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[ Read Online Barefoot Summer à fiction PDF ] by Denise Hunter à It was a little weird to finally read this first book in the Chapel Springs series after having read all the others, and I think knowing some of the stories to come affected my enjoyment of this initial story a tad But it still had all the sizzling romance and character depth I love about Denise s writing l, and now I m dying to reread the rest of the series Denise Hunter is an author I love to love She has the incredible ability to get inside her characters so deeply And her plots Oh my I oftentimes need to sit down and prepare myself to read her books because I know my emotions will be put through the ringer by the time I m finished with it The blurb below isn t lying when it says the chemistry between them Madison and Beckett is electrifying This story between them is compelling Rich Everything I ask for in a book.
Denise Hunter books are the kind I m quite frankly addicted to and cannot find enough of Sure, there are plenty of books out there than ever since now anyone with the internet can publish their work on But I can t help but notice that there just aren t many of those that have the ability to win my affections as much as tried and true author who have made it in the ever changing traditional publishing world in the last ten years.
If you want to be swept off your feet and have your heart tumbled around in your chest because of the words in front of you, look up Denise Hunter s books Every single one of them.
I received a complimentary paperback version of Denise Hunter s Barefoot Summer by Thomas Nelson publishers in order to give a review containing my honest opinion.
Madison S Heart Closed The Day Her Twin Brother DiedSince Losing Her Twin, Michael, In A Drowning Incident, Madison Has Rejected The Faith He Lived By Instead, She S Devoted Her Life To Fulfilling Michael S Dream Winning The River Sail Regatta In Their Small Indiana Town, Chapel SpringsAs She Trains For The Regatta, Beckett O Reilly Is Teaching Madison To Swim But He S Keeping A Painful Secret From Her And As They Grow Closer, That Secret Threatens To Upend Their Lives And The Lives Of Both Their Families Where do I begin other than to say I loved this book Ever since I read The Convenient Groom years ago I ve been a fan of Denise Hunter While I ve enjoyed all of her books since that first experience in Nantucket, none quite lived up on the romance side of things until her latest book, Barefoot Summer.
Beckett O Reilly is just one of those heroes and by one of those I mean a bit roguish, tall, dark, and handsome and oh so easy to fall in love with dreamy sigh he has coal colored eyes I could definitely see why Madison McKinley could hardly resist him While not a perfect story, I was thoroughly engaged in the story and finished the book from cover to cover in one sitting I thought it was a little far fetched that Madison learned to swim, restore a boat, and learn to sail all in such a short time but the rest of Madison and Beckett s story is so unique love the setting and romantic that it is definitely one of my favorite story s of the year Even with the sizzling chemistry between both characters, it was than just a romance As with any Christian fiction Madison and Beckett struggle with their faith and heartaches, both past and present Barefoot Summer is the perfect read to take with you to the beach or just to grab when you want to hole up in your reading chair with a good book If you ve read and enjoyed Denise s books in the past, you won t be disappointed If you aren t familiar with this author this is a great book to start out with My Rating 5 out of 5 stars I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255.
This is one of those books that I kept hearing was amazing, over and over again So why three stars I think my expectations had been built to high and came crashing down quickly.
Issue 1 I found the romance shallower than I had expected I had expected a lot development in the relationship before the characters started kissing, and that wasn t the casePositive 1 The characters were amazingly well done Hunter s talent in that regard was amazing.
Issue 2 The story felt a little slow at times Some things felt like an information dump, other things I figured out what had happened and just wish the author would spell it out instead of pretending like it was a secret Positive 2 I loved depth and realismf the characters.
Positive 3 I loved the setting and the family.
I plan to read by this author with realistic expectations.
This author sure knows how to pack emotion, tender moments, and passion within the pages of each book she writes I loved this book It was compelling and interesting I appreciated how there were so many lessons about secrets, forgiveness, and knowing God in a personal way inserted into the story line I also loved how the author showed that a relationship with the living Savior does change the way someone lives their life and eventually people who long for similar peace will seek the same relationship The romance was delectable I adored the hero He was very heroic and delightful The way he sacrificed his time to help Madison was admirable I loved how he taught her to swim so she wouldn t be so afraid to be on the water The tension was tastefully written, but palpable and intense at the same time There was true love going on within the pages of this book It flowed smoothly and naturally and I had a hard time putting it down once I got wrapped up in the story.
Review on on my blog s no secret that contemporary romance is not one of my favorite genres, so I didn t know how much I d enjoy Barefoot Summer I ended up really liking it and definitely plan on reading the next Chapel Spring novel.
The characters were great and I loved the McKinley family Beckett would probably be my favorite character because of all the things he went through and had to overcome but all of the characters were, as I said, great I loved the whole sailing aspect to Barefoot Summer It definitely made this a unique read for me Also, the romance was so sweet Overall, Barefoot Summer was a wonderful read perfect for summer I recommend it if you enjoy these types of books I received a complimentary eBook copy of this book from the publisher for my review I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion which I ve done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I loved this book This one is tied with the third book The Wishing Season for my favorite of the series so far I ended up reading this series totally out of order, I read the novella A December Bride first, then the second and third books Dancing With Fireflies and The Wishing Season and then finally reading this one which is the first book of the series, while I did experience some minor spoilers by reading them in that order, I didn t have a problem following the storyline Though these books don t have to be read in order I would recommend starting with Barefoot Summer if you can, simply because it was just soooo good I loved finally getting to read Madison and Beckett s story, it was even better than I had dreamed it would be I m having difficulty trying to think of anything else to say without spoiling something so I will just say that this was one of the few books where I found myself relating on some level to the spiritual struggles of both the hero and heroine, I felt invested in their story and was cheering for them every step of the way I love this series and the McKinley family I can t wait to read the fourth book Married till Monday when it releases SUMMARY Madison s heart closed the day her twin brother died.
Since losing her twin, Michael, in a drowning incident, Madison has rejected the faith he lived by Instead, she s devoted her life to fulfilling Michael s dream winning the River Sail Regatta in their small Indiana town, Chapel Springs.
As she trains for the regatta, Beckett O Reilly is teaching Madison to swim But he s keeping a painful secret from her and as they grow closer, that secret threatens to upend their lives and the lives of both their familieREVIEW This was the first book I have read by Denise Hunter I found it easy to read with both storyline and characters that kept my attention I thought it was very interesting that although Madison is surrounded by Christian people she hadn t really developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ Therefore, letting go of her pain and grief over her brother s death was impossible for her The author did a good job of portraying the realism of this difficult situation for Christians who don t have that relationship I loved Beckett, his kindness, caring, and strength after all he had gone through and was still fighting Yet he still felt real as he continued to struggle with his occasional bouts of temper Madison s family was wonderful with all their different and unique personalities The analogy for barefeet was a nice touch in the ending I felt this was a strong intro for the Chapel Springs series and plan to read the other books.
FAVORITE QUOTES God s grip never slips when something awful happens, it helps to know there s a God and that He knows what He s doing That He has a purpose we might not see, might never understand Life is filled with difficulties This isn t heaven We have these big mountains, set right in front of us, and we have no choice but to climb But death is part of life Not my favorite part, not by a long shot But God does not owe us ninety years on this earth Life is a gift, however long it lasts It s God s to give and take away as He sees fit.
This was sooo good Loved everything about it That s all