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[Laura Matthews] ✓ Alicia [middle-grade PDF] Read Online Ì When Lady Coombs Was Widowed, She Found Herself In Reduced Circumstances But The Spirited Alicia Chose To Become A Shopkeeper Rather Than Impose On Her Overburdened Brother Unfortunately, Along With This Undermining Her Position In Country Society, Alicia Now Found Herself And Her Adolescent Daughter Without Protection And Suddenly Vulnerable To The Unprincipled Sir Francis Tackar Even The Kind Attentions Of The Marquis Of Stronbert Were Disturbing To A Woman Who Had Suffered In Marriage A very good book, with intrigue and romance.
This was an interesting story dealing with a few serious issues relating to a woman trying to overcome serious spousal abuse, marital rape, and PTSD There was a happy ending but getting there was a bit rough and I d warn readers this is not a light and fluffy historical romance The pieces with the daughter exploring her own sexuality and the nephew visiting the prostitute were unnecessary at best and crassly vulgar at worst.
I enjoyed both the main and secondary romances and thought the characters were very well drawn The dialogue flowed well The plot twists kept the pace moving.
Violence, sex, swearing, themes of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, prostitution, adult themes 2.
5 stars Fictionwise multiformat ebook Regency Very sweet I like strong heroines that are not obnoxious I think it is very difficult to get it right, but this author does a great job.
Author AKA Laura Matthews 4.
5 really This book had a bit of everything I loved the H He s not an alpha but not a beta either He s really a combination and absolutely fantastic There was frank discussion of women s sexuality to include masturbation There s spousal abuse There s an abduction and attempted rape There s dueling Arson And of course a HEA There is sex in this book but it s not super explicit the Carla Kelly Marrying the Captain variety and even so it s mostly fade to black Bottom line is that this book is surprisingly good and I get the feeling it s a departure from her other Regencies.
Classic Regency Romance I ve read this many times and enjoyed it each time.