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Trailer ☆ An Unexpected Wife PDF by ☆ Cheryl Reavis Good story from Cheryl Reavis An Unexpected Wife Kate Woodard was tired of doing what was right all the time and when she should have gotten on the train and left as her military brother directed she didn t, she stayed at his home with he and his family gone she thought she would have a quiet stay to reflect on her lifenot soWhat happens soon is quite a story and you sure want to read and find out how this military man comes home to chaos.
Robert Markham had been thought dead yet here he was at his sister s home after having walked many miles to get there and with injuries too he soon collapsed and the saga begins with Kate wondering who this scruffy looking man is in her brothers kitchenSecrets will be revealed and hearts will mend in this storythanks Cheryl for a great one Her Deepest SecretGiving Up Her Out Of Wedlock Son Was The Only Right Choice Still, Kate Woodward Aches That She Isn T Part Of His Life She Can T Heal Herself, But She Can Help Former Confederate Soldier Robert Markham Rebuild His War Shattered Life But Helping Robert Is Drawing Them Irresistibly Close Even As Kate Fears She Can Never Be The One He DeservesBattlefield Loss And Guilt Rekindled Robert S Faith And Brought Him Home To Atlanta And Kate S Past Only Makes Him Determined To Show This Steadfast, Caring Woman That She Deserves Happiness Now, With Her Secrets Revealed And Her Child In Danger, Robert Has Only One Chance To Win Her Trust And Embark On The Sweetest Of New Beginnings As usual a too busy life with far distractions than any one person should have has pushed me into the clutches of another romance novel I complain about this genre despite the fact that I m actually grateful for it The one good thing about a romance novel is that I don t have to think about what I m reading, it is quick reading, and if I happen to put it down for an extended time, it is easy to pick up again This book is from the Love Inspired division of Harlequin I quite literally just figured out who publishes the Love Inspired line of books when I typed the preceding line, and that really explains so much I chose this book from the Love Inspired books because I don t need or want to read something that amounts to nothing than poorly written porn Unfortunately, I was not very impressed with this book As I have spent the last 20 years actively participating Civil War era living history I determined before even reading the first page that I would not judge this book on it s historical accuracy or proper portrayal of the period in question As a Daughter of the Confederacy I further determined that I would not judge the book based on its portrayal of Reconstruction Had I judged the book on any of the foregoing, the book would have received negative stars Of course one look at the cover art told me historical accuracy wasn t this book s strong suit anyway.
I will say that the author s ability to write in a coherent manner was appreciated With romance books it is so hit and miss when it comes to author ability Cheryl Reavis thankfully writes in an engaging style that doesn t leave me feeling as though I ve just read a grade school book Certainly the writing is not scholarly, but that is hardly to be expected in any of today s mainstream books The characters in this book were about what I would expect in the romance genre Unfortunately, I found the main characters to be less than engaging Don t get me wrong, they were OK I simply found the character of Sergeant Major Perkins to be far appealing In all honesty, I am hoping to see a book written for Sergeant Major Perkins I do believe that would be a very good book.
While the main characters didn t catch my attention as much as they should have, I will say that at least the author did allow them to develop In fact, Kate the female lead , truly seemed to grow up and come into her own through the course of the book With Robert the male lead we had to take the author s word for the changes in his character through other character s thoughts and conversations, but even at that, the way it was written just worked The plot was OK I don t like to write much about plot because I don t want to spoil the books I review for other readers Please forgive my vagueness All I can really say about the plot is that the climax of the story seemed rather farfetched and quite engineered Yes, it served it s purpose, but I truly believe there were better options available to the author.
All things considered, I m not sure I would recommend this book Certainly it wasn t horrible, but neither can I say it was even average This book simply didn t work for me However, should you find you want to read the book, I can assure you there is nothing in this book that a reader might find objectionable In fact, this book is safe even for a teen to read.
Set in the turbulent aftermath of the Civil War, Reavis s story realistically portrays some of the problems faced by both sides The choices the heroine must make are heartbreaking and heartwarming in turns RT Book Reviews, rated 4 stars If you read Cheryl Reavis s THE BRIDE FAIR, you might remember that there were people you wondered about People whose stories you wanted to read And now you can This is the story of Maria s brother and Max s sister And there s also Sergeant Major Perkins, who was my own hero and needs his own book The prose takes you to Salisbury, NC and makes you feel how it might have been after the Civil War ended The characterization check out Mrs Kinnard is amazing I m admittedly a Reavis fangirl, but I can t recommend this highly enough.
This is a story of Reconstruction in the South showing us both points of view A Northerner living in the South Kate and a Southerner returning home after service to his country Robert Touching and revealing, the growing romance between this couple is truly icing on the cake.

This is typical historical, romance, inspirational fiction It did have it s charm though, and it was an easy read.
Why the book cover didn t state that this is a continuation of THE BRIDE FAIR baffles me Because it has been such a long time since I read either of the two preceding books see below , I was at a loss until I remembered facts about THE BRIDE FAIR I think this is where the negative reviews come from this really isn t a stand alone book To really enjoy this story, the reader needs to have read the previous ones.
I didn t think Kate was written as clearly as Maria was written in the previous book She seemed to be waiting for something to happen Kate was observant without being proactive Most historical romance heroines are written as outgoing, dramatic, forces of nature Kate s life has been stunted by her early pregnancy and loss of her child to friends of the family She s a retired spinster who helps with other people s children That difference seemed to make the story slow and without much action That is because the action was going on within the characters As always, Cheryl Reavis has intimate knowledge of the human psyche and soul.
Union Prisoners and Southern CampsThe Prisoner 1992 Best Novel winner 1993 The PrisonerThe Bride Fair 2002 Best Novel winner 2003 The Bride FairThe Unexpected Wife 2013 A story about woman torn by having to give up her baby when she was young and a soldier scarred by war.