Ä A Kiss Doesnt Lie à Download by ê Robin Alexander

Ä A Kiss Doesnt Lie à Download by ê Robin Alexander Alexander s adventure foray Fun, adventurous Wish the characters connected or earlier.
3 1 2 stars Daughter of a scoundrel gets abducted from New Orleans and taken to Peru for a do or die Goonies treasure hunt with sexy Indiana Jane Also includes mercenary assassins, government corruption, student side kick, and nachos.
Jodi Grant Had Plans A Job Interview That Held Promise And A Date With A Real Woman Who Didn T Only Exist In Her Mind What She Had Not Planned On Was A Trip At Gunpoint When Her Father Dropped A Bombshell In Her Lap At His Own Funeral Dr Blair Whittington Went To Peru In Search Of Ancient Artifacts What She Discovered Was The Illegal Antiquities Trade In Which She Had Unwittingly Become Embroiled Betrayed By Nicolas Grant, Blair Must Rely On His Estranged Daughter, The Key To Her FreedomTrapped In Peru, Playing A Game That Neither Woman Ever Dreamed She D Play Leads Them To Discover The Most Ancient Artifact Of All Love This was quite a ride, an awesome Indiana Jones story Overall, it was a lovely adventure story It took a while to get to the romance portion, however, the adventure made up for the wait Once the romance actually commenced, it seemed like the adventure side kind of went on the back burner The author struggled to maintain that balance Further, it began to become a bit cheesy after the romance started All in all, fairly good story for an e read.
After reading books so far this year that didn t make 4stars, I am quite pleased that I finally found one worthy of my stars This seemed to me like Tomb Raider meets Romancing The Stone Absolutely entertaining with its adventures and risky trails, pretty slow ascention to romance and recollective characters.
But that said, the major drawback I found was the handful of grammatical errors that sometimes confused the context Other than that, this was an appreciated read A truly beautiful adventure novel mixed with a sensual love story involving two intelligent and amazing women Jodi Grant and Dr Blair Whittington.
Jodi has a nice life as a real estate agent and a welcomed new romance coming her way when she is notified that her father, who has left her and her mother when she was young, has died She goes to attend the funeral, just for her mother and to get rid of the last memories she had with him, as he was no role model, but a thief, liar, and all around asshole He knew nothing of his daughter as his archeological duties kept him on foreign lands and bewildered continents, especially South or Central America, manly Peru He was searching the big hit, yet he deceived his family, his work and the ancestors, by turning artifacts into stolen goods for his own fortune.
At his funeral, Jodi is kidnapped by strangers that were looking for her father s treasure She is taken to the jungle of Peru to some mysterious archeologist whom happens to be a woman her father has deceived, Dr Blair Whittington.
Jodi was innocent and now in the arms of this Dr Dr Blair Whittington whom surely wanted revenge, yet at first sight, it seems that she understood that Jodi had no idea what this was all about Brown eyes regarded her from beneath a black ball cap as Jodi wound up internally for the last tongue lashing she was ever going to dole out She planted a hand on her hip That s right, I m Jodi Grant, only daughter of the late Nicolas Grant, but I did not know him I have no idea what he was up to when he was killed I absolutely despise archaeology and don t give a rat s fuzzy ass about long dead cultures If they were anything special, they d still be around And if I weren t surrounded by guns, I d kick the shit out of you for dragging me into what is so obviously a hellhole So, Dr Whittingham, that should answer all the questions you have for me Dr Blair Whittington was a true archaeologist, her mother was famous for discovering a Peruvian treasure and she wanted so much to follow her mother s steps and put all she had, her heart and her soul into archeology, leaving her love life on hold, yet has fallen into the wrong hands of Dr Grant, as she was an innocent, a beginner and he took advantage of all these and dragged her name into this muddy business of his, as her partner archeologist, Tad, underlined Blair had to save her reputation and find dr.
Grant s artifacts, keep everyone alive, as Jason as his wife took care of their safety, yet she has never expected her attraction towards Jodi, as she knew Jodi s love preferences, as dr Grant has told Blair Dr Grant has left a diary with hidden clues only Jodi could find and describe as a map to follow the goal, the Peruvian artifacts.
In this wild environment, when water was rare, hotness was all over, bullets and enemies surrounded them, Blair and Jodi fall for one another, against all odds, in the search of the artifacts, Blair not convinced but after a while of Jodi s innocence, now, fears that she won t be able to protect Jodi and to solve the whole situation with the local authorities and the enemy who was following them from the shadows as he wanted the artifacts for himself, possibly, dr Grant s initial buyer from the States.
Blair isn t sure of her own sexuality, as she has never gave it a real thought, as none was on her loving stage until now But, in the depths of her soul, she knew her attraction to women was real, obvious and incredibly satisfying.
Their lovemaking involves passion, danger, foreign lands and a whole lots of edging daring of trust When they find the Peruvian artifacts, dr Grant s treasure, it s obvious they will take one clue and go to the authorities who won t believe them as they were foreigners and Tad was missing Blair s brother came to help, as they were a wealthy family, they could afford a big team of lawyers Yet, the turning point is the fact they will be separated, as Jodi is off charges as she was proven to have been kidnapped in the States and has never traveled outside the US and goes back to the States and Blair had to stay in Peru to prove her innocence and her good faith in discovering the artifacts and clear her name, her mother s legacy.
And after all this, the pain of separation, the self discovery, the missing and realizing love is important than anything, they will find the only one road they could walk, the lifetime they could walk together entangled in what a kiss says Jodi smiled and kissed her The brief soft touching of lips said to Blair than Jodi could voice Had Jodi clung to her and kissed her with all the passion Blair had already felt, then she d know that Jodi was afraid they might not have another opportunity This simple brush of affection gently whispered, We ll be fine A kiss says a lot, you know Jodi cocked her head Yes, I do I thought I was the only one that believed that way What did my kiss say to you Not the typical Robin Alexander light read You still get the humor and the romance, but this one has much action and adventure than most of her books This thriller kept me entertained with kidnapping, treasure hunts, and wondering which of the characters would make it out of the jungle alive

This is both one of the better lesbian action adventure discovery books I ve read and competently written I do not believe it ranks up there with the best books put out by Alexander, though Not sure if I d give a rating of 3.
5 or 3.
75 I edge to 3.
75 because of that one of the better thingies I said above.
Rating 3.
5 to 3.
75 Robin Alexander continuously impresses me with her writing She has a variety of lesfic romance novels, many that i ve read and loved, and all are very different Humorous, sweet, hot, adventure, physical trauma, mystery This book was an adventure novel, and didn t disappoint The awesome thing about her novels, is that the romance plot is always good enough to stand on it s own without much of a plot which many romance novels do And the plot is good enough to stand on it s own without a romance But somehow this book takes both in a perfect balance and you have one great indiana jones romance with a good helping of hot and steamy in the jungle in the rain hot.
The adventure these two women are on, searching for artifacts in peru while trying to somehow make it out alive with lots of powerful people hunting them and wanting them dead, is a gripping tale that i couldn t take a break from.