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[ Read Online Disappearing Nightly â m-m-historical-romance PDF ] by Laura Resnick â Esther Diamond s cast as a bit part in a magic show turned musical when a disappearing trick works a little too well As the understudy, she has to step into the lead role when the drama queen pop star lead doesn t reappear during the performance, but it s not the disappearance that brings things to a crashing halt, it s the magician s panic attack He s convinced he felt actual magical talent channel through him as he performed the trick and now the pop star really is gone for good While he has his breakdown Esther discovers other performers have been going missing as well, always on stage, and always with their partners claiming the same magic feeling as Esther s own hack co star felt And now the show comes to a screeching halt as she refuses to get into the vanishing chamber until she can find out what s happening to the performers.
During her forays into investigating and destruction of property she stumbles across Dr Maximillian Zadok who s looking into the same problem It takes a while to convince her, but he s a 350 y o mage who s stationed in New York specifically to protect it from this kind of magical interference He and his co workers have no intention of letting her help, but Max has a soft spot and makes it his personal mission to keep her from becoming the next victim Taking things into her own hands Esther rounds up the partners of the other missing performers and shows what non magical New Yorkers can do when provoked.
I picked up the sixth in the Esther Diamond series, The Misfortune Cookie , because the cover was really cool and wound up falling in love with this series It s urban fantasy with a new monster each book, but the story isn t the typical ass kicking urban magic using sword wielding warrior woman battles ferocious monster to the death It s of a mystery story with most of the book trying to figure out what kind of monster they re dealing with, what they re goal is, and how to put a stop to the trouble ex inVamparazzi the bad guy was a serial killer who happened to be a vampire Esther can t use magic and she s not combat trained, she knows enough to defend herself in New York City but she s not an ass kicking warrior woman, but she s confidant, resourceful, and determined.
There s also a romance between Esther and the cop on the pop star s missing person case, but I m warning you now it s only enjoyable if you accept it s probably never going to happen They re on again off again, she does part time work at a mob restaurant and is good friends with the patrons and he s a cop, he s not open to the idea of magic and when he wants to know what s going on she either lies and he can tell or tells the truth and he can tell, therefore concluding she s crazy And while their relationship is great comedy if you re hoping for romance you re going to be very annoyed.
The story was great fun with wonderfully enjoyable characters, and really the only drawback was one little bit right at the end that really threw me off The big bad demon causing the disappearances requires a virgin sacrifice, and the good guys escape by throwing his summoner to the wolves in their place The tone really doesn t sit well Not that they left him to be violently raped in their own self defense, but how he shows up again three pages later limping, dishevelled, and irate, but otherwise fine, as though we should find it funny and not horrific I get that it s a comedy heavy book, but there re also serious parts and this was one of them right up until this moment It disturbed me enough to knock my Goodreads rating down a full star.
The verdict After that unfortunate bump right at the end, the book series goes right back to getting full marks There s lots of adventure and it s heavy on comedy The villain was entertaining, the characters were fun and interesting, poor Detective Lopez makes a fantastic straight man, and the books just get better and better And the cover art is some of the nicest I ve seen In the case of having started this series based on a cover, I m glad I did The Goodreads ratings are actually below my cut off point so I never would have started reading these otherwise As long as you appreciate mystery, urban fantasy, and comedy, you should be able to find something to enjoy aboutDisappearing Nightly and the rest of the Esther Diamond series.
I would love to rate this book higher, because it really was an enjoyable read, much enjoyable than a lot of my other 3 star reads But, the flaws are too great to ignore, and, while I enjoyed it, I recognize that there are aspects that turned me off, and would turn off other readers, as well.
The biggest turn off was that there s rape in it The villain, as punishment for his evil ways, suffers a horribly violent fate In and of itself, that s not terrible, except that it seemed that the author was trying to play it for laughs There was a strong implication that the villain deserved it, because he had set up the same fate for someone else I neither found it funny nor justified, and it left a sour taste in my mouth for a book that I otherwise found quite funny and enjoyable.
The second black mark on the book is that, for all of its pages and pages spent inside Esther Diamond s head, I didn t feel like I ever really knew who she was Yes, she was flexible and could act any part, which was part of the whole actress thing, but I felt it was all the important to know what wasn t an act, what was underneath the snark and bravado The glimpses I had into who she really was were great, and her smacking a tiger on the nose like a misbehaving puppy was both hilarious and gave me a lot of insight into her character, but those glimpses were precious few.
Overall, though, despite those complaints, I managed to enjoy the majority of the book, and I ll be picking up Doppelgangster in hopes that Resnick avoids the rape as punishment trope, and manages to be in Esther s head.
I M Not A Heroine I Just Play Heroines Also Psychotics, Orphans, Vamps, Hookers, And Housewives When Bizarre Magical Disappearances Disrupt Performances In The Big Apple, Struggling Actress Esther Diamond Receives A Cryptic Warning Not To Appear In An Off Broadway Musical Because There Is Evil Among Us Since The Show Much Go On, Esther Teams Up With A Conjuring Cowboy, A Banker With Stage Aspirations, And A Group Of Drag Queens They Re Led In Their Efforts By Esther S New BFF, Dr Maximillian Zadok, A Year Old Mage Whose Day Job Is Protecting New York From Evil Also On The Case Is Detective Connor Lopez, A Sexy Cop Who Fears That Max And Esther May Be A Bigger Problem Than The Vanishing PerformersBoldly Facing Down An Enraged Producer, A Hungry Tiger, And Other Deadly Obstacles, Esther, Max, And Their Friends Pursue Evil To Its Lair In Their Fearless Determination To Find The Missing Performers And Restore Harmony To Their City They often say it takes a certain mixture of acting and alchemy to make it on Broadway In Esther Diamond s case, this is a literal truth In a refreshing change of pace in the paranormal urban fantasy genre, the lead character, Ms Diamond, isn t paranormal Nor is she supernatural, preternatural, or anything other than a hard at work actress, tired of waiting tables and ready for her big break, even if that break means she s the understudy to a bubble brained pop princess in a magic themed stage play Things seem to be, if not looking up, no longer looking down, when said pop princess, Golly Gee, disappears during a performance And not in the way the magician meant her to What first seems to be a case of Golly simply walking away from her life turns into something completely different when other beautiful assistants to local magicians start disappearing as well When Esther is introduced to the mysterious Dr Max Zadok, Esther s sense of curiosity gets her deeper into the case than she expected, to her dismay and to the dismay of the handsome cop on the case, Detective Lopez Throw in a few incantations, some illegal immigrant magic acts, and a gaggle of flamboyant drag queens, and you end up with a madcap romp through the underbelly of New York s theatre district And what a delightfully fun romp it is, too.
Jennifer Crusie describes the series asA paranormal screwball comedy adventure Light, happy, fantastically funnyand I CANNOT AGREE MORE It has been awhile since I read a book that is so deliciously funny, I chuckle like crazy, even get stomachache because of it This book combines a feisty heroine, a bunch of over the top supporting characters including a 350 years old magician and a bunch of drag performers , a sexy love interest, AND a crackling plot involving disappearances of people from magic performances which leads to a demon and virgin sacrifices In between that, it is filled with lively and hilarious conversations especially when Esther and her round about friends are trying to investigate the mystery OMG the theories that they throw upon each other, I have tears in my eyes, they re so funny and near slapstick action.
I love how the heroine is actually someone without any paranormal ability She is plain human, an actress, who happens to stumble to friendship with a magician and paranormal activity.
The pace moves pretty fast and I m so entertained with the dialogs anyway, that I feel like I m gobbling up the story pretty quick because I want to see how it ends.
Romance plot wise, it s not really apparent The Irish Cuban detective, Connor Lopez, is definitely set as Esther s love interest However, his role is not very big unlike Esther s magician friend and the drag performers Mainly because Lopez s situation as a cop, who might be sceptical about the theory that Esther and her friends come out with I do hope there will be interaction between Esther and Lopez in the next book Oh, and Lopez truly needs to take Esther to see his mother because I can so imagine the disaster lol That phone conversation between Lopez and his mother AND his tale to Esther about how his brothers manage to escape the marriage trap is PURE GOLD I definitely will check the next two available books This was my first Laura Resnick but it won t be my last I was wavering about this novel s rating Some chapters, I wanted to give it 5 stars Others, my estimation slid to 3 stars Average 4 stars.
Mishaps of the disappearing acts plague the magicians of New York Their assistants disappear Seriously Every time a magician performs a disappearing trick on stage, his assistant vanishes, never to be seen again The magicians of the city are beginning to panic The protagonist Esther is a no nonsense young woman and a struggling actress, working for a magician s show as one of the glittering, half dressed nymphs of the chorus She is an understudy to the star of the show, a B list singer Golly, so when Golly goes missing during a disappearing act, Esther is ready to step up and finally grab her chance for a leading role Unfortunately, she starts getting warning messages from an unknown source Don t enter the disappearing box You re in danger Evil is afoot Esther doesn t believe in Evil she is an actress after all, but she believes in reality Golly s disappearance bothers her When she learns that than one magician s assistant has disappeared in the city in the last few days, she decides to heed the messages and investigate For that, she teams up with Max, a 300 years old New York resident magician after he convinces her of his identity and of the fact that magic exists Other assorted magicians, real and theatrical, help Esther and Max in their efforts to find the villain who is causing the disappearances Max is a highly picturesque character, the linchpin of this story He adds flavor to every scene, and most of his dialogues are so hilarious, I sometimes couldn t see the pages behind my tears of laughter When Max was young, still a sorcerer s apprentice in the 17th century, his master fed him the Elixir of Life by accident, as a substitute for a fever medicine, so now Max ages very slowly, and all his considerable magical experience is dedicated to fighting the minions of Evil in New York Max is also extremely truthful Imagine a conversation, when a NYPD officer questions Max about the assistants disappearances The story hovers between mystery and urban fantasy, with enough absurdities like a spell that works only on Lithuanians to fill an entire magical prop shop With reluctant Esther at the helm, the group investigating the disappearances includes, besides Max, a bunch of exotic drag queens, a millionaire condom manufacturer amateur magician, and a son of a Wall Street financial mogul, also an amateur magician who is striving to make it professionally Together, they enact a magic imbued PI procedural worthy of the most ridiculous of CSI episodes The novel was a delicious reading fare, punctuated by my giggles and occasional whooping The only problem I had with this book concerned its pace While the first half of the novel, where Esther acquires her investigating crew, gallops with the speed of a racing horse, the second part, the investigation itself, is much slow, practically crawling like a snail The characters do nothing but talk, eat, and write their speculations on a blackboard Until the very end, when Esther and Max at last spring into action and deliver all the disappearees safely back to their respective magicians Disappearees is a word the author coined for this book, and it seems very apt This book made my blues disappear Recommended to anyone who needs a lift in spirit.
Frustration This little pill of an urban mystery novel looked like such a good time when I read the blurb on the back Magicians and disappearing assistants, goofy characters and wacky hijinks aplenty What s not to like A lot, as it turns out.
To be fair, there were a few things about this book that I did enjoy There were spots of zaniness especially in the fairly large and colorful cast of secondary characters , and a few moments where I smiled, but Ms Resnick felt the urge to wrap this whole story around the toxically obnoxious finger of her first person narrator Esther Diamond UGH I couldn t have hated this narrator There seems to be a recent propensity for sassy female main characters, a cliche that s making a nice little spot for itself right between dotty old man and tragic lone wolf Well, this sassy lady trend is fine with me, but this book does not handle it well.
Instead of spunky, she s bitchy mundane, not quirky bossy, not refreshingly independent and annoying rather than likable For the endless duration of this four hundred page novel, I felt like I was trapped in a cage with a maddeningly dictatorial, whiny, neurotic, and downright mean woman Just being mouthy and bitchy doesn t make this Esther Diamond delightfully sassy, it makes her terribly unpleasant The example that comes to mind is a scene where a detective possible love interest wakes Esther up around 10AM bearing bagels and coffee in search of some company and answers to the mysterious goings on that he s been investigating For the duration of the scene which lasts for an excruciatingly long time Esther is rendered nearly speechless by the lack of coffee in her system Rather than talk to the man who has brought her breakfast, she complains, all the while sliding in lots of jokes about her hair being terribly mussed as she drinks the detective s coffee in addition to her own Sure, the no coffee joke is funny at first, but its been prolonged past its 15th or 20th page, Esther s becomes a braindead neanderthal apparently in danger of soiling herself if she doesn t have coffee intravenously pumped into her system Coffee Stat For thirty pages Pause for reader s endless guffaws.
I won t go on too much, I m in danger of making self indulgent Esther Diamond ramblings in search of humor but missing the mark terribly I guess I should also mention that the plot left a lot to be desired Lots of sitting around and making ridiculous postulations about what could ve happened to the victims I couldn t have cared less I wanted to lock the door to the bookshop du quirk and set the place ablaze after the third or fourth time the characters had a snoozefest meeting of minds Okay okay okay, there s still a lot about this book that I managed to enjoy despite Esther and plot and co.
, and the last thirty pages or so were very nearly enough to convince me that the previous 370 had never happened, making me just a little teeny bit curious about the second installment Dopplegangster, but not that curious I m putting Esther in the dark recesses of my not to be reread bookshelf, in desperate hopes of never seeing her again Buh bye, mean lady.
Diese Rezension und viele mehr findet ihr auch hier Traum ist es, am Theater ganz gro rauszukommen Allerdings ist sie f r den Anfang dann aber doch ganz froh gut, zumindest halbwegs , die Zweitbesetzung der Hauptdarstellerin zu sein und solange, bis sie gebraucht wird, als Nymphe im knappen Fummel ber die B hne einer zweitklassigen Zaubershow zu h pfen Zumindest ist das so, bis besagte brigens ganz unausstehliche und talentfreie Hauptdarstellerin bei einem Verschwindetrick wirklich nicht mehr aufzufinden ist und das auch noch vor versammeltem Publikum Nervige Hauptdarstellerin hin oder her Esther hat nicht vor, in derselben Zauberkiste wie ihre Vorg ngerin einfach zu verschwinden und stellt kurzerhand ihre eigenen Ermittlungen an mit einem erstaunlichen Ergebnis Fazit Und wieder ein Buch, das schon das eine oder andere Jahr auf meinem Stapel ungelesener B cher verbracht hat Um ehrlich zu sein, war es damals eine Art Frustkauf, weil da eine ganze Kiste M ngelexemplare bei Weltbild stand und ich unbedingt eins mitnehmen wollte und nun ja, dieses Buch hier war noch das lesenswerteste darunter, wie mir schien Na ja Alles in allem habe ich eine ganze Weile an diesem Buch zu knabbern gehabt Einfach, weil der Anfang sich so derma en hingezogen hatte Zauberkiste hier, Zaubershow da einfach unglaublich langwierig Als ich mir dann aber endlich mal ein Herz gefasst hatte und mich durch diesen Anfang durchgequ lte, wurde es nach und nach immer besser Die Geschichte hat berraschend viel Witz, harmoniert super mit den doch etwas au ergew hnlichen Protagonisten und hat auch ein gutes Ende f r meine Begriffe Abschlie end l sst sich also sagen, dass ich durchaus nicht abgeneigt bin, zuk nftig mal wieder ein neues Abenteuer von Esther, Max und ihrer fidelen Transen Crew zu lesen

Disappearing Nightly wasn t exactly the kind of book I was expecting, but all the same I really liked it It manages to combine the classy glamour of New York show business with the thrill of a good paranormal fantasy, and the author s scenic descriptions bring the whole thing to life very well Beneath a quirky story about a ragtag group of performers and friends there s an amazing adventure, and the book s unpredictability and originality make it even engaging.
While at times some of the humour and dialogue felt forced and not necessarily like it belonged to the setting and time period, Disappearing Nightly is no doubt one of the interesting urban fantasy novels I ve read this year, and one which features wonderful characters who aren t the common tropes of the subgenre that you might expect This is the kind of novel where any reader could find at least one character to identify with or relate to, and one which has something that everybody can enjoy.
5 stars, but I am rounding up Why is this author not getting attention Laura Resnick is a recent discovery for me Fallen from Grace Fallen from Grace suffers from a really bad cover and not enough buzz I think the cover turns readers away it shouldn t, the story is great Disappearing Nightly suffers similarly Apparently The Esther Diamond series has quite a few books in it 5 and she has an epic fantasy series also But I never see Resnick s books turn up on my GR friends TBR list Why Resnick is a talented writer she is funny and makes great observations about human beings She knows how to slowly pull her writers in to her stories, there is no bam feeling with her stories and the reader is in But that doesn t lessen the enjoyment Lately, urban fantasy is hit or miss with me Disappearing Nightly held my interest through the entire book and that is saying a lot for me lately The dialogue is witty, the characters are well developed, and the world is urban than fantasy but still fun The setting is NYC among actors and various types of performers The feel of the book is funny crime fiction that intersects with the magic world The set up and scenes are funny and then the interactions with the characters is funny There is a Stephanie Plum feel but with less slap stick and substance The characters are slowly introduced with time to get to know each one Resnick builds her story slowly, nothing happens too easily or swiftly What is unique about Esther the main character is that she is not amazingly beautiful with mad fighting skills She is pretty average in appearance and defense skills, yet somehow she is still appealing to the man she is interested in and able to survive some encounters she gets herself into For romance lovers there is a hint of attraction and romance, but no true satisfaction is had This is a fun, quick read and I just don t understand why this series and author do not receive attention I definitely plan on reading the next one in this series I don t have that desperate need to move on to 2, but it is nice knowing that 2 is there and I want to read it I will leave you with a few funny quotes that demonstrate what a fun read this is I looked between him and the fire Did you did you Is that magic He seemed faintly puzzled as he waved a hand holding a remote No, I ve switched it on Men can rarely resist a sultry beauty with tears in her eyes Especially if they haven t yet realized she s got a penis under that tight red skirt We confront Evil Well , I said Uh huh I see If someone ever tells you he s a member of a worldwide club whose mission is to confront Evil, I defy you to come up with a pithy reply on the spot I was letting a sexy, employed, straight single man whom I really liked leave my apartment with a brief wave and no plans for a date It was just barely possible, I mused, that I wasn t running my life as well as I might Check out this review and others at www.