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ñ An Heir to Bind Them ↠´ Download by Û Dani Collins This was a story of two people from some troubling backgrounds because of one night must find a way to become a family and maybe heal each other This was a very beautiful story I could not put it down until I finished the book so it was a very late night early morning before I was finished I took this book out of the Library and voluntarily chose to review it.
Imagine working for a sinfully sexy boss that not only commands excellence but pretty much can command you to drop every single stitch of your clothing and all just with a smile.
Would you be able to concentrate on work and not think about what it would be like to be with him Would you be able to not think of happy ever afters and instead remember that you are just the current flavor of secret sexual you please me I please you affairs This is pretty much the life of Jaya, she craves the touch of her boss Theo, and in one reckless night of surrender and escape on both their parts she not only get s every single touch she desires but also a heck of a lot than she bargained for.
But because she had already made up her mind to quit and take off to France she has no idea of the consequences before much later Only when Theo seeks her out to ask for her help in caring for his niece and nephew does she have to come clean and Theo is not only not prepared for it he is so floored that is perfectly crafted world crumbles into a heap of confusion, anger and hurt Not to mention the man is mad as hell at her for daring to not let him in on the secret sooner, and he plans on making her pay The character of Jaya was really touching I loved her fighting spirit and natural handle what ever comes personality She knows she might be able to handle what ever life dishes up but she for darn sure won t go down without a fight Just like the rest of us she also hits her points of frustration and anger but her inner beauty let s it all balance back to a sort of try to see the bright part in all this and find a staring point to sort it out This made her a really fascinating heroine that I fully enjoyed reading.
The character of Theo was a real bastard at the best of times I wanted to at one stage hurl than a flowerpot at his gorgeous head But I could understand that being a man of power and dominating everything in life and then suddenly being thrown into a world of diapers, feeding time and play groups would pretty much send any man off balance It was very entertaining to see him go from all round master in the office to having to learn how to master handling babies Him lashing out with hurtful words and actions showed just how hard it can be to learn to adapt to a new world when it was not what you expected to land in your lap in the first place or when you lose what you did not know you had I loved the rich and utterly gorgeous backdrops described by the author in exquisite detail, the dialogue was extremely emotional so much so that it not only brought me to tears it pretty much felt like my heart was ripped to shreds and I had to keep reading in order to have it healed again, which the author did with and amazing heartfelt ending that had me shouting Yes, yes, yes I am taking away a message of life throws you for a loop when you least expect it but it is not the time to go down in flames thinking I am so not ready for this and am so not dealing with it Yes you are entitled to ask for help no one is going to blame you but, don t ask for help and then still think it gives you the right to only let your rules count Others have opinions too And don t ever think your feelings don t count.
5 5 star review An heir binds them, but only love can heal their broken past I have a pill in my room One that, um, prevents a pregnancy after, um, unprotected sex Please don t ask me why I have it.
Her voice faded toward the end She was grossly unsure of herself and given how he d pulled away, maybe he wasn t all that invested He became very grave as he pondered what she d said, making her hold her breath I always wear a condom Disappointment sliced surprisingly deep She swallowed and nodded I understand It s okay Like you said, this isn t something we intended, so No, I mean I m clean I ve never gone bareback so you don t have to worry I d give you anything I Had tests Again, she didn t want to think about Saranya taking her to the doctor once she d got her out of India That dark time was being overcome, here, tonight, with this man I m clean, too He searched her face She recognized the glaze of concentration in his eyes as a passionate force It nearly squeezed the air right out of her Swear to me you ll take that pill His lips barely moved My family would take out a contract on me if I had a baby outside of marriage REALLY WTH But, I still enjoyed it, overall.
There s been a big stir in the romance world lately about diversity in romance novels, and one issue that keeps coming up is when big lines such as Harlequin produce diverse books written by white authors Such as this one Which is, alas, a really good example of the problems with these books.
Look, I was hoping for a pretty straightforward billionaire category Harlequin novel That s what I wanted To a certain extent, that s what I got But very, very early on in the book, the heroine thinks to herself of the Greek hero he reminded her of the poorest children in India, the ones old enough to have lost hope WHAT We eventually learn that the heroine is Indian, but when combined with the dark hints about her terrible past in India and the vaguely generic disowned by her family for shaming them, this merely gives me a sense of foreboding The hero also talks about the heroines chocolate nipples, which is gross We do learn that the heroine speaks Punjabi, but every time she thinks about India or references her past it s a huge generic India which is basically like calling someone American without bothering to distinguish between a Texas rancher and a New York billionaire an error a Harlequin category line would never make Later, when we re introduced to the hero s family, his sister in law s first response to learning he has an illegitimate child by a former employee is, Will it be a full Indian wedding, do you think I ve always wanted to go to one She s supposed to be a sympathetic character We re not supposed to find that problematic at all When we learn the heroine s secret, she thinks view spoiler If she hadn t been assaulted, she would have stayed in India and married under her uncle s dictate hide spoiler Collins romance is sweet and spicy Her exotic locales are brought to life by an expressive narrative, and the intimate dialogue between her tormented hero and her vulnerable heroine is titillating RT Book Reviews 4 1 2 stars

Though this book wasn t my favorite Dani Collins book, this book was pretty darn good It was enjoyable and completely readable I never felt bored nor did I try to skim through it to get to the good parts I was engaged pretty quickly from the most clever opening ever that made the story start off with a little bit of kick to it with a small amount of suspense and danger thrown in to make it coming off differently than any other Presents that I have read in the past Though I did find it strange the it was the prologue, but whatever it was a good jumping off point and setup the reunion of Jaya and Theo.
After the setup of the story was presented, then the story took us back eighteen months in the past to Jaya and Theo s relationship I liked they already had an established relationship at the point already with Theo being her boss and Jaya having a major crush on him, which made her decide to leave because she knew it was asking for trouble So basically she was saying goodbye to him, though the struggle to leave him as were her feelings for him were very apparent The struggle was real, but also in this scene I could feel the attraction between them and how they both suppressed it because of their working relationship Just that back and forth in that moment as they tried to deny their desire for each other.
, but that didn t exactly happen Granted they never would have acted on their feelings if she wasn t leaving nor was he in the best place emotional, but a passionate interlude followed.
Despite the fact that it happened really early in the book it didn t set my hackles up like it usually does this early in the book because I am all about the anticipation factor before the act even happens, but in this case I was okay with it because it was very beautifully written and really showed off the trust and connection between them It was a loaded scene too because this was the first time that she wanted a man after she was sexually assaulted years ago, and tended to stay away from men in that way Theo was the first man to really interest her in that way, and though she did go back and forth of whether she should or shouldn t be with him, she decided she did and feel the pleasure that he could provide her in that moment She felt very empowered by that decision and felt nothing but pleasure with him, but she was only able to do that because she had feelings for Theo If it was anyone else I don t think she could have done that The fact they had a backstory and a pre established relationship helped her to allow that kind of intimacy with him because she felt like she knew him, and that also made it for me a little easier to swallow because it wasn t just a one night stand or a stranger she was engaging in this behavior with There was that trust and intimacy already there, and I could feel that.
Also I loved Theo in that scene because he truly came off as a good guy even if he was playing it off as if he was anything but He didn t know about her past, but he could tell that she was wavering about whether to do this or not He was very sweet and understanding about the whole thing, and even though he desperately wanted her, he was willing only as far as she was willing to go, and actually he meant it and it wasn t just words coming out of his mouth to convince her to sleep with him He started off slow and gauged her the entire way, and always made sure she was okay before continuing on, and it was the way he did not that he did it It was very genuine, and I could tell that he wanted her as into this as he was into her, which just made the scene all the hotter Plus all the anticipation leading up to the big event just made it all the sizzling, and the closer that they got physically the closer the got emotionally, and it was just a good scene It showed the meaning of the ultimate connection in every single level that there was It was clear that it was meaningful scene for both of them and became the utmost of important, and definitely was a night to remember in every way possible including a consequence that would have lifetime implications.
Fast forward to the present, and come to find out that Theo needed Jaya s help in taking care of his nephew and niece after a situation had occurred that left his siblings trapped at sea and the children needed to protected Theo could think of no one else he could trust but Jaya And when they met again, the connection was still clearly there for both of them and it went deep along with some hurt feelings along the way He ignored her calls when she called him, wounding her in the process and kind of gave up meeting him again She was mad at him, but it was so much complicated than that as were her feelings for him, but she agreed to help him take care of his niece and nephew Then truth slowly get revealed about their pasts as well as the present They were open and honest with each other, and as that happened they got closer and closer and started to reconnect again and try to make a life together with their son.
This book could have used a little angst for my taste I just didn t feel that raw, gripping angst that I am accustomed by Dani Collins It was of this truth and that truth coming out as they came to get know each other again, which was fine, but I think angst added would have given the story a little intensity and oomph to it Not that they didn t have intense conversations or complicate emotions weren t explored because there were, and it was some heavy stuff too, it just didn t give me those gripping feels that I expected There wasn t a lot of tension or butting heads I felt either It was coming to grips with things than anything else I was just expecting of a fight between them to lead into passionate interludes And that didn t happen.
In fact aside from their first time together in the past, there was really only one other proper love scene Don t me wrong it was a good scene, and it was nice to see them together and renew that connection between them And there was a little bit of anticipation leading up to the moment, but it wasn t consumed through the entire book There attraction was there and the need for closeness was there, but not that raw sexual tension that I would have expected after all this time being separated, instead it was subtle than anything else That wasn t a bad thing, it just was different It was satisfying when they did finally come together again, and it was a a beautiful scene between them as they came together on every level I felt their connection and the specialness that they had, and it was all the poignant because there was such honest and truth between them They really knew each other and saw all their past demons and accepted them as who the person was, which just made for a really powerful statement I loved seeing them together and have that passionate connection in that moment.
Even though this book wasn t perfect, and I have loved other Dani Collins stories , I enjoyed this one I wouldn t classify this book as a bad book, but it was different and I didn t get all the angsty feels that I was expecting especially considering the premise on the back But I never had any feelings of hate towards it at any point, nor was a bored or felt like I was just slogging through it to get through it I just wanted to feel intensity while I was reading it I enjoyed Jaya and Theo as a couple They had some raw moments, but they had some sweet moments too that were just filled with moments of connection and honesty between them Theo did make some mistakes along the way, but he wasn t that typical cruel alpha jerk, and he had some really sweet moments with Jaya and the children How he saw himself was heartbreaking than ever Jaya and Theo were just the perfect pair, and I loved Jaya and all she had overcome in her life to be this independent and successful woman that didn t need Theo, but she wanted him They just had a beautiful thing going on, and a beautiful relationship I loved the fact they had history together, which made their present complicated, but it just carried the story forward so they could have a strong, healthy relationship for the future It was a good addition to the unofficial MaKricosta s siblings quartet.
Book Three in the Makricosta Dynasty.
This one follows 1 No Longer Forbidden 2 More Than A Convenient Marriage Look for Book Four, Seduced Into The Greek s World, Jun 2015.
I think this author really brings some hope to the Harlequin Presents genre Both H and h aren t your trite Rich guy Poor girl cinderella The h truly has risen the ranks in her career, continues to be blindly loyal to parents who don t deserve, values family loyalty to her cousin who helped her, was assaulted considering India s reputation as rape capital not a surprise and best of all isn t hung up on marriage as a salvation The H truly understands her value continues to make effort, is openly nervous, wants to be better than who he is Amazing chemistry between the H h who really grow into the relationship.
5 stars I love reunion romances so I was keen to read this one The heroine Jaya is from India and has a difficult history with men and her family The hero, Theo has been her boss for four years and they work well together and respect each other.
When Jaya has to leave her job for family reasons, her departure coincides with Theo being emotionally fragile because of something that happened with his family The mutual sympathy draws them closer, breaking down the barriers fans self It s pretty special for both of them and marks a significant breakthrough for Jaya but Theo breaks contact with her for over eighteen months A lot can happen in that time wink wink nudge nudge Soooo Theo gets stuck with his niece and nephew in the midst of a crisis just off the French coast Of course the first person he thinks of to help is Jaya Soft as ever she helps And she s really good with kids wink wink nudge nudge Did I mention that Yup, Theo really should have answered her calls back in the day so he didn t get such a surprise.
I really enjoyed this story and loved seeing how the different qualities of both of them helped each other overcome the tragedies and traumas of the past It was a very sweet story and the heroine was strong without needing to be fiesty and kickass which I really enjoyed.
I was a bit peeved that hero went back to having one night stands while heroine was dealing with the results of their night together If it hadn t been mentioned explicitly I could have stayed in my airy fairy land of delusion and pretended no matter how unlikely snips one sentence from book Now it s perfect.
Off The Boss S Payroll And Into His Bed Jaya Her Name Reverberates Around Theo Makricosta S Head In Time To The Whirring Blades Of His Private Helicopter He Must Find Her Only Jaya Can Help With The Care Of His Infant Niece And Nephew It S Not Because He Hasn T Stopped Thinking About The Single Night Of Mind Blowing Passion He Shared With The Exotic Beauty Jaya Powers Couldn T Refuse Her Gorgeous Millionaire Greek Boss When She Worked For Him, And She Can T Refuse Him Now Only This Time She Has A Secret Their Night Together Had Consequences That Will Change Theo S Perfectly Ordered Existence Forever