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↠´ Tabitha in Moonlight È Download by ↠´ Betty Neels My second favorite book by Betty Neels Our poor heroine is so badly done by, by everyone Or so it seems Typical Neels plot mousy British Nurse, handsome Rich Dutch Doctor She falls for him, he seems to have fallen for her much prettier sister, and so on and so on But the characters are vividly done in this one There s lots of angst and a wonderful happy ending What s not to like Oh how I loved Tabitha and Marius For Tabitha, there is an evil stepmother and stepsister, a sense of helpless down on herselfness, a plain girl, a stalwart good girl with no hope of love or connection And Marius comes along relaxed, affectionate, warm, with his impeccable slacks and neck scarves, with his slow smiles and beautiful Dutch home, where he takes Tabby and invalid friends for a sailing holiday It s all pretty wonderful Marius s patience, Tabitha s rage and unhappiness, her suppression of ever expressing what she wants, or feels This is what Marius wants from her for the novel s duration, but she cannot think so much of herself to ask for what she wants And she s suffered, lost her father, her home and endured being constantly gaslighted by her terrible step relatives But Marius does something very clever and loving he knows if he TELLS Tabitha he loves her, she won t believe it heck, she doesn t connect his kisses to possible feelings , so he does something meaningful and beautiful to SHOW her.
I recently acquired this from a UBS on and don t recall ever having read it before Any new BN is a rare delight and this one in particular this will definitely be in my top 5 of all BNs The heroine is a Cinderella and the RDD has the bloody nerve to call her on it Wicked stepsister is the OW stepmother is a real bitch indeed she has disparaged Tabitha so long that the poor girl has no self esteem at all In spite of that, she still has some sass in her In chapter 4, our heroine actually uses a swear word 0How much do I love Marius Without doubt, he is one of my very favorite RDDs He does his best to bring Tabby out of her shell he teases and prods her into quitting her Cinderella attitude Tabitha s self makeover is one of the most charming things ever I can t neglect to mention the very rare showing of skin by our H h Tabitha rocks a bikini and Marius appears in the kitchen in nothing but oil stained shorts Racy stuff, indeed Another of the charms of BN is her portraits of secondary characters and there are none charming than Messrs Raynard and Bow, along with Meg and Hans.
Completely satisfying declaration, proposal and wrap up Everything explained to the heroine s satisfaction and mine as well I loved this book Coming out of nowhere A Cinderella Story 0 Who can resist I highly recommend this one to all Betty Neels fans Marius and Tabitha were such great fun I enjoyed following Marius antics He was such a smoothie and he kept poor Tabitha on her toes Poor girl didn t know what hit her If I had to describe my perfect man oops, I mean hero, it would be Marius.
The secondary characters were rich, wonderful and added extra dimension and flavor to the story OW was deliciously evil and fit the role of evil stepsister perfectly I was waiting for stepmother to take off on her broom at any moment.
Definitely, one of Betty s better efforts Personally, I think it is one of her best Footnote I don t think they ate any beans on toast in this one it was creme br l e and clotted cream all the way Unusual story about a plain Jane and handsome doctor Not my usual fare What made it unusual was the fact that the reader has to infer the hero s motivation, seeing him through her eyes and realizing she s not seeing all that s there But are we At the ending everything is explained and makes sense, but as I read I was impressed by the author s ability to build my curiosity It was almost like reading a mystery novel does he or doesn t he This isn t realistic I d have some concerns about a marriage built on such a shaky foundation But it made for fascinating reading The fact that the MCs are grownups who behave like adults was nice And no cursing, instant lust or sex A real bonus

This is a rather daring Betty Neels because the heroine wears a bikini.
not as daring the the evil step sister s bikini but still The hero also presumably wears a swimsuit and at one point wanders in wearing nothing from some oil stained shorts Given that most Neel s hero s are like 6 4 with a broad manly chest this would be pretty impressive I could actually spend time pondering that.
Tabby, Tabitha our heroine, believes she is plain because her step mother has been brainwashing her since she was nine to believe it Marius has to slap her around figuratively to get her to start making something of herself Meanwhile he is sucking up to the step mother Mrs Crawley and her daughter Lilith biblical name of evil woman.
Tabby assumes that Lilith, who is very pretty but has an evil grasping nature like her mother, has captivated Marius but of course our hero has a deep dark reason for this that will end up bringing happiness to Tabby.
I m sure there are other plot lines There are the usual animals to be rescued and an old friend of Marius gives him an excuse to lure Tabby to Holland where the hero will take them sailing and swimming on the lake thus giving them the opportunity to wear bikinis and swimshorts and suchlike brief attire Have I mentioned that before Altogether a lovely little story very loosely based on Cinderella.
I liked this one for the fact that the hero was pretty compelling and knew that he was interested in the heroine right off the bat this adds to the romance, makes it less dry than some of Betty Neels books can be.
I didn t enjoy what a victim the heroine was to her incredibly awful step mother and step sister More evidence of spine would have been really welcome.
On the up side, the hero lolls around shirtless in this book I don t think I ve seen that in another of her books I didn t know Betty had that in her High five Anyway it has some good moments, and some frustrating ones.
I gave a BN book a 5 star rating, instead of my usual 3 to 4 star Nuff said.
I don t really feel like writing a review ATM, so I m only going to state how much I loved this book and everything about it, characters and descriptions included And also that it s my most favourite one out of all the Betty Neels books I ve read so far.
Data Author Betty NeelsType Romance, Harlequin, VintageSetting Year 1970 sPlace s England Bath, Dorset, Holland VeereCharacters Heroine Tabitha Tabby Crawley, Age 25, Occupation NurseHero Marius van Beek, Age 38, Occupation doctor orthopaedic surgeon 4 1 2 Stars Tabitha is 25 and a Ward Sister for the men s orthopedic ward at a busy London hospital When the chief surgeon has an accident and becomes a patient too, Marius, a renowned Dutch surgeon steps in to fill the gap Tabitha is greatly impressed with his skill and his patient gentle manner, and she quickly finds herself falling in love When Tabitha reluctantly visits her family home for her stepsister s birthday, she s surprised to see Marius with Lilith firmly attached to his arm Tabitha s mother had died when she was young, and her father had remarried ten years later while Tabitha was training to be a nurse Her stepmother and Lilith had never hidden their dislike for Tabitha, both undermining her confidence by constantly calling her plain and dull When her father died, she found it extremely difficult to visit the home she loved as Chidlakes had been in her family for over 150 years, and now because her father had failed to update his will, the property belonged to her stepmother Marius is greatly observant and he gently encourages Tabby to do with her appearance Slowly with his praise and the positive comments from her friends, she begins to come out of her shell Much to her dismay, Marius likes to call her Cinderella and teases her that one day her prince shall come Marius is a brilliant planner, and he arranges for the men s ward to be shut down for renovations, and while it s closed he ll take away the chief surgeon whose leg is still in cast and another older patient, also a dear friend of Marius, on an extended holiday to Holland They invite Tabitha along, for company for the chief s wife and to assist the two patients The holiday gives Tabitha the happiest days of her life, until her stepmother and Lilith turn up uninvited but staying in a nearby hotel Marius seems pleased to see them including them in their plans for sailing, and even manages to have private time with Lilith When Marius hints that one day he ll marry, Tabitha knows he s getting ready to propose to Lilith.
This Cinderella story complete with evil stepmother and stepsister is a Betty Neels favourite Tabitha is a remarkable young woman, dedicated and efficient, generous of heart and affection, and totally oblivious to her own charm Marius is enchanted with her right from the start, and patiently brings her out of her shell This is a difficult task as her stepmother has really done a number on her self confidence and everytime Tabitha is alone with her, she manages to undo so much of Marius hard work I was very proud of Tabitha when she quietly lets her stepmother know she can no longer affect her The journey to HEA has been a turbulent one for Tabitha, though for Marius it had only a few bumpy moments And in Betty Neels style, Tabitha looked all of a sudden quite beautiful it was surprising what love could do to even the plainest of features There are 134 unique stories published by Ms Neels, and I ve been enjoying reading them from the beginning of her career on This book was published as her 23rd in North America, but it s actually her 10th, written in the 70 s Of the 31 books I ve read of hers to date, I find that this one is unique in that we are made aware that Tabitha has a physical response to Marius While swimming she in a bikini , Marius touches her bare shoulder and Tabby feels tingles down her spine Later, one morning she catches him after working on the sailboat wearing only a pair of shorts and grease smears on his chest and she feels quite flustered While this is tame for a book written in the 70 s, it s rather progressive for Ms Neels who, having been born in 1910, would have been in her early 60 s when she wrote this.
Sister Tabitha Is An Efficient Nurse, But When She Falls In Love With Dutch Surgeon Marius Van Beek, She Has No Idea How To Deal With Her Feelings If Only Marius Would Ride Up On A White Horse And Ask For Her Hand In Marriage But Can Real People Live Happily Ever After Like Those People In Fairy Tales Reissue