Ë BlackAcre, Volume One Í Download by ã Duffy Boudreau

Ë BlackAcre, Volume One Í Download by ã Duffy Boudreau WELCOME TO THE AMERICAN DARK AGEThe Country Has Collapsed Only The Stronghold Of BlackAcre Remains Conceived By The Robber Barons Of The St Century, This Opulent City State Is The Last Bastion Of Stability In A World Ablaze With Chaos And Strife Hull, An Elite Warrior From The City S Neo Spartan Military Class, Has Devoted His Life To Defending The Borders Of His Homeland And Now That One Of His Comrades Has Gone Missing During A Clandestine Mission Into Hostile Territory, Hull Himself Must Venture Out Beyond The Wall Into The Brutal And Lawless Frontier Known As The Hinterlands But When The Mission Goes Violently Off The Rails, Hull Is Left With Questions Than Answers What Went Wrong Who Is Really In Charge And Is There Anyone Anywhere He Can Trust The Key To Creating A Great Story About The Future Isn T In Making It Seem Possible, But Probable Ladies And Gentlemen, Let Me Introduce You To A Little Tale Called Blackacre Jonathan Hickman Blackacre Is The Perfect New Comic For Our Times Like Some Bizarre Cross Between Mad Max And Judge Dredd That I Can T Wait To read Of Ed Brubaker An Amazing New Book From An Amazing New Writer This Book Rules Matt Fraction Exceptional One Of The Better Comics Image Is Putting Out Bloody Disgusting A Great DebutHighly Recommended Comics Gaming Magazine 4.
5 really as I really enjoyed this book and cant wait to see how Hull is going to deal with what he found out about his bestfriend s life Lee tho is spunky I hope she fucks some shit up.
Rating 3.
5 5 In a futuristic world of turmoil, BlackAcre stands as the last American cityCollecting BlackAcre 1 5As a budget conscious comic book reader, I appreciate when a publisher like Image Comics provides inexpensive access to their books Image typically releases their trade paperbacks, specifically the first volumes, in the 9.
99 price range BlackAcre, is the name of the last American city in a world that has fallen to pieces The city was established by a group of ultra rich to safeguard themselves from what they saw happening around them BlackAcre is supposed to represent the last shred of stability in an unstable world.
Issue One introduces us to the main character, Hull, who is on his last day of duty as a soldier tasked with protecting BlackAcre Upon retirement Hull is sent on a mission to find a former comrade who has gone missing outside of the city The harsh and unforgiving world outside of BlackAcre s protective walls is revealed immediately read A near future America divided between the ultimate gated community, and hardscrabble rustics who are pretty much Handmaid s Tale on a budget It s competently told and entirely too plausible, yet somehow never quite comes alive.
Maybe 3 1 2 stars.
Gripping dystopian story with political intrigue, religious warring, and plenty of twists and turns Definitely best to suggest to adults and older teens who don t mind sex, violence, and language.
An intriguing post apocalyptic last bastion story mixed with spec ops and religion Perfect A fun read Intriguing premise, if not entirely feasible, but it makes for some ripe potential in the drama dept Would make a decent TV show.
This is a promising start The characters and execution raise it to a level I wasn t expecting, given how worn out the concept sounds at first blush.