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Ê Read Ê Grendel's Curse by Alex Archer Ê One of the better of this rather silly but engaging adventure series Lara Croft, eat your heart out A Sword Of Legend In The Hands Of An ExtremistSkalunda Barrow, Sweden, Has Long Been Rud To Be The Final Resting Place Of The Legendary Nordic Hero, Beowulf And There S Something Of Beowulf S That Charismatic And Zealous Right Wing Politician Karl Thorssen Wants Very Badly Intent On Getting His Hands On The Mythical Swords Hrunting And N Gling, Sweden S Golden Boy Politico Puts Together A Team To Excavate The Barrow A Team That American Archaeologist Annja Creed Manages To Finagle Her Way Onto She Wouldn T Miss This Possible Discovery For AnythingWith N Gling At His Side, Thorssen Could Be Invincible A Nordic King Arthur What His Followers Don T Know And Annja Is Beginning To Suspect Is Just How Far Thorssen Will Go To Achieve His Rabid Amibitions When Thorssen Marks Annja For Death, She Quickly Realizes That This Is Much Than A Political Game And The Only Way To Survive Is To Match Thorssen S Sword With Her Own Once again Annja finds herself facing death She is in Sweden to do a segment on Beowolf s tomb for Chasing Histories Monsters when a bomb goes off and suddenly people keep dying An assassin is sent after her and things get complicated real fast Of course she can t get a hold of Roux and she doesn t feel the police are safe either What s a girl supposed to do when someone is trying to have her killed and there is a mystery artifact at stake.
Very nice return to form for the series Consistency of characters, compelling plot, one f my favorites of the series.
Been awhile since I read any Rogue Angel books Since, I couldn t find any of the earlier books Very good.
5 stars This was a good book I like the new author that wrote this one Hope his others turn out just as good.

Annja is filming a segment about the opening of what might be the tomb of Beowulf, or at least the king who might have inspired the legend The dig is enabled, though, but a politician running for office on an anti immigrant platform, and has other plans for the dig Mainly, he is looking for Beowulf s sword, which he can use to get to power But when the sword is actually found, he gets a than he expected.
I quite enjoyed this installment The only plot hole is that she couldn t get a hold of Roux, and when Garin arrives conveniently in time to rescue her from a fire in an isolated area he mentions that Roux actually was in town, but laying low and just observing Whether he s lying or telling the truth is uncertain, but there s no reference to Roux again I get the feeling that the author started to write him in, changed his mind, and couldn t be bothered or didn t have the time to do an edit to take the references out.
This adventure revolves around the legend of Beowulf and his sword There was lots of background aka history revealed about the legends of Beowulf that I had never heard before This was one of the better mixes of history and adventure I really enjoyed it.
The only issue I had was that for being an assassin, he was pretty easy to kill Plus, here never was a good reason for why Roux did not help Anja Garin came out of nowhere as if by magic, and just in the nick of time It was just a little too convenient Especially since it is out of character for Garin to do anything just because Roux told him to.