¹ Ancient Magick Conjuration of Power ↠´ Download by ↠´ Ahmed al-Buni

¹ Ancient Magick Conjuration of Power ↠´ Download by ↠´ Ahmed al-Buni How Would You Like To Possess King Solomon S Ring, The Holy Grail, The Ark Of The Covenant, Or A Magic Carpet These Icons Of Magic And Power Have Been At The Center Of Many Tales And Legends Possessing Them May Very Well Be Impossible Many Would Argue They Are Not Real However, There Is Another Item Of Legend That Rivals Them, That Does Exist And Is Indeed Real In The Near East, Sages, Wizards, And Sorcerers Have Passed This Gem From Master To Disciple For At Least , Years It Is Called The Great Covenant Or The BerhatiahIn Berhatiah Ancient Magick Conjuration Of Power, You Will Find Why The Greatest Mages Of The Near East Prized It As Their Most Precious Of Treasures, Than Any Other Conjuration In History How To Tap Into Its Power To Harness The Forces Of The Realms Of Spirit And Jinn How To Use It To Empower Your Magic And Produce Results For Every Purpose, From Increasing Your Psychic Power To Healing The Names Of Its Servitors Khodam Within The Heavenly Realm Very Important Hidden Key How To Unleash Its Potent Energy Through Retreat And MeditationPlus, For The First Time In Known History, Its Twenty Eight Powerful Talismans Have Been RevealedThe Book Also Includes A Faithful Translation Of Master Ahmed Al Buni S Beginner S Guide To The Conjuration From The original Medieval Arabic Manuscript It s a clear instruction book on how to use Birhatiya Oath, Ancient oath, Red Sulfur which is said to be also used by King Solomon It s clear on how to use it, gives enough practicing Gives room for the person who reads it to improve according to his own ways Gives additional research topics as well I highly suggest that anyone who s interested in theurgy practices to read this book.