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ç Slade (Walk of Shame, #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Victoria Ashley 4.
5 sSlade is a stripper and he has sex All The Time and helllooo can he talk dirty Phewww But, there s something underneath all that and it s that vulnerability that makes him even sexier Aspen s in town for the week just to get away from things and get her head on straight She s staying with her good friend, Cale, who guess what You got it he s also a stripper andhe s Slade s roommate When Aspen meets Slade she tries to stay awayshe really does because she s also hiding something Okay, so from reading the blurb, you know this book is full of sex I was a little worried with it being so short that there wouldn t be much of a story but I was happy that wasn t the case And it starts off with Slade having a sex romp with a different woman I wasn t too thrilled about that but in this case, it really helps to know this side of Slade and why he is the way he is There s little hints of what happened to Slade but my heart went out to him on how much he held on to the pain I loved how he finally opened up to someone We do get to know the other two strippers, Hemy and Cale, and they are quite interesting There s also a new guy at the end that I wouldn t be surprised if he got his own book too I was really intrigued by Sarah, who s a bartender at Walk of Shame the club , I would love her book I was happy with the way it ended but it s of a HFN instead of a HEA I m hoping they will continue to have an ongoing story in the background of the other books Next up is Hemy s book, the badass bisexual bikershould be interesting Favorite quotes Never touch what is mine again Why do you have to be so good at this Your eyes are the most beautiful fucking thing I have ever seen Let me make you feel this way every day Because I love it when you touch me It makes me feel as if I m breathing makes me feel alive.
Book Slade Walk of Shame 1 Author Victoria AshleyPublication Date June 3, 2014Type No Cliffhanger SeriesGenre RomanceRating 5 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.
ReviewWell Ms Ashley does it again.
she totally threw me for a loop with this little spicy story You know every time she asks me to read one of her books and give my opinion, I feel this extreme amount of anxiety of whether or not I will be able to rate the book high When I finished this one, she begged me to give her my rating and I had to be honest and tell her that I was only giving it a 4 Stars because I didn t like Slade in the beginning his attitude pissed me off and I just wanted to reach in the book and slap him upside his head But you know what I thought about it for a few days and realized.
that s what Ms Ashley was trying to do the whole time She purposely gave us a character so full of himself, so arrogant, so cocky that the reader would love to hate him or hate to love him This is EXACTLY how I felt about Slade So, did Ms Ashley hit the mark I believe she did with this one and that s why yesterday, I had to tell her that I finally gave one of her books a 5 Star rating.
I am so proud of her and have watched her grow from a struggling author well not really struggling but I have watched her writing grow in character development, watched her mature in her plot formatting and seen how her writing continues to flourish with her characterization of scenes and descriptions It is to a point now with her writing that I am transformed directly into the scene and living day by day in the fantasy world she is able to create.
Not only is the character development phenomenal, but OH MY FUCKING GOD the sex in this book is something that I don t even have words to describe The sex scenes are so smoking hot that I had the willies in my tummy that just kept travelling down to the vaj mahal I haven t read sex this fucking hot in such a long time that I don t know how many times I had to take short breaks to get my mind off of having sex with Slade and back into the plot of the story.
So as you can see if you go back and check out my other reviews for Ms Ashley s books, the rating of stars continues to increase with each book she writes.
hmmm Now that I reached 5.
what s next RecapSlade is a slave to sex.
he needs it he loves it he is addicted to it Never does Slade taste or fill the same pussy twice well that is until Aspen walks into his life She is the first woman Slade has shown his sexual prowess who turned him down but that isn t the worst of it Aspen is friends with Slade s roommate and will be staying in the same apartment as him.
Can Slade win Aspen over Will Aspen finally subcumb to her carnal desires she is trying to hide What secrets are being hidden both by Slade and Aspen regarding their pasts Will Aspen s past finally catch up to her Will Slade ever touch a pussy than once read this novella and get the answers to the questions above.
just be WARNED.
have plenty of panty changes ready For reviews, Free E books and Giveaways My Name Is Slade Merrick And I M A Fucking Sex Addict I Ve Been Told It S A Problem But I See It As A Passion Something That I M Good At And Who The Fuck Stops Something That They Re Good At They Want Me To Seek Help Get My Cock In Check Don T Judge My Lifestyle You Re No Better Than Me Just Admit It, You Like To Fuck Too Sex Is What I Do Best My Own Personal High, So I Embrace It Instead Of Being Ashamed When I M Not Fucking, I M Slinging Drinks At Walk Of Shame Or Stripping My Way Into Your Bed Another Thing I M Good At Every Woman S Darkest Fantasy Brought To Life So, Am I Stopping Fuck No Sex Is Beautiful, Raw And Erotic And I Get Off Knowing I Can Have It With Anyone I Want With The Exception Of Her Aspen She Walks Into The Club Swaying Those Hips, Instantly Drawing My Cock To Attention She S Pure Perfection That Is, Until She Opens That Mouth, Drawing Me In And For The First Time In Forever I Want Something Than Sex I Want Her And She Hates It Things Get Dirty Dirty Is What I Like It S How I Live But She S Playing A Game She Can Never Win Author S Note Due To Strong Language And A Very High Amount Of Dirty, Sexual Content, This Book Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of This Is In The Walk Of Shame Series Of Novellas That Will All Be Standalone Reads If You Re Not Into, Cocky Bad Boys With Filthy Mouths And Even Filthier Sex, Then This Series Is Not For You If You Are Then, Come Meet The Dirty Boys Of Walk Of Shame I take a huge gulp as my eyes once again land on him and oh God, that a His jeans are now hanging half way down his a , showing his muscular butt cheeks through his white boxer briefs The busty woman in front of him is desperately tugging on the front of his jeans, working on pulling them down his body I don t blame her I want to take them off with my teeth Crap, my mind is in the gutter Placing his hands behind her head, he pulls her face down by his crotch as he starts grinding his hips up and down in perfect rhythm to the song playing It s a slow, seductive song that makes me think about sex Yup, I m definitely thinking about sex now Just as I think he s about to actually let this woman publicly suck his d ck or something, he grips her by the hips and pulls her up to her feet Slowly, he makes his way behind her and his eyes land on me and they stay there, locked with mine What the why Stop looking at me I tug on the collar of my white blouse and without meaning to I start fanning myself off He smiles at this, knowing exactly what he s doing to me He s doing this on purpose Cocky jerk Bending the girl over, he grips her hair in one hand and pulls her neck back while grinding his hips on her ass His eyes bore into mine as he shakes himself out of his jeans and lets all of his sexiness consume us Yes, he is damn sexy and he knows it That just pisses me off His legs are thick and muscular covered with random tattoos and every muscle in his body is well sculpted Now that he s facing me it s easy to see his defined chest and abs flexing as he moves with the music The muscles leading down to his briefs are staring at me, flexing with each sway of his hips calling out to be touched and licked I want a taste Holy hell, he s in shape like a fitness model Plus, he has random tattoos inked across his chest, sides, lower stomach and arms as well Hell, he has tattoos all over and it makes him even hotter They glisten as the perspiration forms on his skin He s staring at me, while practically f cking this girl with his clothes on Still, I m standing here watching as if it were me What is wrong with me I feel myself start to sweat and get a tingling sensation between my thighs as he bites his bottom lip and starts thrusting hard and deep while his eyes devour me Well, at least I imagine it would be really deep I can t deny that I bet it would feel so good.
I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank youLoved this It was sweet, short, and ultra sexy I now call dibbs on Slade, Cale, and Hemy They are MINE A man lost in his own darkness and who uses sex as a weapon to drive away his demons.
A woman with a secret who just might be the remedy he needs to see the lightShe s different than other girls She s than just a f ck She s addictive, but the right kind of addiction She makes me want to be a better man makes me want to be the old me Because I love it when you touch me, It makes me feel as if I m breathing Makes me feelaliveCan she be the salvation to his darkness Will Slade overcome his past and fight for his future And with parties breaking down all of their own rules and barriers, will their romance take flight Or will hinderances deter them to ultimately walking away to the walk of shame read and you will find outHe s like an addiction Everything about him just calls out for me my body needing him to survive It was unstoppable and I knew I was screwed in the best way possible I wanted to know I wanted to help ease your pain I wanted to cure you This man completely owns meI am almost willing to give him everything not just my body, but my heartMy thoughts It s like how I said in the beginning This book was a fast and easy read and just captured my attention through and through.
The only downfall though is, since it is a novella, it didn t have a whole lot of plot Otherwise, it was over all an extremely satisfying read and looks like to be a standalone for this couple I think I m now tediously hoping for stories on Cale and Hemy though Pretty please Cale intrigues me and Hemy is just as bad as a man whore as Slade I wonder what the deal is for both of them and would love to see them fall Story Rating 4 StarsHero Rating 5, I want him Stars Heroine Rating 4 StarsRomance Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 5, overheated my Kindle Stars Ending 5 StarsOverall Rating 5, I can t believe I waited this long to read this Stars This was one SCORCHING HOT read I LOVED Slade and ALL his dirty talking and sexy ways The fact that he was a stripper, had a nice package and knew what to do with it just about made me swoon I was pleasantly surprised that for an erotic read Slade had a very good story line In fact it grabbed me emotionally in a few places and made me cry.
I really liked Aspen, the only reason she does not get 5 stars is because she kept a piece of information away from Slade a bit too long for my tastes If you like a super hot SCORCHING read, you will definitely get it here My panties were wet right from the beginning.
The ending was PERFECT and gave me a huge smile.
Overall I m so glad that I FINALLY read Slade, I loved it so much that I m jumping right into Hemy s book.
Take a little bit of this And some of this And then some of this And you re left with a story that s going to do this to your mind Victoria, Victoria, Victoria My, my, my You, you absolutely fabulous woman, have done it again, only this time you ve hit the spot a million times over Repeatedly I m going to begin my review of Victoria Ashley s Slade by thanking the author for including me in her beta reading team Chapter after chapter, I fell deeper and harder into Slade s dark and tantalizingly dangerous world Unfortunately, during the beta reading process I was unavailable for a little while due to some real life issues, but once the personal storm was over, I got right back to it and found myself falling pretty damn hard for Slade and Aspen s story Slade by Victoria Ashley is an intensely raw and erotic read revolving around the dirty, bad boy Slade Merrick and the beautifully troubled Aspen Raines Victoria starts off her story with a bang, catapulting the reader right into a scene where Slade is having his wicked way with a very willing female Working at Walk Of Shame, and also working part time as a very naughty stripper whilst there, he is never short of offers for the bedroom But, Slade has a rule He never takes the same woman to bed twice Never On first impression, Slade may seem like the ultimate bad boy, with his hard muscles, tattoos and adventurous tongue, but beneath the damn hot surface, there s definitely than meets the eye Aspen is moving into her buddie Cale s apartment for a while, whilst she sorts out her own problems Leaving a bit of a mess behind her, she settles into her new surroundings feeling confident that she has everything under control What she has left behind will sort itself out But when Aspen meets Slade for the very first time, the breath is dragged right from her lungs He is everything that she shouldn t want and definitely doesn t need, but for some strange reason, she just can t seem to leave him alone, physically and mentally What transpires is a beautifully written story, including some of the hottest sex scenes that I have ever read in my life, and the stripping down of not only leather trousers but strictly placed barriers that were never meant to be broken Something that I have found with all of Victoria Ashley s novels is they are always written in a powerfully real and moving way All of the emotions that her characters feel are felt by the reader too, and it just feels like it s impossible to not feel completely and utterly involved in whatever they are going through at the time Victoria writes in such a compelling and irresistible way, she is one of the most incredible authors that I have had the pleasure of meeting Particularly, in Slade, Victoria has gone into great depth when it comes to sex which, in my eyes, is hardly a bad thing And for those readers out there who love detailed sex scenes, then they will definitely not be disappointed Each moment of desire and passion is expertly laid out, allowing the reader an image of perfection, and Victoria definitely raises the heart rate in this one Victoria s characters seemed crazily real to me I m going to talk about Slade first When I read the author s previous novel This Regret, I thought I had met the ultimate bad boy I was absolutely besotted with her character Kellan Haze I m not going to compare Slade and Kellan because really, I find the thought of doing that a little traumatic, but Slade has took sex and sexiness to a whole new level Sex plays a massive part in this story, so Slade plays the part perfectly Not only is he a stripper, but he s a bad ass He likes to have sex, he likes to hit back whiskey and he likes to talk dirty He swears a lot which adds heaps to his bad boy persona, and I just found him completely irresistible, tattoos, muscles and all I think what I found most appealing about Slade was this mysterious other side to him Victoria constantly highlights the fact that something happened in Slade s past, and then adds to this secret even by having Slade study himself in mirrors and losing himself in his own mind as he studies the scar that graces his face This is a fantastic element to be added because it constantly has you wondering what the hell happened to him I might also add that the scar, in my own opinion, again adds to his bad boy persona Ladies, let s be honest Isn t there something just intriguing and addictive about a dark, mysterious, knee shakingly attractive man, who can sometimes look troubled and pained Doesn t it make you want to make him feel better and take the pain away for him Instead, what Slade does is drink and fuck This is his way to feel better and relieve himself of the stress of his past Hands up who wants to be a willing volunteer Moving swiftly on, Slade is downright trouble He s also downright freaking hot too Did I mention that Aspen is Victoria s female character and I loved her, although I need to be truthful here by saying that with Victoria s novels, I always tend to focus on her male characters a little than her female It s not by choice It just happens Similar to Slade, Aspen has a few secrets of her own and again, Victoria drops little hints here and there that really keep you guessing When Aspen first laid eyes on Slade, I could actually feel every single thing that she felt The attraction, the physical connection, every emotion that she went through, I feel like I went through it too Again, Victoria detailed everything down to even the minute details and that really adds to the whole experience of reading the story Aspen was a real knock out Curves in all the right places, the complete opposite of a push over and something that really caught my attention was her two different colored eyes I loved this It was completely unique and made Aspen stand out miles from the rest of the females Of course, me saying she s not a pushover Let s be honest Any woman within a few feet of Slade would probably find it torture to not lay a single finger on him Each and every meeting between Slade and Aspen had my heart racing and my eyes couldn t race down the page quick enough Aspen was a stunner and I found myself being able to relate to her constantly The effect that Slade has on her being one of them I guess you could say that their dark, hidden, mysterious pasts are what bring them together in the end One breaking through the other one s barrier Victoria s characters in Slade are just absolutely beautiful I feel like I want to meet them in real life Everything, and I mean everything about Slade had me hook, line and sinker The plot, the characters, the twists and turns, it all added to the wonderful explosion of emotion that I felt as I read the last page There is no feeling like the one that you feel when you realize that you can really and truly connect with the characters, and you personally go through every single thing that they go through I finished Slade with a feeling of devotion, not only to the characters inside of the story, but to Victoria herself With each story that she brings to me, I fall harder and harder for her writing style and depth Nothing can beat it, and I mean nothing Slade has blown any other erotic book right out of the water for me It s sexy, it s daring and it s like nothing else that I have ever read Slade is addictive, Aspen is beautiful and their story is like a drug I feel almost obsessive over it, but that s a sign A sign that I have just finished reading a mind blowing story that I ll be thinking about for a long time afterwards I m finishing this review with a incredibly worthy rating of 5 5 Let s just say though, because I love this story way, way too much Victoria, please stop blowing my mind I can t bloody think straight after reading your novels.
ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review Reviewed on behalf of Give Me books 4.
5 Slade Stars Let me first off say, when I first read these lines of the blurb I was sold My name is Slade Merrick and I m a f cking sex addict When I m not f cking, I m slinging drinks at Walk Of Shame or stripping my way into your bed another thing I m good at Every woman s darkest fantasy brought to life.
Pardon my language but Holy Shit SLADE was one HOTfans oneselfREAD This was my first book by Victoria Ashley and OMGthis book must be read with a warning SLADE was so fucking sexy, hot, and steamy that it will leave you combusting with Slade s dirty mouth What s not to love about a book when you have a cocky, filthy, sexy manwhore who is a stripper bartender at the Walk of Shame club Oh yeahdid I mention he is a sex addict too So you can probably understand why Ms Ashley s readers were left hot and bothered This book was basically oozing and dripping with sexiness and steam Right off the first chapter, Ms Ashley started with a bang and I mean that in a good way Slade Merrick is one sexy beast, dripping with arrogance If you want pleasure and all your sexual desires to be fulfilled then Slade Merrick is your go to man Let s just say, Slade has no problems in making a woman come and screaming with pleasure.
If there was a customer satisfaction survey at the Walk of Shame, I probably think Slade will get a big fat check mark of excellent Slade was living a life filled with sex, alcohol, and of course an endless line of ladies waiting their turn to ride on the Slade train Well that all came to an abrupt halt when a blonde beauty gave him a run for his money.
One look from Slade, Aspen knew she was in trouble Raw primal sexual chemistry was emitting off between these two Given the fact the Slade was a manwhore, Aspen knew she had to keep her distance from Slade while she s in town visiting Well keeping a distance presented to be a problem for Aspen when she discovered that her childhood friend, Cale is roommates with Slade For one week, Aspen and Slade in one house togethercan we say trouble So how long can Aspen deny her sexual desires of Slade Aspen tried so hard to keep her legs closed but with lust and desire brewing for Slade, she caved in Well I don t blame her at all when you have Slade s dirty mouth whispering naughty and filthy things that will have any woman dropping their panties There is a reason why Slade is well known among the ladies, he gives you a fucking that you can t forget For Aspen, she got than she bargained for She was drunk and captivated by this manwhore, who somehow managed made her to FEEL and awakened her sexual desires that has been dormant for quite sometime And as for Slade, his one rule fucking a girl only once was thrown out the window when he got a taste for Aspen and wanted seconds When these two are together, their sexual chemistry can only be described as combustible.
This whirlwind affair brewing between Slade and Aspen shocked both of them because it was so unexpected especially they both have secrets that have yet to be revealed When secrets begins to unraveled, will this so called be manwhore finally break all his rules about one night stands and claim Aspen to be the only woman in his life Overall, I enjoyed reading Slade It was hot and a quick steamy novella that will have you devouring this book in a sitting I loved the raw sexual chemistry that was oozing from Slade If you are looking for steam and hot sex, Ms Ashley does not fail in giving her readers a taste of why Slade Merrick is desired among the ladies at the Walk of Shame As much as I enjoyed this quick read, I wished Ms Ashley provided character background on Aspen I thought the revelation of her secret and past was a bit rushed for my taste But other than that, I thought Slade was an entertaining hot read that not only introduced you to Slade but also two hot delectable men, Cale and Hemy of the Walk of Shame club I can t wait for what Ms Ashley has in store for Hemy in book 2 All I can say is if SLADE was this hot then I can only imagine Hemy s story to be a blazing inferno of sexiness Victoria Ashley

2 Fuck Fucked Fucking Stars Just for shits and giggles, I did a word count for fuck 573 times the word fuck is used in some variation Now I m no prude but that seems like a lot, no Yes Maybe Anywho.
so Slade, Cale and Hemy are strippers They work at Walk of Shamewhich was the most willy nilly strip club I ve ever seen Meet SladeThere s no shame in having a huge sexual appetite I need a woman that can handle me I like to fuck and I like to fuck dirty The fact they get the ultimate pleasure in return is just the icing on the cake If my cock is what does the trick, then why the fuck should I stop It s not my fault I m so good with itAspen is in town visiting Cale, who happens to be an old friend of hers Aspen made me want to beat my head against the wall repeatedly She acted like she was disgusted by Slade but the minute he got near her, she d spread her legs Only to then remember she hated Slade and he caught her in a moment of weaknessAnd just so you know, that is never happening again Got it Stay as far away from me as you can You got to me in a moment of weakness It won t happen againBecause it happened about 42 times throughout the bookI told you my cock feels good, baby It s going to feel even better inside you, claiming youFollowed byI fucking hate you You re such an asshole, SladeWell guess what AspenThey finally have some angry sex around the 60% markTheir conversation afterI m going back downstairs before Cale gets home I m sorry This should never have happened Wait She stops and waits for me to walk over to her Stopping in front of her, I cup her face and pull it up so I can look her in the eyes I just have to look into them and see how I make her feel see that I pleasured her beyond belief Your eyes are the most beautiful fucking thing I have ever seenSlade of course is hiding behind is past He uses sex to dull the pain So he doesn t have to feel He slept with almost anyone and everyone until he met Aspen Then her golden vajayjay cursed his cock for all other women Aspen s no angel though She s been doing some of her own hiding This is how dumb Aspen is, referring to her boyfriend that she was taking a break fromSo you were just going to let him go around fucking everyone and then come back to you like nothing ever happened Yeah, well If you must know, I knew how he was to begin with and I let myself fall for him anyways He was the kind of guy always out to find the next best fuck staying out late at night and not coming home sometimes All the lies The fucking lies It s not that easy I can t just throw five years away We have a lot of history We live together He was my first I can t just walk awayThese two deserve each other.
I m guessing the reason people like this one so much is because Slade s a dirty talker And a bit of an ass IDKbut it didn t work for me read at your own risk I blew through this book in a few hours, but I refuse to recommend it, b c GUILTY PLEASURE.
The story is nothing I haven t read before, I ve met the characters over and over again, and the writingI noticed your eyes from the very first time I laid eyes on you They ve never changed I m not as stupid as some people They re beautiful Don t let anyone else make you think any different She laughs and it s the most beautiful sound I have heard from her I ve never heard her laugh before and it s nice to see this side of her Yeah, well I m glad you re smarter than most I would hate to have another reason to hate you I already have too many to count She pauses to push my shoulder and smile And thank you Now I have one less reason to hate you It s a startHe saw her beautiful eyes with his eyes.
He heard her laugh and like her beautiful eyes it was beautiful He d never before heard her beautiful laugh.
She d hate to have to hate him than she already hates him b c reasons So yeah read at your own risk.