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[ Read Online Behind Closed Doors ↠´ m-m-horror PDF ] by Debbi Rawlins Í This Cowboy S Ready To Ride Beth Wilson Has Clearly Lost Her Mind What Sane Woman Ditches A Successful Career So She Can Move To Montana And Renovate A Run Down Boardinghouse But When Her Much Needed Building Supplies Are Sent To Reclusive Rancher Nathan Landers Every Girl S Naughty Cowboy Fantasy Beth Is Set For A Showdown Nathan Just Wants To Run His Ranch In Peace, But Beth S Determination And Gorgeous Long Legs Are A Serious Distraction Feeding The Local Rumor Mill Is Than He Can Handle, Though So The Only Way To Indulge In A Deliciously Hot Little Tryst Is To Ensure That No One Ever Suspects But In The Tiny Town Of Blackfoot Falls, Montana, There S No Such Thing As A Secret , this story of personal growth provides a satisfactory addition for fans of small town and rural ranch lifestyle romances RT Book Reviews, 4 stars Miniseries Made in Montana When I started reading this book I thought I was going to be disappointed.
It started off as a slow read but it got better as I kept reading.
I think this is a romantic book and Nathan Landers is a sexy cowboy.
I really like this book.
I recommend it to everyone.
made me smile and cry and just go aww the ending was a bit abrupt and I would have liked to see all ends tied up, but it was still very enjoyable B812 Sept14 Made in Montana 9 Beth Wilson has moved to Blackfoot Falls, MT to live with her sister and niece, giving up her career She s renovating a rundown boarding room house She meets recluse Nathan Landers when her supplies are sent to him by the lumber yard She s a distraction , wakes him up and he faces the facts of his wife, Ann, and her death Beth s sister leaves her daughter, Liberty, with Beth and takes off Liberty takes off and ends up in trouble for tagging Nathan goes with Beth to find Liberty He gives her time before he tells her he loves her.
Easy read and believable romance.
Beth has quit her job to move to Montana and renovate a rundown boarding house Nathan runs the Lucky 7 and when a lumber order is sent there and not to her she goes off on himthan her niece is doing stuff she should not be and she is working it off at Nathan s ranch Beth a d Nathan get close and they end up happy but have to overcome a lot OMG Don t we all wish I started this series with the olderst of the McAllister brothers Cole and was literally dragged into the world of hot cowboys and their loved ones This book however evolves around Bethany and silent Nathan who only makes me wanna shake all the secrets from him Liked it but it wasn t as good as the McAllister brothers books.
Took a while to get into this one I instantly loved Beth but her niece and sister got on my nerves Comes together nicely in the end, with believable chemistry.