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5 Stars Lots of reviews say that this book is really funny and that the banter between the MCs is great.
I would love to put in some quotes But I would need to quote probably whole pages Seriously the banter between Hadley and Jack was awesome.
Hadley is a real workaholic You re addicted to work I am not addicted to anything I tried to snatch the book back from him You are Work and caffeine and possibly sugar, he said mildly, leafing through the pages I mean, look at this You learned how to speak a language in college You want to know what I learned Theater He arched an eyebrow How to roll a joint She is editor in chief of her university s newspaper and she has also big plans for her future She wants to report about war zones for the The New York Times.
And Jack, well he is the complete opposite of her They always tell you to do what you love And I love not working One day Hadleys best friend and roommate David dares her to make out with a strangers and Hadley chooses Jack.
They don t exchange names or anything and don t see each other after that But when Hadley an Jack meet again Jack wants to go out with Hadley Hadley claims that she hasn t time to date And to be honest she also doesn t believe in dating thanks to her mother who wasn t the best role model for her.
So they decide to be friends with benefits.
I get always really happy when the MCs decide to be friends with benefits but my heart breaks in the process too One of them always falls in love while the other is in denial It wasn t much different in this story Except that I understood why Hadley wasn t fond of a relationship For her it wasn t just because of the dependency but also because of her carrier plans.
Now about Jack He was really adorable and not your typical man whore frat boy hero Actually he wasn t a man whore at all I m pretty sure he had his fair share of women But the author didn t pick at that what is totally unusual for stories with college settings IMO.
I liked it because I will not give this story full 5 stars because I think it could stand to have sex They were friends with benefits after all D I got lots of friends but I wanted benefits DStill it didn t bother me much because I really liked the dialogues as well as the characters.
5 StarsI enjoyed this story, and I think Audrey Bell excels at writing fun banter Hadley Arrington is extremely bright, career driven college senior She dreams of being a journalist in Syria for The New York Times but she does have one flaw, she doesn t believe in love Hadley s amazing roommate, David has egged her on to make out with anyone because she has spent all her time at college busy running the school newspaperI stepped forward and kissed him Suddenly and impulsively Because I wanted to Because I had nothing to lose Because I believed, for once, there wasn t anything to lose hereHadley can t stop thinking about that hot stranger and luckily their paths cross again Hadley and Jack agree on a friends with benefits relationship, while the two get closer and closerI like you, he said He smiled, his eyes twinkling You re the best person I ve met all year I m a little bit of a disaster, Hadley Then, you re my favorite disaster, JackHadley s roommate David s storyline was a strong addition to the story When Jack learns of Hadley s career plans for after graduation things between the two fall apartI cried over Jack Diamond when I got home Instead of crying at graduation, I cried over JackHadley finds herself in the pits of hell in her dream job but is it really what she always wanted Will Jack and Hadley have an heaI wanted him.
I missed him.
I would trade this for him.
I would trade this for nothing.
But I wanted to trade this for himOverall, this was a good read with a really likable heroine Hadley Arrington Is The Career Driven Editor In Chief Of Her University S Prestigious Newspaper Jack Diamond Is A Laid Back Student Whose Good Looks Have Made Things Even Easier Than They Need To Be She S The Girl Who Came Out Of Nowhere And Kissed Him In The Rain He S The Boy Who Made Her Do Something CrazyWhen The Stakes Seem Too High, They Have To Decide If They Ll Let Their Love Show Or If They Ll Walk Away For Good AVAILABLE NOW Well So basically, what I m trying to say is that this is one of the best books that I have read this year and has wiggled it s way on to my all time favorites list for sure Hadley Arrington is a college senior she has her future figured out, she knows what she does and doesn t want and nowhere in that equation does love or relationships fit in She s brilliant, beautiful, and a real friend She stands up for those that she loves and tries to do the right thing when she can She s been dealt some pretty shitty parents and even though they have impacted her life greatly, including destroying her belief in love, she keeps her head on straight and works to make a happy life for herself doing what she loves Jack Diamond is hot, he s intelligent, he s confused, and conflicted about life and he is everything that Hadley doesn t know she wants He has his own demons and difficulties and when she proposes a no strings attached relationship he thinks she is the coolest girl ever and that it couldn t possibly go wrong.
David is Hadley s best friend He is also a senior He s gay and unlike some stories he has a realistically challenging road to travel, without it being stereotypical or overly predictable He s comical and a great friend, he s caring, and kind, and love is not easy for him I really enjoyed all of the supporting characters, except Ben whose balls I wanted to chop off and then shove them into his ears I just cannot say enough about this story I won t tell you any as I don t want to give away ANYTHING at all What I will say is that this is not just a romance and the accompanying story and journey it takes Hadley especially on is so worth the ride The banter between Jack and Hadley and Hadley and David will have you rolling on the floor laughing There are plenty of Oh my gosh moments and Awwww that s fucking adorable moments as well as Whoa, this is intense So seriously get it and read it and love itARC graciously provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
I m a little bit of a disaster, Hadley Then, you re my favorite disaster, JackAhhh.
now that s how you write a male lead Sigh Yes It s official My first sentence in this review is about the male lead And, ya know, there s so much to the story than him, but I can t help but say he was my absolute favorite part I know I tout a lot of men throughout the year I m, admittedly, a little shameless It s all in fun, though, you know It s fun to imagine these men, whether you re married or not, come on now, actually existing They are the literal perfect men we seek in the world, and to see the finest of the fine emerging from certain stories yeah, it makes me a tad giddy and breathless He did it just fine, I said No, he definitely did it wrong, he said Which is criminal I could fix that though Excuse me He looked at me I mean, if I were so lucky as to have the chance to sleep with you, you would be, you know, impressed You re extremely arrogant Right back at you How am I arrogant What kind of person gives sex one chance and decides it s not for them This kind And this isn t even my real point I just ended up going off on a tangent because I got lost in Jack fantasy land For real he s that great Just let me get to him when it s his turn, though I m working super hard to build him up, a right he wholeheartedly deserves, because not many guys really compare Again, my point is that this story had so much than a beautiful book cover it s not in print any, boo, what the f pretty faced college boy, and romantic adventure It s funny how quickly you begin to talk yourself out of your own dreams That s the thing I can t quite put my finger on Just how deep this story was I can t tell if it s a stroke of brilliance, or a case of shit gone wrong I m than aware I gave this an extremely high rating, but at a certain point in this book it stopped being so.
light and fluffy Jobs took precedent, choices had to be made, friendships were tested, loyalty was as delicate as glass, close to bending and breaking but tougher than a diamond, grittier than dirt in it s determination.
and hearts were broken Or should I say heart Shit became real.
and I wasn t ready for it What It s ridiculous Control your emotions Can you imagine if criminals went around saying they fell into hatred or jealousy and that s why they killed four people or robbed the bank We act like love is this uncontrollable thing But when it comes to anger and all that ugly stuff, we re expected to control it We re supposed to handle those emotions without hurting anyone But throw out the word love and everyone thinks all the rules should go right out the window and who can help it if someone gets hurt I ll go ahead and admit that this is the first book of the year and in a long fucking time, I assure you that made me bawl like a baby That s right 2016 is here, bitch, and it s taking my soul with it I bet most of you that have read this find that hilarious and highly unbelievable Well, I ll tell you this I was expecting butterflies and rainbows, candy and sunshine.
and there was It was kissing in the rain and spontaneous messaging that encouraged a smile that couldn t be stifled It was flirting and supporting each other when things became unbearable It was friendship and unbreakable bonds and lasting laughs It was everything love should be, and it was what dreams were made of And that, my lovely friends, is why I m tearing up, becoming emotional, and trying to ignore the tightness in my throat even as I type up this review Their love was something that blinded me from the fire hot passion they shared and that s why I lost it, emotionally speaking I just couldn t handle when the fire turned to embers in the ashes But enough about the seriousness with which this novel was underhandedly constructed it took my breath away like a thief in the night, the smug bastard , I want to talk about all the good things and believe me, there were too many to count about 90% perfection, for real I mean, just look at the previous paragraph I obviously adored almost every minute of the story I just had my issues like the next person You ve Got Mail could only be the name of a romantic comedy in the 90s, I said The only thing I like about my inbox is the delete button David took a handful of popcorn You Need To Get Laid I need to get a job I said And a haircut And new eyes Have you seen this My eyes are different sizes He looked at my eyes It s cause you re tired So, close them And stop talking And go to sleep One of my favorite parts I m going to start with, hold your horses, everyone and their brother knows I will most definitely get to Jack Jack, don t let me go, Jack shout out to Anna lol , is the friendship between David and Hadley I can t say the first chapter drew me in like it did everyone else, but once the second chapter hit, I was completely and utterly obsessed And I hadn t even met Jack yet David was the typical clich d gay best friend except he wasn t I was expecting something often seen in romance books I m not complaining about this issue in books, by the way the best friend being placed in a very important position for the main character in the beginning, but then slowly becoming as important as background music in a crowded bar But here, this wasn t the case David may have swayed a little, every relationship is tested in life and not at all for the same reasons, but in the end he was as sturdy as a rock and never once lost sight of who his best friend was Nobody should drink alcohol at eleven in the morning It s a recipe for disaster Nigel was slurring his words by noon and David was trying to cut my hair and I was singing Ke ha at the top of my lungs What the fuck are you doing I demanded when he came at me with scissors You need a haircut No Trust me No He pouted But, Hadley, I m dying to cut somebody s hair Cut your own damn hair Their banter was hilarious and much like my favorite duo from The Middle one of my favorite television shows ever , Sue Heck and Brad I m not kidding from the moment I read one of their interactions, I was laughing out loud this was a common theme throughout, me barking laughs and giggling like a psycho in a quiet room and smiling so big that I swear my husband thought something was wrong with meWhat are you laughing athe askedNothing, my book,I said Giggles continued staring at meNothing Reallystill staring at meYOU WOULDN T UNDERSTAND, OKAYAt this point I think it needs to be declared that I was mostly giggling at Jack and how fucking cute he is For real So.
yeah, I guess that s my cue to start heading over that way But to sum up for these two friends they cared deeply about one another than many romantic relationships I know of in real life here, and that is truly saying something even if its only a book You re scared that our third conversation will devolve Into what Silence That would be awkward, but I bet we could survive it I really don t have the time to date anyone right now, I said That sounded believable It was certainly true Aw, I m not going to give up that easily, he smiled You re the one who started it You shouldn t have kissed me like that if you wanted to be left alone I I m going to swing by, he said adamantly We can hang out That s a good idea No dinner Anti date date Ahhh and finally, my boy JACK I will admit that the crazy alien amazing friend who forced me to read this reccd this to me staked a claim on this wonderful, adorable, loyal, smitten, obsessed, protective, jealous, and loving boy beforehand In fact, she was quite clear about this such issue because she just knew this problem would arise You know, where we both want to marry Jack and lock him up for the rest of eternity Or maybe that s just me oops, here comes your lovable GR psycho Come out come out wherever you arrreeee Yeah, we had lengthy conversations about this boy I d never even heard of.
but I guess I just don t give a flying fuck I mean, maybe What are you doing tonight Nothing, but Great I ll swing by tonight No, I don t think you understand I said dinner wasn t good for me I thought you said dating wasn t good for you We won t have dinner It ll be a non dinner, non date hangout session I don t even know what that means I just want to talk to you, he said casually Why He laughed What I think you re fascinating, he said, the same wry amusement coursing through his voice I ll stop by tonight He hung up before I could say anything else Jack is, and always will be, a definite top book boy for me, and if anyone has a problem with that cough, ahem, Bananaaaaaaaaa , then I guess they ll just have to go through me, won t they Have you seen my list Could it be any huge bahahah Friends references, oh boy, I am getting TIRED What are you doing next year I asked Jack I m going to try to find a way not to work, Jack said Which I m actually pretty good at, so I don t foresee any problems Nice Good plan, Xander said sarcastically I think it s a great plan, Jack said simply They always tell you to do what you love And I love not working But let s cut to the GD chase When I met Jack, in the rain , out of nowhere, completely blind sided my breath was stolen in the span of less than 10 seconds I d venture to say I was beyond completely and utterly obsessed I was a fucking ravenous madwoman He became an instant book boyfriend and I ached to see him even when he couldn t possibly be a part of the story And then, as if by magic, he d appear again laughing, smiling, ogling, fantasizing, and falling in love with Hadley a little bit each and every time he saw her I swear to God, you could literally, literally feeling him falling harder and harder with each passing chapter And it s just it s so much than that, and it s so hard to explain This kid, this boy that has no clue what he wants to do with his life, finds a girl that is opposite of him in each and every way, career wise, life choice wise, and he just he falls Hard He falls and he doesn t brace himself and he crashes, he crashes so hard into this sea of emotions he wasn t prepared for and fights drowning at each and every turn But resistance is futile, because he drowns anyway I was ready to go But you were all like stay, he whispered in a breathy imitation of me.
I laughed I was not It was like when the Titanic was sinking and the redhead was all like, oh my god, I m so cold, let s hold hands It was not like that Jack, never let go I mean, what was I supposed to do But for each breach of surface from the sea of Hadley, he finds a breath of life that makes him feel whole, makes him believe things can be different, that the rules are meant to be broken and one day she ll realize she loves him as much as he loves her but time and again she pushes him back under, only for him to keep kicking and pushing to the surface once again for that next chance of everlasting life in the form of Hadley fucking Arrington his most suffocating and deadly weakness I rolled my eyes Yes In my own bed I kissed him briefly and he reached for my wrist I held the book he d given me in one hand and looked into his brown eyes And I leaned in for another kiss.
I loved the way he kissed me But this felt serious, deeper and longer, and we held each other s eyes for a long moment before I cleared my throat and felt a flush rushing to my face Jack was the most loyal guy ever, and I m not just saying that Lots of guys are loyal tons But in this sense, I have to say it s rare Its rare that a guy as attractive, kind, and popular as Jack would wait for a girl who only wants to play the friends with benefits card And I really did like Hadley from chapter two on she is a fucking badass chick who would do anything for the people she loves But that s my thing as soon as she needed to do something for the person who would literally die for her even went so far as to imply he d give his kidney for her yes, dramatics on my part, I know, but it makes it no less true she just couldn t fucking do it And that s when I kind of lost my undying apparently it s not so undying, because, hey, look, it s dead love for her And to clarify, because I see a French frown forming view spoiler I don t mean she should have given up her job, I mean that the bitch should have fucking told him how she FELT She adored him, even if she didn t realize it was love until she was gone And she should have just UGH FUCKING UGH hide spoiler A ROMCOM MOVIE I don t know what words to use to make you pick this up, so I m going for simple as heck In terms of NA, this is as perfect as it gets The banter The dialogue David Hadley Jack THIS BOOK Just stop wasting your time and go read this amazing book with a strong heroine that doesn t abandon all sense in the presence of testosterone along with a male lead that will undoubtedly have you swooning paired with a dialogue that will leave you cackling and awesome friendships that will have you wishing there were NAs like this out there.
5 Stars Favorite thing about this book.
the banter Amongst all of the characters the MCs and the supporting characters I laughed throughout the whole book Hadley, the heroine is in her senior year at Northwestern She eats, sleeps and shits school and the newspaper She wants to be a combat journalist She s pretty much all work and no play At a tailgate her BFF David dares her to kiss a guy She picks Jack Diamond At the time, she has no idea who he is and they don t exchange names They eventually cross paths again Jack wants to date Hadley Hadley has rulesNo presents Definitely no flowers I m not doing your laundry, making you cookies, or coming to your formal Don t ask me to No dates No romantic comedies No sleepovers No saying I love you No buying me drinks No Valentine s Day, nicknames, baby talk, chocolate, or Taylor Swift concertsLet me know how those rules work out for you Hadley agrees to be friends with benefits So they do a lot of thisSeriously.
could Jack have been perfect I mean other than the lack of motivation to get a job.
I LOVE LOVE LOVED David, Hadley s roommate And OMG did my heart break for him.
BenHow could you do that to David SeriouslyHadley s on a path and she s not to be swayed by love Hadley, whatever you do.
Hadley gets the job offer of a lifetime reporting in war zones But where does that leave her and Jack I m not going to lie, I wanted to slap Hadleybut as the story went on I got it Both she and Jack did what they had to do at the time And I m glad Will Hadley and Jack find their way back to each other view spoiler Of course they do hide spoiler 4.
5 stars I really enjoyed this one It definitely made me laugh with quotes such asYou look like a troll doll, a fucking demented troll doll and They always tell you to do what you love And I love not workingYou have college senior Hadley Arrington who is so focused on her future journalism career she doesn t have much of a social life other than hanging with her gay BFF she lives with named David She also has a anti relationship love stance based off her mother s multiple marriages and her father being absent in her life You have hottie Jack Diamond who is the lucky guy who Hadley kisses after a dare He seems to fall head over heels for her There is just something about Hadley that draws him in They decide to be friends with benefits and Hadley and Jack are enjoying those benefits but of course one is going to fall in love And how will that work out since Hadley will be leaving to report in war zones So what will be decided I will say Hadley seemed to drink ALOT.
I mean you are in college but damn The supporting characters were pretty awesome in this book, except for BenBen Should you read this bookARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

I have had my fair share of New Adult novels Some I loved, some I loathed but I haven t really come across a lot of socially significant ones as this book and now I believe my friends who said this is a different kind of NA read I m not really a big fan of friends with benefits stories and though this one started out exactly like that with lots of PG 13 stuff which I thought would end there but thankfully didn t , I appreciate that it isn t entirely focused on the romance It s tackling several other important subjects too as homophobia, the relevance dangers of unbiased journalism and several other equally essential topics but without overwhelming the reader although the writing could use a little editing The main heroine isn t your typical NA female character because Hadley is an independent, idealistic, cynical, feisty, career driven gal who doesn t believe in love She s actually got good reasons but I m not saying that I agree with her I kind of even hated her during the first half of the story because I thought she was too self absorbed and too independent to the point of haughtiness but during the latter part of the story, she grew on me and in the end, I perfectly understood her I learned to admire her loyalty and relationship with her best friend, David, her dedication and passion for her work and her desire to contribute something good to the world, yep, the world Oh and Jack I won t say anything about him except that he s totally adorbs, funny and worthy to be enlisted in my book boyfriends list Except she lets go Lol Finally, I just have to express myself on the ending You want amazingly comprehensive reviews Let me refer you to Henz s who is celebrating her birthday today and to Anna s who s having her birthday on Love Day This is a very appropriate read indeed for her birthday, hehe.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WONDERFUL LADIES MAY YOUR SPECIAL DAY BE FILLED WITH FUN, LOVE AND ALL THINGS THAT LL BRING SMILES ON YOUR PRETTY FACES Aaaaah, a rom com college romance Who doesn t love a good chick flick I love those feel good movies and books You always know you are in for angst, romance and comedy One of my favorite rom com movie is The Proposal Hadley is a heroine similar to Sandra Bullock in The Proposalcareer focused No time for a boyfriend and determined to do everything in her power to make sure romance is off the plate Jack is the loyal to the end hero At times he had me aaaaah ing for how sweet he was in certain situations Not wanting to turn out like her mom, going from guy to guy, Hadley won t allow herself to be vulnerable Unlike Jack who laid his heart on the table Hadley just can t let go enough to do that It isn t until Hadley s dream job becomes a reality that she begins questioning her choices to hold her family and friends at an arms length Love Show has song, book and movie references throughout it My friend, Kat, did a review listing the movie references Click here to see her awesome review Standalone Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.