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[ Read Online A Dead Sister (Jessica Huntington, #2) ☆ butch-femme PDF ] by Anna Celeste Burke ✓ A Dead Sister reviewA Dead Sister is the second fast paced book in the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book series written by author Anna Celeste Burke.
Not long after solving the murder of Laura s dead husband Roger, Jessica and the cat pack are thrust into another case involving their friend Kelly who was killed in a car accident fifteen years prior Things are not what they seem when an eye witness comes forward with new information.
What follows is another wild ride into the seemier side of fame and the nasty bi products of the good life There are users and abusers who prey on the innocent Jessica and her friends find out some nasty truths about what Kelly was up to right before her death.
This story feels a tad darker than A DEAD HUSBAND However it has lighter moments as the cat pack bands together and as Jessica starts to move forward.
The author, ANNA CELESTE BURKE has done another great job in story telling that keeps her readers captivated by the plot and the myriad of characters By the time you finish reading a DESERT CITIES MYSTERY the characters will be your friends.
Another 5 star read to be enjoyed by all mystery fans.
I couldn t put this book down It grips you right from the start with a spellbinding account of a young girl s desperate and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to escape kidnappers turned murderers Subsequent chapters are propelled relentlessly forward by Jessica Huntington s quest to discover the identities and motives of those who murdered her friend The perpetrators tactics for fending off Jessica and her associates become increasingly malicious and deadly.
Yet despite the murder and mayhem, the overall tone of the book is hopeful and uplifting, with lighthearted moments and loveable characters Those who enjoyed A Dead Husband will rejoice in the re appearance of the Cat Pack a Cathedral City twist on the 50 s Rat Pack , including beloved mother figure Bernadette, goofy surfer boy Brien, and lovebirds Jerry and Tommy.
Building beautifully on A Dead Husband, this book adds depth to the characters, especially Jessica Flashbacks to her childhood shed light on her present day anxieties Although her rich parents gave her everything, and she seemed a spoiled brat as a teen, the cause of her brattiness was not what was given, but what was suddenly taken away the security of an intact, loving family Might a kid wonder if my parents can fall out of love with each other, will they lose their love for me That constant fear of abandonment must take a toll The adult Jessica is generous and caring but also anxious and vulnerable Her wealth has not protected her from further tragedy, but her suffering is prompting her to think deeply about relationships and spirituality Her husband s blatant philandering still has her reeling, but that experience is helping her to appreciate the qualities of a truly good man and than one interesting and kind man admires Jessica right back.
Like the first book, this one is as informative as it is entertaining Well researched, it provides lush and absorbing descriptions of southern California s desert cities, including their playgrounds for the wealthy, natural beauty, and unique lifestyle and history The epic gourmet food and shopping scenes, alone, are worth the price of admission In addition, there are behind the scenes glimpses into the criminal justice system and the world of large law firms, from their opulent upper echelons to their sweat shop like lower levels endured by new lawyers.
This unique and delightful series is not to be missed This Intriguing Mystery And Suspense Is The PERFECT Weekend read In the process of divorcing her cheating husband, Jessica Huntington is considering a slew of stressful and challenging life changing decisions when she s approached by a friend who has some startling information Apparently, there d been a witness to the hit and run death of Jessica s best friend that d occurred several years before Turns out Kelly Fontana, police officer Frank Fontana s cousin, may have been struck down intentionally.
And so begins the investigation by Jessica, who s decided to resume her career as a lawyer She s able to use her position in a prestigious law firm to help get answers, and, with the assistance of her friends, including Kelly Fontana s brother, she methodically tackles all the twists and turns that arise when they attempt to solve the mystery of why Tommy s sister had been killed.
A Dead Sister features a fun and sassy heroine who you can t help but love, as well as sympathize with, from the moment you begin reading Although she enjoys her shopping, and has a love of fine cuisine, Jessica s a woman who s loving and generous to a fault, and never hesitates to share her wealth with her cat pack friends She even has a way with kids This author is an incredibly talented writer who successfully brings an interesting array of characters to life And, through Jessica s eyes, she sets the background of her story beautifully, detailing the vivid panoramic imagery of the scenic west.
The tension is great between Frank and Jessica, and Jessica s emotions run up and down like a rollercoaster as they battle their attraction for each other But, understandably, Jessica feels that it s way too soon to jump into another relationship.
While trouble seems to follow behind Jessica WHEREVER she goes.
Action, suspense, mystery, and romance this MUSTREAD novel has it all Reading a Jessica Huntington mystery is always a pleasure As usual, realistic descriptions and a witty prose made me enjoy a very interesting plot set in such a pleasant setting I particularly loved the way the assassin has been found and nailed A lovely whodunnit I enjoyed whilst travelling on a plane.

Was justice the antidote to envy, virtue the counterpart to vice Could love prevail against even the vilest acts of desperate mortals Father Martin is trying to help Jessica understand the whys of the things happening to her and around her AND I am not just talking about her soon to be ex and his latest skank She is still trying to work her way through her bff s husband when some information comes to her about a 15 year old accidental death which may not be so accidental Jessica and her cat pack get involved and Oh, well, that would be telling Just remember that the arc of the moral universe is long but bends toward justice as you read this book which I DO recommend.
Started too slow for me Too much shopping details However the slog thru the early parts was rewarded with an very satisfying least half.
In this second book, Jessica is pulled into the cold case of the hit and run accident that killed one of her best friends shortly after their graduation from high school Kelly Fontana was the sister of Tommy and cousin to Frank Fontana, the friends involved in solving the murder of their friend Laura s husband Police Detective, Frank, has been alerted to the news that a scumbag meth addict has eye witness information about the accident that he wants to trade for a reduced sentence in his latest bust It has been than 10 years since Kelly s death and there had been no closure for the family Under the watchful eye of Bernadette, her mother s estate manager, Jessica and her friends, informally known as the Cat Pack, get to work on the information Thanks to the magic of Jessica s Black AMEX Card, she has a security firm on retainer, an inside track with three police departments, Laura s hospital connections and the unswerving loyalty of friends in her new law office position Things quickly heat up with missing witnesses, dead bodies and clues leading to a prominent music producer The action is nonstop, the writing flows smoothly, the characters are wacky, lovable, funny and endearingly human What could you want in an entertaining adventure that has you laughing hard while sitting on the edge of your seat A must read for both mystery and cozy fans.
A Dead Sister by Anna Burke is an excellent follow up to her Dead Husband Jessica Huntington has a lot on her plate, especially after her last adventure In this novel she looks into the death of one of her friends who dies in a mysterious accident 14 years ago.
The book balances her private issues, such as the broken down marriage, and her intimate connection to the victim well, making for a very personal and heart felt investigation, which lends the story gravity and power Jessica is a great lead character with strong emotions, thoughtful and clever whose circumstances show that money and looks still won t necessarily buy you happiness But she has good people around her and she won t quit until she finds out the truth.
The detective part is well written and at times very compelling A must for fans of detective novels with interesting settings and fascinating characters Very recommendable.
Jessica Huntington S Philandering Husband And His She Beast Aren T Done With Her Yet It S Not Just The Debacle On Rodeo Drive In Beverly Hills That Has Jessica Wondering If The Shopping Gods Have It In For Her There S Trouble On El Paseo Jessica And Her Cat Pack Friends Are Back In This, The Second Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Jessica S Best Friend, Kelly Fontana, Was Killed Soon After Graduating From High School Because She Was The Victim Of A Hit And Run Accident In A Hotel Parking Lot In Palm Springs, The Investigation Into Her Death Quickly Grew Cold Now Than A Decade Later A Lowlife Meth Addict Claims To Have Witnessed Her Death And Swears It Weren T No Accident It Was On Purpose Why Would Someone Do Such A Thing To The Year Old, Auburn Haired Beauty With A Voice Like An Angel And A Streak Of Wild Can Jessica And Her Friends Find The Dirtbag Who Did It And Finally Get Justice For Kelly Will They Get Him Before He Gets Them