physically and mentally.
Layla Bahset remembers nothing about her life prior to awakening in the desert outside of Las Vegas two years earlier clutching a six pence in her hands Nothing.
She had enough money to live comfortably and open her own practice, but little else Wisely, she fears what the gaping holes in her memory once held Although she has the knowledge and ability to listen well and counsel her patients, Layla feels like a fraud How can she help her patients when she can t remember anything about herself and she s as emotionless as the arid desert in which she lives When Rayhan Stavrakis side tracks her being snatched by a group of men in black, she fears Ray almost as much as the men that seem to be following her Unfortunately, she wants him as much as she fears him How could she not He makes her barren emotions bloom and her life less heart pound.
Ray needs the answers Layla has locked deep within Layla wants to trust Ray But, he could be as dangerous as the government says he is As complex as a sphinx s riddle, Stephanie Draven s Dark Sins and Desert Sands, smoothly merges Egyptian, Greek and Aztec mythology and legends into a fast paced tale of romantic intrigue Like a great blockbuster movie, readers will be captivated as Ray uses his powers on a man too cocky to realize how much danger he s in Then swiftly on the edge of their seats, as they find themselves turning pages late into the night most likely with the lights on, as together, Layla and Ray untangle the tightly woven web of lies and riddles that s leads them to their action packed conclusion A beautiful blending of paranormal and intrigue, readers of both genres will not only enjoy Dark Sins and Desert Sands, they will recommend it to a friend Like Ms Draven takes readers, at least this one, down a path few other than author Seressia Glass have traveled thus far, as she explores mythological beings that readers may have not come across before in this manner, if at all She takes strong, but broken characters and uses their weaknesses to illuminate their inner strength in such a way that even when they re weak you admired them By the way, did I mention that the hero was sexy Really sexy Hard bodied, disciplined and a good guy forced to do some not so great things that made me swoon.
Dislike I wish it was a tad longer Not because it lacked anything, but because I got to the end and thought, I m at the end Already Favorite Scene One of my three favorite scenes in the book takes place on a subway train It s hot, sexy and pulled at my heart strings so firmly it s a wonder I didn t sob uncontrollably as I read it That s as much as you re going to get from me regarding my favorite scenes Another syllable and I might give away an important plot point But trust me from beginning to end this book was amazing.
Wrongfully accused and broken by torture, an American soldier Ray transforms into a mind controlling minotaur seeking revenge Egyptian god and a sphinx are involved.
story hero humor heroine Taut suspense, amazing layers to the characters, and a level of emotional depth that just blew me away This is heads and tails better than an average paranormal The modern day twist to ancient mythology sucked me in from page one Several big twists I never saw coming, and the dark complexity kept me frantically turning the pages Oh, and the sex scenes left my fingertips burning just from touching the page This is a must read I really enjoyed this book One of the questions that the author had fun answering was where do defunct gods, goddesses, and mythological creatures go when they no longer have believers The answer is VEGAS My favorite vacation spot.
This was quick, fun read.

originally posted at would ever have believed that the path of vengeance would lead to the discovery of love A man born and recreated and a woman created yet reborn join together to find that which others denied them Dark Sins and Desert Sands ends up being a powerful and completely entertaining tale that kept this reader on the edge of her seat I was fascinated with the heroine that Ms Draven created It seems she explored the possible question of, what kind of person would I be if I didn t have all the baggage from my past Layla, the heroine, didn t purposely pursue the answers to that question How and why she did is intimately mixed up with the villain of the book Layla is a nice person Too nice By that I mean she is bland not forceful or colorful She s numb to life and yet she knows there s something out of reach, something missing and it s driving her nuts that she can t figure it out She does the best that she can because she has a good heart And after reading the book, it totally makes sense Inside, the heroine really is a decent and giving person who longs for the dream of love, home and kids A reader is in for a surprise when they find out what Layla is actually capable of She ends up being a very sympathetic character and I cheered her on as she tried to thwart the destiny mapped out for her When the heroine starts putting the pieces together, mixed with the person she was at the beginning of the book, get ready for a treat She s a tough cookie and will fight for what is important, no matter what The person who inspired that keen sense of loyalty is the yummy hero, Ray.
Ray is an awesome character He s a military guy with a great record to a point His sense of duty, honor and integrity would normally be great qualities and they are But they can and were used against him He experienced horrible terrible things Ms Draven described a scene that would make anyone puke, not just the hero Despite the things done to him and his need for revenge, it didn t block him from the basic good nature inside himself He wasn t blinded by rage all the time and when he wasn t, clarity exposed some intriguing possibilities that blew his mind And, it set him on a path totally different from his original goal, much to my delight The culprit and villain that created the chaos and horror that dogged the steps of Layla and Ray throughout the book is, Seth The author was creative and amazing in what she did with him I felt I should hate his character certainly I was given enough ammunition to do so But I couldn t In reality, he was as dysfunctional with relationships as a guy could be He was so set in his ways he had become arrogant, lofty and totally clueless when it came to a real woman The bad guy also had some weird phobias and twisted views of women in general He s so complicated Because of the author s brilliant writing, I ended up giggling with diabolical glee when Isabel matched wits with Seth That s all I m going to say about that wouldn t want to ruin the fun for readers Secondary characters contribute mightily to the plot movement in the book I enjoyed how the author led me to a false sense of ambiguity about their presence in the story They were than they appeared and readers are going to be pleasantly surprised at the roles they play The happy ever after brought tears to my eyes Truly It was emotionally powerful, poignant and sweet.
Ms Draven created a wonderful heartfelt final chapter that wowed me and made everything that came before meaningful and special It highlighted the fact that all the tragedies in the past paid the dues for the hope and optimism that now embrace Layla and Ray Totally romantic Dark Sins and Desert Sands is a light in the darkness Ms Draven delivers a suspenseful emotionally packed romance layered with passion, heat and the power of true love The story reaches into the depths of its characters and brings them to life, taking readers along for the ride There s drama, twists than a pretzel and plenty of thrills and chills to satisfy readers of romantic suspense The loving between Ray and Layla is potent and sensual, and their journey of love, though bumpy, is beautiful Dark Sins and Desert Sands is great romance Pick up your own copy and see.
Wow Stephanie I have to say this is the best romantic ,fiction , and paranormal book I loved everything about it The romance between Layla and Ray was truly beautiful and it has a great plot I liked the way Seth had captured Layla and took away all her memories and how Isabel helped Layla in the end a great friendship I enjoyed the end where Layla has a child , so cute It was very sweet of her to name it after Isabel I absolutely adored this book, it was great and I couldn t put it down Great job Stephanie, thanks again Ray Stavrakis is a man on a mission After escaping from the prison where he was tortured for being an enemy spy, he now is on a race to clear his name Ray is no ordinary man he has the ability to walk into others dreams as a legendary Minotaur and to control their actions with the power of his mind All this power is now channelled on finding the one person who can clear his name, the therapist that his captors used to interrogate him and who allowed them to hurt him when he didn t break Layla Bahset Layla is now working in Las Vegas as a therapist She knows that someone is tracking her but has no idea who Layla is an amnesiac who has no memories of her life before she took over the practice in Vegas When Ray tracks her down, she can t believe that she could have done the evil things that he describes When their attraction starts to heat up, his touches and kisses start to awaken memories she wishes had stayed buried As flashes of Gods and other mythical beings start to merge with the ones of blood and pain, can Layla stop the evil forces that have already focused their attentions towards both herself and Ray And is she powerful enough to stop Seth, her evil ex, in his quest to use both of their powers to do his bidding This book was an enjoyable mix of Romantic Suspense and mythology I had a minor problem for the first few couple of chapters as I couldn t figure out what the hell was going on Once the concept of Gods was introduced, I realised that I was looking at this book from the wrong angle This is not a Romantic suspense, it is a PNR with suspense elements.
Ray is a broken man Tortured to the point of death, branded a traitor and having every sense of normality snatched away from him, he has become a hard and angry man The Minotaur power isn t something that he has put a name on it is something that occurred during his detention and it now something to be utilised He has found that he can enter the dreamscapes of peoples subconscious and extract information Layla is the person that stands out from his time in captivity He feels she alone is the person that he can use to find out what evidence the Government had to arrest him with I liked Ray s character and understood it to a point He was a man on a mission to clear his name so he could return to his family and live again as a free man I just couldn t understand his feelings towards Layla at first He believes she had him tortured to break him, that she enjoyed the pain and suffering of others To then start to have feelings for her, before actually knowing her, felt a little odd to me I couldn t quite get my head around the fact that a man would start to fall for the woman who helped torture him in some pretty distasteful ways, I may add without attributing it to Stockholm syndrome It was the only issue I had, but I will add that this started to fade the I knew about the characters They have a lot in common, so than first meets the eye, and I did feel that they were suited to each other by the end of the story.
Layla is a fully functioning amnesiac She feels she is a much efficient therapist like this as she has no emotional baggage to tie to anyone case, but keeps her condition secret I liked her character It isn t the strong female personality that I usually prefer, but she had a certain strength of will that I enjoyed I liked that she kept working even though she could have been a wailing wreck, I liked that she didn t shy away from the possibility that she could have done all these awful things and I enjoyed the fact that she was willing to try to help Ray even though he was pretty awful to her although I understood why he was that way All in all she was the character I enjoyed the most The fact that she couldn t get her rocks off without being forced by Ray s ability was a pretty interesting twist it wasn t disturbing as I knew that she wanted it, but it was pretty erotic The sex scenes were pretty hot all in all and they were very sensual, rather than full on erotic The dreamscape scenes were weird but incredibly interesting The book was very well written and the memories unearthed within these dreams allowed of the pieces to fit into the puzzle which was the plot The memories unearthed from both sides allowed us to delve further into the characters of the main players and their lives before this book I liked Layla when I found out about her and my heart bled for Ray when I heard the disturbing things that he had been put through The God s, Goddesses and other beasts were all very familiar to me from previous reading, but this book has such an interesting twist to the mythology that it was hard to compare it to other books in the same genre I can t say any on this book without giving things away, but I will say that it is worth a read.
An interesting twist on ancient legends, this book mixes fast paced romantic suspense with the surrealism of the supernatural A sexy book with tortured characters and evil Gods, it s definitely a good addition to anyone s book case.