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[Jillian Hart] ë Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides [ferdinand-and-isabella PDF] Read Online ë Two great stories Another amazing book by these two ladies I m sad that it s the last one in the series What will I do next Christmas I will miss visiting these two towns in Montana I love the character developments by Janet and Jillian Even the secondary characters add so much to the stories The two heroines meet on a train as they are going to Montana to meet the men they are going to marry as mail order brides They have no idea what they will discover in these two men It must have been so difficult to do something like that, yet it happened often in the old west Each story showed that it was not easy to develop a relationship so that was realistic Both men did not want a real marriage at first, just one of convenience but grew to really love the women It restored the true Christmas spirit Big Sky Brides Find A Family And Love This Christmas Christmas Hearts By Jillian HartThirteen Year Old Amelia Longs For A New Ma Little George Needs A Father S Guidance For Their Children S Sake, Cole Matheson And Mercy Jacobs Agree On A Businesslike Marriage But Though Cole Tries To Keep His Distance, Mercy Offers The Very Thing He S Stopped Believing In The Chance To Forge A Real Family Mistletoe Kiss In Dry Creek By Janet Tronstad Passable Cook Wanted As Wife Marriage In Name Only Noah Miller Doesn T Expect Any Replies To His Plainspoken Ad, Though It S The Only Kind Of Offer The Guarded Rancher S Prepared To Make Until Widowed Maeve Flanagan And Her Sweet Daughter Arrive, Turning His Home And His Heart Upside Down Received 4 stars at RT Book ReviewsHarlequin Reader Reviews Classic Christmas and so much fun to read Both novellas pack a wallop of romance guaranteed to curl your toes and warm your heart To read , go Great Story First l always love what Jillian Hart writes she is one of the best in romance stories And she doesn t let her readers down this time.
The other story is good too,l like she put the herone with child A good holiday read I absolutely loved both of these stories It s fun to read two shorter stories I liked the characters in both books I like books about mail order brides and their stories It was light reading but so enjoyable Thanks to both authors I liked the tie in with the characters in both books and how their endings were revealed in the epilogue.
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Two wonderful and heartwarming mail order brides stories by Jillian Hart and Janet Tronstad I hope they keep writing these stories.
Christmas Hearts by Jillian Hart Angel Falls, Book 4 Thirteen year old Amelia longs for a new ma Little George needs a father s guidance For their children s sake, Cole Matheson and Mercy Jacobs agree on a businesslike marriage But though Cole tries to keep his distance, Mercy offers the very thing he s stopped believing in the chance to forge a real family.
Sweet story Cole needs a new mother for his daughter, who desperately needs a woman s influence in her life, while Mercy s son George longs for a father to do guy things with Cole and Mercy agree to marry for their children s sake without any expectation of feelings between them Cole feels that his heart died along with his wife and son and that he s got nothing left to give Mercy would like a real marriage but is willing to give that up to have a father for George I really liked how quickly Cole and George bonded I also enjoyed seeing the way that Mercy was able to get Cole to lighten up a little on Amelia Mercy s care and compassion went a long way toward enabling Cole to open his heart up to love again.
Mistletoe Kiss in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad Dry Creek Historical, Book 5 Passable cook wanted as wife Marriage in name only Noah Miller doesn t expect any replies to his plainspoken ad, though it s the only kind of offer the guarded rancher s prepared to make Until widowed Maeve Flanagan and her sweet daughter arrive, turning his home and his heart upside down.
Noah s ranch hands had put the ad in the paper, wanting someone who could cook for them, but Noah went along with it He ll marry for propriety s sake, but he doesn t plan to risk his heart again He had married once before but wasn t good enough for his wife to stay around He expects an older widow when Maeve answers the ad, not the Irish beauty and her daughter It isn t long before Maeve has become an important part of his life, if he can just gather the courage to tell her so Maeve had come west to start a new life after her husband was killed It hadn t been a good marriage and she is wary but hopeful of finding true love with the man who sent for her She is also pregnant with her late husband s child and worried that Noah won t want to marry her because of it I loved the ranch hands and how determined they were to keep Maeve there I found their care for Maeve s daughter really sweet and loved the lengths they went to to make her comfortable There was a surprise visitor who could have made things bad for Maeve and Noah, but who turned out to be just the help they needed.
The Mail Order Brides series by Jillian Hart and Janet Tronstad just keeps getting better with each book This one is my favorite of the three.
Christmas Hearts by Jillian Hart Jillian Hart really knows how to involve the reader in the character s lives, especially when she brings in animals and children I loved seeing the relationships between the adults and the children develop, as well as the sweet romance, of course The ending was very satisfying, and I highly recommend it Mistletoe Kiss In Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad Another sweet, well written holiday novella set in one of my very favorite fictional locations, Dry Creek, Montana The way the ranch hands reacted to the new cook was delightful, and the sacrifice the men all made for her young daughter was touching If you have not experienced the joy of mail order bride novellas written by these two authors, please make sure you do as soon as possible My only wish is that every story was a full length book instead of just a novella.