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Download Epub Format Ê Kissing Another Grimaldi (Bovaghnian Rogues #1) PDF by î K.Z. Riman I was really pleasantly surprised with Kissing Another Grimaldi Lately, I have been reading a lot of YA Paranormal Supernatural Thriller books, that I hardly find time reading a sizzling romantic story When I decided to read something that doesn t involve zombies, vampires and dragons, I picked out this book from my To Be read collection and I was not disappointed What I liked about this book is that the characters are realistic and conventional I easily got lost in time while reading Kelsey s narration and her torn feelings for Scott What I really love about her is she thought of the possible consequences to a certain problem before making a decision Although there were times when I had to question her judgment, in the end, she had proven her worth for her son and for everyone surrounding her Also, there was something very alluring about Scott He may be the typical twin with the bad boy attitude, swoon worthy and hot and sexy, but he still got that personality that gets ladies intrigued Together with Kelsey, they radiate so much sizzling passion that might as well burn them I was too engrossed with their romantic trysts that I lost track of my time I honestly liked the author, KZ Riman s writing style which is smart and full of promise I find the story zips along quickly and easily Her debut novel deserves to be called a gem Actually, as soon as I finished reading Kissing Another Grimaldi, I wanted to start all over again This may be the side effect of the enhancement pill mentioned in the book Ha ha I look forward to readingof KZ s work Highly recommended I have read a lot of e books about twins sharing the same love interests This book, however, isn t like any other book that initially talks about sibling rivalry KZ Riman changed this typical introduction of twins, and she successfully captured my interest from the first paragraph alone Seth was about to propose to his lady love, Kelsey, but he met a tragic fate when he died in a car accident That same day, Kelsey learned that she was carrying Seth s child After six years, Kelsey finally succumbed to her almost in laws wishes to see her child, Sean, who was the splitting image of his father After seeing her child s face full of happiness in the arms of his grandparents, Kelsey decided to accept their offer to stay with the family Soon thereafter, Seth s twin, Scott, came back to the mansion upon the request of his father to manage their company Seeing Kelsey again brought back memories of younger years the time when he was helplessly and secretly in love with this brother s girlfriend He used to taunt Kelsey with viscous remarks about her virginity but deep inside, he wanted her for himself He just didn t have the courage to fight with his twin Now that Kelsey, her child and Scott are under one roof, he couldn t help but fall for her again But he still wanted to pursue his life long dream of building his own empire and leave after a year, just so he could bed all the blonde women he wanted Then came Carter, the dean s son who wanted to propose marriage to Kelsey What will Scott do Will he let Kelsey leap into Carter s arms Or will he admit his feelings in the end This book is full of eroticism Initially, erotic tales weren t my cup of tea, but I know how to appreciate steamy love stories and Kissing Another Grimaldi did not disappoint me I could safely say that the sexy hot scenes I ve read were important to the plot Kissing Another Grimaldi was really a roller coaster ride, but was surprisingly very easy to read I liked KZ Riman s writing style, it was flawless and she certainly has a knack for telling a story Her maiden offering of the Kissing the Bovaghnian Rogues series promises a roller coaster experience There s the family oriented story, there s a sexy as sin, hot and gorgeous rogue there s the a feisty and headstrong lady, PLUS lots and lots of steamy yummy sex, not to mention, a drug that enhances sexual desires What s not to love I thought of the movie, Mrs Winterbourne, when I read the synopsis of the book Maybe it s because there s a pregnant girl there s the wealthy twin brothers and then one of them accidentally dies.
When I started reading, I used the Winklevoss twins in Social Network Armie Hammer he reminds me of Brendan Fraser who happens to be in the movie Mrs Winterbourne to play the Grimaldi twins in my head.
I m a sucker for romance stories about a wallflower getting involved with popular or affluent guys, which unfortunately rarely ever happens in real life That s why we the girls all love this kind of story.
So Kelsey Fontez fell in love with Seth Grimaldi, but then fate has other plans and Kelsey was left all alone to raise their child When she finally decided to introduce her son to the Grimaldis, she knew that her life would never be the same again Not to mention, Scott, the other twin is a living and breathing reminder of her dead boyfriend.
Another complication in her life is the growing, er sensual tension between this other Grimaldi twin Somehow, one of them was oblivious of old, suppressed feelings that seem to reignite everytime they are in the same room Scott and Kelsey s relationship is a rollercoaster of passionate, secret encounters that would make any conservative girl blush We wouldn t have to call the love scenes in this book steamy for nothing I almost forgot that an experimental drug also play a role in their story.
The plot may seem familiar but the standing issues being faced by Kelsey as a single mom is reality I m glad the author wrote her as headstrong and independent but her personal struggle with her choices especially concerning her son, can sometimes be debilitating for her This is what makes her flawed in our eyes and all we could do is sympathize with her The writing is also clever because in every chapter we witness their story, alternately, through their eyes This what makes their romance so affecting because we seem to be inside their heads and not just mere spectators.
This is a wonderful debut novel by KZ Riman It s actually a first of a series and I would love to learnabout her writing by reading the other Kissing series.
A story about family and falling in love again in the most unlikely time and unlikely place, this debut novel of K.
Z Riman is definitely a page turner It centers on the responsibility and maturity of a mother, raising a child on her own after the death of Seth, her boyfriend After six years, Kelsey was persuaded to live with her almost in laws for the sake of her son.
I like the attitude of Kelsey Fontez, a headstrong and independent woman, yet she longed to be loved and be cared for She made herself believe that she hated Scott, Seth s twin brother While she saw Seth as her knight in shining armor, Scott was a bully, a scoundrel, always ready to torture her every opportune time Scott Grimaldi, the playboy but theseductive twin I found him annoying on the first few chapters of the book but as his character began to unfold, I began to understand why he acted the way he did around his parents and Kelsey I have always believed that there s hope for men who have bad habits and vices, and though this is a work of fiction, Scott serves as an example Love broke his wall of hostility and healed his past hurts He proved to have a heart that is capable of loving others, as well.
Though there were steamy scenes, I commend K.
Z for not going overboard I personally despise sex scenes which are not necessary to advance the plot but in this novel, aside from the fact that it wasn t written in a laborious way, it was enough to let the readers feel the love and passion between two people who kept on hiding their feelings for one another.
Over all, this story has depth and is filled to the brim with passion I like K.
Z s writing style It s a simple and quick read story yet powerful enough to put me on the edge of my seat Will I recommend this Definitely a must read for mature readers.
Congratulations K.
Kelsey is a single mom 6 years ago she was dating her college sweetheart, Seth He was tragically killed in a car accident before she could tell him that she was pregnant with his son, Sean She had a feeling He was going to propose, and He was, he had the engagement ring with him, which she now wears.
Scott, Seth s twin brother, has always liked Kelsey, even when she was dating Seth Due to financial strain, Kelsey moves herself and her son in with Scott s Mother and Father Who are excited to have their grandson living with them.
The author uses each chapter to go from Kelsey to Scott s points of view, I liked that, We get to see what happens for both characters Most books are from one p.
v , I liked that K.
Z jumped between each character It makes for a great and interesting book.
Scott is the V.
P of his Father s pharmaceutical company Scott helps create a drug that saves a very important person later in the book The company also creates a sex drug which is given to Kelsey, but a member of Scott s company, There is a full chapter all about that.
Scott has some trouble accepting Sean because of his feelings for Kelsey, but luckily by the end of the book he has to deal with Sean first hand, and overcomes his troubles Kelsey goes away to take some much needed medicine to little boys and girls who need it Alicia, Scott s cousin who we meet with her twin brother Keiffer in the beginning of the book, accompanies Kelsey.
I give the book 3 out of 5 hearts The currency used in the book is a creolle, which I have never heard of, nor do I know the convergence to American dollars Also the Genre is Erotica and the Heat Rating is a 4, I do not agree with those Yes there are some sex scenes in the book, but not, in my opinion, racy enough to be considered an erotica book I would only give it a Heat Rating of a 2, due to the sex scenes, I was not that hot Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of the book from the authorin exchange for an honest review This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.
I wanted you to stay away from me, but theI drove you away, theI wanted you to come back to me I recently joined a writing workshop and was assigned a trope the one that got away I just wished I have read this novel prior to that workshop because Kissing AnotherGrimaldi is a perfect example of two people denying the attraction, losing contact and meeting again after some time due to inevitable circumstances which at the end of the story, to me, seemed cleverly planned out by third parties.
Set in a foreign country called Bovaghn that can not belocated anywhere in the world map , KZ Riman takes the readers to view the world in the perspective of Kelsey Fontez, a widow left with a son she raised on her own for six years and Scott Grimaldi, twin brother of Kelsey s late fianc e and who was known to be a manipulative womanizer or to bluntly put it, the evil half.
The story starts off with Kelsey finally agreeing to see her late fianc e s family to grant her son s wishes to see his grandparents, knowing that he has every right to experience the kind of life she couldn t afford given her circumstances The conflict thickens when Scott gets into the picture, looking every bit like his twin and her son s father, making her longing for a man harder to resist.
On the other hand, Scott, the prodigal son, returns to fulfill his end of the deal that his father made with him One year to take over the company and he s free to chase after his own dreams But the sudden arrival of Kelsey brought a myriad of complications not only to his goals but to the desires he had kept hidden for years And it does not help that Kelsey isdesirable now, leaving him wanting her all the .
Written in words so intricately woven, tugging at heartstrings and or lower, the narrative beautifully paints a picture of how two people who try so hard to stay away from each other only to find themselves gravitating towards one another, the passion growing immensely each time And since this is an erotica, reading this will induce sweating, feeling warm or putting the book down for a couple of minutes or days before picking it back up to continue Enough said.
About The Book BookOf Kissing The Bovaghnian Rogues SeriesI Will Never Leave You AloneOne Of The Handsome Grimaldi Twins Falls Into A Car Crash And Dies The Night He Is To Propose For Marriage, Leaving Kelsey Fontez Pregnant With His Son Six Years Later, She Turns Up At The Grimaldi Mansion S Door To Introduce Her Son To His Grandparents The Plan Is Simple She Brings Her Son To The Life He Deserves And Lives With Him In Peace Scott Grimaldi, The Rogue And Vigorous Half Of The Grimaldi Twins, Isn T Going To Let It Happen He Has Sedated His Desires For Too Long Already, Masking His Intentions With His Endless Needs To Taunt Her As A Teenage Girl How Far Is He Willing To Taunt Kelsey Now Just To Have Her In His Bed When It Means Losing To His Father S Ultimatum Of His Inheritance, Caring For His Brother S Son, And Throwing Away His Life Long Dreams