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✓ Whatever Ô Download by æ Allia Zobel Nolan Whatever Is True, Whatever Is Noble, Whatever Is Right, Whatever Is Pure, Whatever Is Lovely, Whatever Is Admirable If Anything Is Excellent Or Praiseworthy Think About Such ThingsPhilippians Did You Know You Can Totally Change Your Life By Changing Your Thoughts Well, You Can, And Whatever Can Get You Started With Examples Based On Girls Just Like You, Each Of These Devotionals Will Show You How To Fillyour Head And Your Heartwithvirtues Taken Straight From Philippians WHATEVER, Helping You Growcloser To God And The Totallyabundant Life He Intended For YouTake The Whatever Challenge When A Friend Says This Word, Reply By Saying Philippians And You Ll Discover How You Can Live The ,

Whatever is a devotional written specifically for tween girls from a western society It has 90 devotions all focused on living a Whatever life Whatever being Philippians 4 8 Each devotional starts of with a verse of scripture and then expands on the theme in that topic relating to one of the qualities listed in the Philippians verse by telling a Bible story, tween life today type story, or a mix of the two This is then followed by Food for Thought which something extra to think about and possibly apply, Second Thoughts which is another thought provoking comment or challenge and Divine Thoughts a simple one sentence prayer What I liked about this book was the range of topics and the ongoing challenge for young girls to think about their life in line with the values of Philippians 4 8 This is a challenge for adults too Allia Zobel Nolan doesn t try to soften up the call to follow Jesus, but continually reminds readers to re evaluate their priorities Personally, I found the trendy lingo of the book somewhat annoying at times, and very occasionally felt the emphasis was too heavy on doing good I also felt the reach of this book was very much limited to the high tech, mall visiting, trend setting type tween girls perhaps commonly found in western city societies Not all tweens are carried away with texting, chat rooms, fashion, Justin Beiber etc If, however, this is exactly what your daughter neice, grand daughter, friend is into, then this is probably a perfect devotional to encourage their thoughts and lives to be full of Whatever