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ã Read Ç Your Lifelong Membership is Free (The Noble Tie That Binds, #2) by minusoneday È Sterek FanficUncle Peter S Spent Years Regaling Derek With Tales Of His Time As President Of The Alphas Derek S Paid Close Attention, Because Peter S Stint As President Is A Pretty Comprehensive Guide On How To Successfully Run A Fraternity Into The Ground, So Derek Plans To Do The Opposite Of What Peter Did A Derek POV To There Is A Brotherhood In Which Derek S Life Is HardWords Complete Now I liked this much better than the 1st book.
Much better flow and much smoother writingMy Precious Derek s POVNice insight to the entire storyand the added after date scenarios of Stiles and Derek in the Alpha Den was hilarious and cute and sweetWith Derek, there always some angst involved as he is so in denial when it comes to Stilesbut nothing heavyIt s very lightBasically a very nice fun read Derek is sooooo screwed He s fallen for Stiles and doesn t know how to proceed.
This is the companion fic to There is a Brotherhood and you could probably read either and be perfectly fine it just depends on if you want Stiles s or Derek s povBecause this was in Derek s pov, I liked this version better His grumpiness turns into grudging respect and admiration for Stiles s smarts, as their frats compete in a prank war Of course Derek notices Stiles s other attributes and in his own surly, awkward way, sets out to woo him Again this was fun and funny with a sprinkling of smex Totally adorable add on with Derek s POV as Stiles bulldozes through Alpha s and his life Moody brooding and pining.
Haha This is my favorite scene in this fic Yes, I m sillywe ve got this huge Econ test coming up this Friday, and everyone s freaking out about it, so it s probably just that Derek recalls the weight of Greenberg s backpack and grimaces Is that what you ve been holed up here studying for Yeah, Greenberg sighs Finstock totally hates me I think he might fail me on purpose If he fails you, he ll have to have you in his class next semester, Derek says Greenberg s face lights right up.
Oh and that chasing scene It s the companion piece to 3.
5 StarsDerek s side of things from There is a Brotherhood I enjoyed this one even than its predecessor There is something about me and Sterek fics which are told through Derek s POV I simply prefer them can t really put my finger on why Either way, I really enjoyed this I found it sweet and fun, and it definitely had feels.
Perhaps better read some time after the first fic, it s basically re telling the first story from Derek s pov Cute to see Derek and Boyd are actually friends and Derek crushing on Stiles but overall it felt too much like a re telling.
Totally worth it to read the story again from Derek s perspective Still hilarious and hot Loved it