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[Camelia Miron Skiba] Â BORN IN VENGEANCE (Dacian Legends, #1) [words PDF] Read Online â I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Ilias is the illegitimate son of Decebelus, King of the Dacians As a small child he saw his entire family massacred and his people forced into slavery by the Romans Vowing to have his revenge on the people responsible for his kingdoms downfall he does everything to accomplish his goal of ensuring his people s continued survival and freedom Even if it means kidnapping his enemies daughter Ilias has watched Nerva grow from a child to a beautiful woman He knows what his duty is His plan to kidnap Nerva and kill her in front of her father backfires when he finds himself caring about her wellbeing When he saves her life everything changes.
I really liked that this was not your typical story Nerva and Ilias were enemies from the word go Yet watching Ilias with his people and the fact that he saved her life changed Nerva s view of him I enjoyed the historical aspect of it as well as the honor and determination Ilias felt towards his people took precedence over the romance between the main characters.
Even though it was a relatively short read I didn t fell shorted The story flowed well from start to finish And I loved the ending.
Why do amazing stories end up too soon You get hooked by a hero that falls for no one else but the daughter of his worse enemy you fall in love with the secondary characters which are outlaws thirsty to take back what was theirs for centuries you hold your breath seeing the plot developing and coming together until the final battle andthe end Born In Vengeance is a remarkable tease leaving the reader with nothingbut a great deal of impatience until the next novel and a soft spot for fearless warriors.
If you like me love history, foreign places and rebellious heroes then Born In Vengeance is the book for you Set in ancient Dacia, the land of Romania today, Born In Vengeance is the story of Ilias, the bastard son of King Decebalus fighting to free his land and people from the Roman oppression.
In doing so he plans to kidnap Nerva, Emperor Traianus s illegitimate daughter His scheme is planned to a tee what he didn t plan was to fall in love with Nerva Their relationship starts on the wrong foot, but as time goes by their grown love is obvious, not forced but rather natural.
I really liked how the author weaved real history into this fictional story Emperor Traianus was one of the most famous emperors in Roman history I look forward to reading the next novel in the series, Born In Sin.
Give me a new Spartacus and I m lost Born In Vengeance is an incredible story of a nation I ve never heard of, a hero whose mind want revenge but heart wants love And not just any kind of love, but from his enemy s daughter I don t think I ve read a romance from the hero s POV until Born In Vengeance I m not complaining I m just saying that it s so well done I couldn t believe the author is actually a woman The way she captures a man s mind, always in control, always focused on details that matter really make Ilias stand out.
I was really disappointed when it ended, too soon for me But at least there is onebook in the Dacian Legends out, Born In Sin, which is already on my kindle ready to be read Review to follow.
Ilias, son of Decebelus, King of the Dacians, has sworn vengeance against the Romans It was the Romans that attacked and destroyed his home, his lands It was Romans that killed his mother, his sister, and his father Ilias, and his brothers in arms, swore that one day they d exact their revenge and take back what is rightfully theirs That day has finally come.
However, Ilias didn t consider the effect Nerva might have on him Nerva, the daughter of his sworn enemy and the central piece in his plot for revenge, doesn t elicit the hate Ilias thought she would Rather, she elicits the need to protect and that threatens all the carefully laid plans.
Born in Vengeance is an extremely engaging novella, despite its length Y all know I usually take issue with novellas as I always feel deprived of character development However, Born in Vengeance gave me just enough of a taste to wantI enjoyed the historical aspect quite a lot Now whether or not it s historically accurate outside of Dacians and Romans having really existed, I m not sure But it feels historically accurate I also liked the love versus logic element as well I think the internal battle Ilias waged was realistic, especially for a warrior He fought to do right by his family, his people but also by Nerva It is a strong leader who can stand up for what he believes in and sway his people to follow him.
Ilias and Nerva, as well as Zyraxes, Ursus, Bastisza, Galtys, are well developed, I felt the closeness these characters had cultivated and understood the turmoil caused by all the events in the story Ms Skiba allows us to see enough of their personalities to become invested in what happens to them I really like that Nerva is a strong heroine She doesn t back down in the face of danger That, along with the realistic portrayal of battle during this time, kept me turning the pages I m anxious to read the complete Dacian Legends series.

Two of my favourite genres to read and review are high fantasy and historical fiction This novella is the love child born of a union between those two genres, and it was AMAZING I ve loved reading about the Romans and Saxons since I was a little girl, and this was a blast from the past Let s get to my review then, shall we The Good The hero Don t judge me okay Ilias was the embodiment of my kryptonite Incredibly intelligent, exquisitely handsome and wonderfully flawed, Ilias had all of the characteristics I value in my tortured heroes He showed us that lines aren t always as clear cut as they first seem to be Though he tried to be the hardened leader his lot in life required him to be, he was still a big softie on the inside, and that just made me love him all theHis tender heart is what makes him a great leader, and I can t wait to seeof that emerge in the future books He is one of those characters that worms his way into your heart, and no matter how you try, you can t seem to get rid of him And if you re honest with yourself, you don t want to The non romantic plot The action plotline was SOLID Raping and pillaging was common in those days, and Cami s novel takes us back to a time where brutality between enemies was expected, but the aftermath never thought of She gives us insight into the fallout after such an incident and the trauma such violence causes upon the victims, who were often young One of the reasons I love medieval fiction is that it reminds us while we have come far in terms of technological advancement, we still haven t lost the violent tendencies cultivated by our forefathers This especially true in light of what happened yesterday in Boston If anything, technology has made usbrutal Medieval fiction like Cami s work shows us that we are no better than the people who slaughtered and humiliated young Ilias s family I loved that this aspect was so strong It sets the stage for the novels to come The narration This novella was about Ilias, so it was a great decision on Cami s part to tell the story from his head, as opposed to from Nerva s perspective or in third person As I ve said, some of the most successful books give insight into the hero s psyche, and I loved that I could experience the entire novel with Ilias, as opposed to just observing him It allowed me to developof a connection to him When I can t empathize with a character, their decisions seem stupid, and I find myself disliking the book However, when I bond with a character, they could do the most asinine, idiotic things in the world, and I would still find a way to excuse the mistake This is why empathy is crucial when creating characters, and Cami does this flawlessly Hats off The Bad I think it s pretty much evident from the above that I loved this book to pieces I wish it were longer, but this is a novella, so the length was standard Also, I may berate heroines now and again okay maybe 95% of the time but I actually kind of missed seeing glimpses into her head I think whole effect of the characters would be better, if it was a 60 40 split between the male and female perspectives 60% going to the hero, of course The main point of this long winded review is that this book was AMAZEBEANS, and everyone needs to read it My Verdict 5 stars, and those of you who have followed my reviews and ratings on goodreads KNOW how rare that is of late read it, rate it, tell your friends to read it, because it s one of the best non modern novels I ve read as of late Also, keep an eye out forabout this AMAZING author, because I will be doing some coolbeans things on the blog OrchitaBook reviewer bloggerAll Aboard the Book BlogBlog Address Page Profile reading This novella introduces us to Ilias, the son of King Decebalus of Dacian Dacians lived, worked and died for the rich land between the Danube and the Carpathian Mountains Ilias watched his sister and mother murdered by the conquering Romans They burned his home and surrounding properties to the ground , and rather than being taken prisoner the King killed himself with his own dagger Ilias vows revenge He forms an army, trains them, gathers weapons for the sole purpose of exacting revenge on his hated enemy the Emporer Traianus His plan was to sneak into the fortress in the middle of the night, killing all he encountered, leaving Traianus alive, but capturing his beloved daughter The plan works very well, but the kidnapped daughter, Nerva, does not go easily This novel is filled with history, war, bloodshed and hatred But, a love story blooms in it s pages A woman of strength and character Verna will have none of the Dacians plans for her future Ilias is so amazed at her beauty and strength he risks his life and his army to save her life I enjoyed this story of warriors and kings There are a lot of difficult names to master, and occasionally some language that is questionable for the time frame, but all in all an entertaining read I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy historical fiction of the Middle Ages This is a prequel to the next novel by this author Born in Sin Zyraxes Story.
When I first picked up this book I had no idea what it was about Sure I had read the Summary, but I didn t know what to expect The story is about King Decebalus s bastard son The premise for the story was good, and the story itself is well written The plot moves along quickly and as you would expect it to Character creation was okay I have to say that I just didn t feel the relationship between the two main characters But since this isof a historical book than a true romance I can overlook that aspect The author did stick to the time period, and it was fun to read about ancient Rome and all the fighting for revenge purposes.
There is quite a bit of violence in this story War, Bloodshed, Hatred all abound There is the love story aspect of it, which does tone down some of the violence in the book And I can say I like strong female characters and Camelia Skiba does not disappoint me in her choice of the strong female she has created.
I happen to love reading books with a historical flair to them More so if the author stays true to the period in which she he is writing and Camelia Skiba did a wonderful job of staying in that time period Romans and Saxons and battles of the time period Not for the faint of heart but it is definately a book to add to your TBR pile.
Details Disclaimer Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review The free book held no determination on my personal review.
3 1 2 starsI d like to thank the author for allowing me a copy of this short story in exchange for an honest review.
I d like to start out by saying that this is a great premise for a story A man swears vengeance on his enemy, and kidnaps his daughter, only to have the whole plan backfire on him when he falls in love with her The story itself was well written, the plot moved along as it should The story ended well.
Yes, I know you feel itthe looming but.
I felt nothing for the two main characters budding relationship There wasemotional tension in a possible uprising in one of the later scenes, than what I felt between these two And I still don t know what Ilias looks like I have deduced that he must have blond hair, because at one point, it was noted that all typical Dacians have blond hair, but I read the story through twice just to see if perhaps I had skipped over it by accident.
HoweverI have noticed that this story has been expanded with further details, so I m hoping that all of these missing details have been added into the later edition.
originally Published As A Short Story Titled I WAS HERE BEFORE YOU CAME, This Stand Alone Version Includes An Expanded Storyline And Excerpts From BORN IN SIN Dacian Legends,, All That You Would Expect From A Full NovelLegend Has It Centuries After Spartacus Another Hero Is Born Ilias, The Bastard Son Of King Decebalus Thirsty For Revenge And Eager To Unshackle The Roman Oppression, Ilias Obsession To Fulfill His Oath Has No Bounds, Even If That Means Kidnapping Nerva, The Beloved Daughter Of Emperor Traianus What He Doesn T Know Is His Own Heart Threatens To Betray His ConscienceWhat Will Prevail His Mind Or His Heart