Trailer ì Travels of an Ordinary Man Australia PDF by ✓ Paul Elliott

Trailer ì Travels of an Ordinary Man Australia PDF by ✓ Paul Elliott Have You Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like To Walk Away From A Life That Is Making You Miserable And Try To Start Over Again Travels of an Ordinary Man Australia Is A Book That Follows One Man S Quest To Do Just That Heading To Australia After Selling Everything That He Owns, Apart From The Contents Of His Rucksack, The Story Follows Paul Elliott S Four Month Journey Around The ContinentIt Chronicles His Adventures And The Myriad Of People That He Encounters In A Humourous And Entertaining Way Not Only Does He Begin To Find A Direction For His Life, He Also Begins To Find His True Self In An Ultimately Uplifting Adventure Anything but ordinaryPaul did a great job in enjoying a describing a place I ll never get to Hopefully he ll write another book soon.

It really was a good read Having said that, I did only give it 3 stars The reasonis I didn t think the book needed some of the repeated negative comments I thought it was a great view of Australia, and it only made me excited about my upcoming trip that is still a YEAR off I was also able to connect many of Paul s hostel experiences to experiences of my own in my recent international travels.
The trip of trips l really liked the honesty and insight that the author managed to show Australia to the reader good simple entertainment