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[ Pdf Myself Among Others: A Memoir Ð recruitment PDF ] by George Wein × No One Has Had A Better Seat In The House Than George Wein The Legendary Impresario Has Known The Most Celebrated Figures Of Music In General And Jazz In Particular From Duke Ellington To Ella Fitzgerald To Miles Davis To Frank Sinatra As A Founder Of The Newport Jazz Festival, The Newport Folk Festival, And The New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival, Wein Has Brought A Dazzling Spectrum Of Musicians To Millions Of Fans, Forever Changing The Musical LandscapeIn This Highly Praised Memoir, Wein Looks Back On His Life And Career, Describing His Unforgettable Relationships Sometimes Smooth, Sometimes Tempestuous With The Great Musicians He Has Known From What Really Happened When Charlie Mingus Visited The White Houseto How Miles Davis And The Ensemble That Would Eventually Record The Greatest Jazz Album Of All Time Kind Of Blue Came Together At Wein S Storyville Nightclubto The Day At Newport When Bob Dylan First Went Electric, Here Are The Personalities And Forces That Have Shaped The Past Half Century Of Popular Music I should start by saying I worked for George Wein 1980 1983 I was a small cog in the big machine but I have very fond memories of that time The book captures George well His relationship with the various musicians was richly told This is a slice of musical history Thank you George.

For those interested in the history and development of jazz, this book contains some interesting stories that no one else could tell The early years of Wein s career are given considerably space than the later and this is probably fine, although it seems likely there are a lot of interesting stories from recent years that he could have discussed Some really simple errors of fact and misspellings are evidence that the publishing world needs better editors and proofreaders The book s style is a bit of a patchwork It reads as if it were written at several different times, almost by several different people who weren t aware of what the others had done I suppose this might make it easier for those who wish to pick it up and start anywhere, but straight through readers may find it kind of shallow.
George Wein has had an amazing life As the founder producer of the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, among many others, he has known all of the great players in the jazz world His autobiography could be read as a history of jazz in the second half of the 20th century Wein is a pretty fair pianist himself, and a lifelong jazz fan Folk music doesn t get nearly as much attention, but that s fine because Wein s stories of the great names in jazz, Armstrong, Ellington, Basie, Davis, and many others are captivating.